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Tore Maras posted this compelling short clip about Trump’s presidency and his overthrow by the Globalists that I thought I should share.

Tore Says, “I know a lot of people are thinking, ‘This is insane! Our nation is going to Hell!’ No. This is exactly what we needed. Everyone is starting to realize, people are starting to fight back. But see, they’re fighting back, hitting Biden and Kamala. They’re corrupt, they’re disgusting. We know it…

“But the real people, your real enemy – do you not see them? Do you not see who your real enemies are besides yourself? Who are your real enemies? It’s the corporations! It’s the damned corporations!

“They mind-screwed you! They have mesmerized you into everything. They supported this fake administration, in a nation that no longer exists.

“Freedom doesn’t belong to anyone. The only person that possesses actual freedom are those that are willing to defend it.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The globalists/cabal hated Christianity. They invented division between rich and poor, different colors, cultures, and created communism as a way to cancel only CHRISTIANITY. The USSR didn’t destroy synagogues or mosques. The liberal educators were pushing the CRITICAL THEORY to make people doubt everything. Today these evil cabal have reached total control over the people, and have destroyed Christianity, and became the DICTATORS, thus don’t need the critical thinking anymore. If we think critically of all the BS they tell us, we may discover their lies, and hence they discourage thinking or doubting the lies of their media.

  • Is this meant to be a joke or what, even the title. Do you know what the last and considered the worst of all the aboninations Pandora released, it was Hope.
    I’m not saying one should not cling to an ideal and have integrity but dont get lost in this illusion thta some one or something will come and save you, you have to save you. Trump is a member of the Pilgrim society so just be aware of things and that they are not always as they seem. I feel we are being mocked at this point. Just trust the plan and sit on your arse, don’t worry a saviour will come, please!, don’t insult my intelligence, whilst you trust they steal, simple. There is no need for violence necessarily but one point The muse was right about is freedom is won not given.

    • Your point about Pandora is exactly what she’s saying. Pandora gave the gift of hope & also of seeing evil so you appreciate good. If you actually listen to Tore she says, REPEATEDLY, that WE are the solution and WE have to take back our own governance, legally.

      • Fair enough, maybe I missunderstood the sentiment behind it, Ithought Pandora released abominations and although hope can be considered a good thing it can also be crippling because it lulls you into a false sense of security to were you don’t physically do anything, that was my point. Its all a matter of perspective I guess and I have seen two versions of the story that involves realeasing gifts or abominations, so potato potaato, (sorry doesnt translate as written word, needs to be spoken) so tomatoes tomaatoes, damn doesnt work again :).

  • Never mesmerized me,but a few aware Americans cannot stop everyone from giving their power away to bezos,dorsey,gates,msm,bugbix stores,schoolboards,dr.s,etc.Get off the oppressor platforms,turn off t.v./netflix crap,learn Real history and start thinking ligically/critically.Tor browser,startpage browser,brave browser,brandnewtube,briteon,GAB,odyssee,Flote app.,Anchor,Vocaroo,Rumble,bitchute for a start.Incognito mode is a sham,youre being tracked.Cell phone co. Just announced that it will sell users information-location,habits,websites,searches,demographics.

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