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    Here’s a slideshow of pictures of Americans protesting against Micro chips and RFID chips, set to the upbeat rhythms of Canton Jones. And protest, they should!

    CDC whistleblower, Brent Jones has come forward with claims that the much-hyped Ebola pandemic – which failed to launch – was actually a ruse to force all Americans to be vaccinated with micro-RFID chips.

    Did his whistle-blowing put the kibosh on this diabolical plot?

    Apparently not.

    Forced micro-chipping appears to be rearing its ugly head again. The “Medical Police State” of California had previously banned micro-chipping in 2007. This was before they could produce mass quantities of such devices on a nano-scale.

    Now, nano-RFIDs, aka “smartdust” can be made for next to nothing. The State of California now forces parents to give their children more than 40 doses of 10 federally “recommended” vaccines and is also currently rallying to mandate ADULT vaccinations, threatening to *impose criminal penalties* on those refusing to comply, in what some are rightfully calling “A brazen act of medical tyranny.”

    Is this America?

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