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    Closing arguments start Monday for the NXIVM case, which involves child sex trafficking, Satanic rituals, top Democrat politicians and Mexican elites.

    Cult leader, Keith Raniere will not be calling any witnesses or making any arguments. His financier, Clare Bronfman from the Canadian billionaire distilling dynasty has already pled guilty and cut a deal where she will receive 21 to 72 months in prison. All the other accused cult leaders have also pled out, with the terms of their deals unknown at this time.

    The government will be seizing millions of dollars worth of real estate and technological patents belonging to the cult and in exchange, it appears that the government will not pursue anything around NXIVM members’ campaign fraud during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign, where they were encouraged to donate the maximum with the promise of receiving a full refund.

    There’s a litany of additional atrociousness, from rape, to torture to MKULTRA-type mind control programming that will also not be pursued.

    Jason Bermas has this report.

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    • This is just the beginning. I would have liked if you had shown the court documents that would back up your statements. Since you provided no proof I assume this is more an opinion piece than fact…

      • I wouldn’t call it an opinion piece, it’s a summary of the video, which goes into more detail about the defendants and their pleas, by a journalist (Jason Bermas) who has been following the case closely since the beginning. The piece is an intro to the video.

        Sometimes, I write beefier articles, other times I write more opinionated articles. It’s always a little different.

    • Ah to be rich!! I am beginning to think our president is on the dark side, pushing deadly 5G technology, allowing weather modification poisoning our skies with toxic chemicals, and now giving the evil empire Bayer Monsanto cart’e blanch to poison the food supply with GMO Franken food. Has the Wall and curtailing NAFTA giving Americans more jobs, been nothing more than a diversion? Be careful Christians, the Lord said in the last days even the very elect would be deceived if possible!

    • Just another slap on the wrist for the elite. How many children lost their lives, that no one is talking about? How many were damaged beyond repair with their mind games? Just another cult with connections to the higher ups, that were customers of the cult.

      After they get out of their country club prison, will they be offered jobs from other cult members who were not outed?

      Are children just another source of material to be harvested?

      For the next war lets send the pentagon it’s self and it’s staff into the skirmish. I mean, they love killing so much, let them do it. They have lots of toys to play with along the way….

      I just get so bent out of shape when I look at this world, I mean, we are supposed to look out for children, not test on them, abuse them, kill them for fun and sport. Let’s test some more vaccinations, who is chosen to volunteer? Babies, but not of the elite.

      • I am in agreement – it seems to be a double double cross of sorts. Here is what I have a problem with – these people – if they really are “people” – have a pretty good grasp on what is happening and – more importantly – what is GOING to happen. Witness the image of a bitcoin – dated 2018 no less – on the cover of the Economist magazine back in 1988(!). This means that no less than thirty years ago they knew there was going to be a cyber currency produced in the year 2018. Ponder that for a moment. Now tell me how Donald Trump’s election was a surprise to them. No way…
        It would see that the whole “Hillary’s big chip was not honored by the controllers, so she used every tool at her disposal to take this man (Trump) down” and the circus that it unleashed on the world is a massive distraction.

      • BTW the energy from innocent children IS harvested – as is the energy from aborted babies. The ones most refuse to believe exist but are in actuality truly running this joint FEED off this energy, sucking that little bit of the Creator (that all of us humans have within us called “consciousness” or our “soul”) out as nourishment. Why do you think the demoncrats and their ilk are so concerned about the repeal of Roe vs Wade?

      • you got it! Real estate is much more valuable than innocence. This is the domino factor, they will not let this go any further( so many elites are involved). These elites have there cake eat it and gorge on more…children are the deserts of these twisted, mindless, soulless vomit bags!

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