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Pamela Anderson has made this impassioned video confronting the Trump-deranged and the Hillary apologists in her Hollywood milieu on behalf of Julian Assange.

The result is a refreshing blast of truth. I’ve always been impressed with Anderson’s intelligence but this left me impressed with her character and her backbone.

Assange is to appear in court today in London to fight extradition to the United States on charges of conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer. Last June, former Home Secretary Sajid Javid signed an order allowing Assange to be extradited.

US authorities accuse Assange of scheming with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to break a password for a classified government computer. The case is expected to take months to resolve, with each side able to make several appeals of unfavorable rulings. A little birdie has told me to expect him to be testifying in the US next February.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Impeachment Queen
    do you know what I mean
    Can you still wa$h clean,
    Impeachment Queen

    Are you still unseen,
    through derangement beams
    between the seams
    of your unspent dreams

    Did you come undone
    by your own guns,
    Do you know what I mean?
    Impeachment Queen

    Boomerangs in the air
    Joe’s Ukrainian stare
    Of what’s laid bare
    From your insane dare

    Hiillionaires tried to snare
    the White House dare
    Foundation laid bare

    FBI scheme dispatched
    Russian nesting dolls snatched
    Evidence lacking
    replaced by hacking

    Illegal email served
    Assange’s purge
    Soon they were Trumped
    A viscous bump

    Impeachment Queen
    Do you still wa$h clean,
    Are you still unseen,
    your derangement beams
    between the seams
    of your unspent dreams

    Russia! upon the Tulsi scene
    Impeachment Queen
    One more boomerang
    Upon your deranged

    Buckets of scum,
    decades unspun
    Your tidy sum,
    Impeachment Queen

    Require a mummy’s dress
    At your expiration fest
    Or are you blessed
    By the dark side’s nest

    Here’s the glass ceiling
    You broke through reeling
    With votes you’re stealing
    Integrity peeling

    Your campaign unwound
    Trump’s afterburner
    Your Russia! grave-stone turner

    “Eternal Karma”
    Your ranch name’s horror
    Is where you’ll reside
    In your forever hide;
    Boomerang suicide

  • i am sure that trump gained the most by this info. dump. he even thanked wiki-leaks
    several times throughout his campaign, even going so far as declaring his love for the
    organization. So, now, the man languishes in a prison and has been imprisoned in sorts
    since these great revelations. Why ? Because the truth is the enemy, and speaking it
    has become a revolutionary act.

  • Thank you.
    If only this was about truth.
    But, it’s not.
    Then again, there is this date to remember 12/29/12.
    That’s the date Obama made propaganda legal.
    So, what’s the problem?

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