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Bestselling Third Wave Feminist, author and journalist, Naomi Wolf has spent most of her professional life as a darling of the Liberal establishment but she is its rare denizen who is more committed to the truth than to the approval of her peers.

Wolf’s latest venture is called the Daily Clout, which makes tabled legislation easier to understand for the average citizen. In this video, she breaks down the Green New Deal, promoted by Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and so far supported by Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker an Beto O’Rourke.

Wolf gives us an excellent analysis of the Green New Deal, which she suspects might be a dialectical setup where “You get the same old power elites owning everything,” complaining that some of its ideas are gifts to “private sector hyper-elite stakeholders, without any kind of oversight from the people of the nation.”

Reading the language of the 11-page Googledocs document, entitled, “DRAFT TEXT FOR PROPOSED ADDENDUM TO HOUSE RULES FOR 116TH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES”, she tells us, “This is not legislation…this is not delivering a bill to you or a new law. It is delivering a new form of power…It sets the stage for draft legislation to be written by people who weren’t elected to do it.” In other words, the committee of appointees that this proposal forms will entirely circumvent the will of the American people.

The language of this proposal seeks to take over the entire economy and a specific statement, “To draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans,” refers to patented, experimental, carbon sequestration geoengineering technologies owned by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

Wolf has been reporting on “SCoPEx”, the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment and she says the proposal’s language represents a gigantic allocation of the nation’s resources to these new, experimental technologies that are owned by non-transparent Silicon Valley companies like Intellectual Ventures.

“I’m very familiar with this because of the reporting I’ve done on the influence of Silicon Valley and their owning of the tech and IP for geoengineering and their pushing of a similar bill, which passed by Zoe Lofgren’s (D-CA) sponsorship, that created a kind of private weather industry.”

She adds that this language: “To promote economic and environmental justice and equality,” indicates that, “It’s not just about saving the planet, it folds in very intensive proposals and programs in the name of economic equality. I like economic equality. I think our country needs more of it…but it hands over the resources, the allocations, the execution of ending those income disparities to this committee of these 15 people, who are not elected by you for this committee.

“What worries me about this, as an American,” Wolf says, “is that we have that language. It’s called the Constitution of the United States. It guarantees equality for all. So, Paragraph 6 basically re-writes the Constitution…I’m a feminist and I’m anti-racist but…it worries me that these 15 people are deciding what is ‘racial justice’, what is ‘gender justice’, what is ‘regional justice’, what is ‘economic justice’, what is ‘social justice’ – that’s not what we elected them for and that’s not the way our government is supposed to work.”

Wolf says she wants some kind of Green New Deal “yesterday” but at the outset, she sees a great deal of problems with this proposal. What it looks like to me is that some Silicon Valley geoengineering firms want Ocasio-Cortez to tax the American people at up to 70% to pay them to spray us with chemtrails and to re-write the Constitution. No, thanks!

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  • Although I do not know the legislation, I cannot help but wonder whether the PROCESS of trapping CO2 in the way proposed would not use a lot of energy. Also, it seems that this kind of approach to restraining global warming is oriented to continuing to use a transportable fuel supply as usual–thus enabling military operations.

  • It’s been several years since seeing Naomi who I have respected, but have felt she lacks a rudimentary understanding of our constitutional republic and like a lot of others today speaks of it as a democracy which it is not. Further, as I recall from previous lectures of hers she seemed to be in the third wave camp. Either way, is a gateway into Marxian leveling schemes.

    Everybody and his brother today has a bandaid to apply to our broken back which is education and nobody wants to make the sacrifice needed to perform the surgical procedure, namely eliminate the Department of Education and the national teachers union, both of which are at the bottom of dumbing down students so that they do not understand how our government is supposed to work.

    Until people wake up, the spiral into injustice will only worsen because globalists and their toadies in the national teachers union and the Department of Education want our Republic to collapse so that they can proceed with borderless, propertyless global collectivism ruled by an oligarchy of appointed commissars.

  • The USA as it IS now is just a “Stolen Nation” from its “Indigenous” Hu-man’s who once Thrived here. According to “Divine Justice” it STILL belongs to its ORIGINAL inhabitants…The Europeans that INVADED this country MUST make reparations to its Indigenous people BEFORE it will ever become “Great Again”.
    The ATTITUDE of these Vatican supported inhabitants is one that CONTRADICTS its Own way of handling the “Migrants” situation.
    What if the table was “Turned” around the OTHER way, with Native people Invaded this country…Would the “Corporate USA” sit back a just let it happen??? HELL NO!!!
    Yet they have an attitude about “Immigrants” that is HYPO-CRAZY …Especially when you REMEMBER this country ALLOWED the immigrants …Even ENCOURAGED them to come in here since the early 80’s.
    And NOW they are talking about building a WALL?!?

    • To ADD…What ever happened to : “UNITY Consciousness”??? You know the ONE ALL Humanity is supposed to be heading toward?!?

  • These are Marxist theories on steroids. That woman Ocasio-Cortez along with her fellows are simply attempting a using our own Constitution. If fellows Democrats and Republicans allow such a project to be even discussed, then this is the of USA. This was not even put in place during the Stalin times in the USRR. BEWARE.

  • Naomi is getting it.

    Before I was kicked off The Twitter I had been following her “awakening” to the reality behind the politics she had devoted her career to… it was sad and invigorating to observe. Last year she got deep into the sprayed skies and while she was nonresponsive to key education I and others tried to share with her at the time, she was getting it. It was interesting to watch though–she had to move through the truth-finding via the established structural mechanisms with which she was already familiar through her professional experiences.

    Back in ’14(?) she gave a talk at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum and share her grasping of the attack on 2nd amendment. It’s moving and worth watching. There are parts that made me think it’s a psyops! But that’s the awkward and organic process of awakening–or observing it.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have time for everyone to slowly awaken.

    We do out number them.

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