‘Out of the Shadows’ is an important new independent film just released that you can show to all the normies in your life that confirms everything you’ve been reading on this site for the past 10 years.

It’s slickly-produced and features Hollywood insiders breaking free from the inherent Satanism of “The Business”, showing the ancient stranglehold of the CIA on the various media.

It’s the perfect film to watch today.

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  • Hi there, I cannot open the video, could you pls help me sending it to my em address. U would be very happy , thnx in advance 🙂

  • I grew up in Ontario, California, 50 miles east of LA; the family being citrus ranchers since 1890. Twice, with friends in 69 and 70 I found myself at some party in Hollywood. Both times I felt disoriented; fricken’ uncomfortable to say the least. Today, how do I feel about Hollywood, including Washington DC? One is Sodom, the other is Gamorah – you choose!

    • Hi there, I cannot open the video, could you pls help me sending it to my em address.Would be very happy , thnx in advance L-)

  • An amazingly courageous and eye-opening film that every adult in this world should watch and really contemplate. I feel that the basis of the film is important for every human being to understand. Since a good amount of the content is not age appropriate for children, I think it is the responsibility of parents to use the information from this film to make more informed decisions and choices about what their children and family are exposed to through entertainment and the media. Being critical thinkers and teaching our children to think for themselves is crucial.


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