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The plot thickens.

The mysterious Dr Jan Halper-Hayes has just done a full interview with David “Nino” Rodriguez and she explains that she’s part of a 12-member DoD task force that’s advising a PSYOP team, to help them determine their next moves.

She says there is a portion of the military that is on Trump’s side and they have been biding their time, waiting for public awareness of the theft of the 2020 Election to grow to over 80% of the population, before they step in and announce martial law.

Back on August 3rd, she had shocked many during an appearance on British TV to discuss the recent Trump indictments, in which she claimed that:

1. She is part of a DoD task force.

2. The US Military (particularly Space Force) has all of the evidence of exactly what happened during the 2020 and 2022 elections.

3. Trump stepped-down after the stolen 2020 Election because he knew that if he presented this evidence early on, there would have been a civil war and because he felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get under Biden.

4. Trump’s September 12, 2018 Executive Order 13848 was designed to combat foreign interference in US elections, with a focus on the 2020 elections.

5. When Trump walked in front of Queen Elizabeth as they inspected the Queen’ s Guard, this was an “optic” to tell the world that he was about to “bankrupt the US Corporation” and have the US “go back to being a Republic”.

6. The US Corporation is a creation of the 1871 Treaty of Washington, which Dr Jan described as an association between the US Federal Government, the Crown and the Vatican and that US Taxpayers have been paying back the associated Civil War-era debts ever since.

7. It took “650 planes” to remove the US’ gold from the Vatican Bank and the Pope wasn’t happy about it.

8. Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the moribund, bankrupted US Corporation [not of the United States of America].

A few days after this show was aired on August 6th, a small account on TRUTHSocial posted the GBNews video just after noon and then, just after 7PM that same day, Donald Trump quote-truthed her post with the comment: “Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic. Everyone has got to watch her interview on election fraud with the poor sap who got taken apart by her. Thank you Don Jr. for putting this masterpiece out for the public to see. WITCH HUNT!”

Former National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn then responded to Trump’s TRUTHSocial post, saying, “Such a clear presentation of what we’re facing and what will likely happen… #MAGA Our ‘Freedom must be guarded.'”

Dr Jan tells Nino Rodriguez that the Pentagon is very concerned about the state of mind of the public, “Because the military, as you well know will eventually come into play.”

She says that there are a total of 12 members in her task force and their goal is “To give the right information to the PSYOP team, so they know what to do next.” 

Dr Jan says that she is under contract with the DoD and that she was asked to join this task force because of her expertise in the group dynamics of hostile corporate mergers and acquisitions.

She monitors social media through several accounts and writes reports on what she thinks is going on with “the awakening” and what the obstacles are to people accepting or “opening their eyes”. 

She says she has great trust in the portion of the military that’s on Trump’s side, saying, “When you think about who Trump put in charge and who knows what’s going on, all the way down to the details, it’s only 7 people that have all of the information and then, of course you have the specific generals. And those generals have troops behind them.” 

Nino asks her if everything that we’re watching is “all a show”?

Dr Jan says the thought has crossed her mind but the Deep State keeps failing, which makes her wonder whether or not the 2024 Election will even come to pass. She says:

“I think the only way we can monitor it is by seeing how many more truths come out and how many more times, then Evil fails…I don’t know what will be the catalyst that is then going to make the military come out of the closet, because we know that they are operating but it hasn’t been made public.”

She doesn’t see that happening until certain things “go wrong”, such that they step in and then make an announcement that Biden [fill in the blank] and, ‘Therefore, we are taking over.'”

Nino plays a clip of General Mike Flynn discussing a scenario where we don’t have an election in 2024, due to an undefined a Black Swan event. Nino then asks her if she thinks we’re going to see mass arrests and executions?

She says she hopes so, saying, “They’ve been able to control an enormous amount for a long, long time and I think it’s going to take something – well, we’re not going to get rid of Klaus Schwab, we’re not going to get rid of all those people that are attached to him, the ‘Young Leaders’, as he said…

“They still think, because they have control over X amount of things and because they have all these connections, they think they’re immune. They do. There’s an arrogance about them.”

Nino asks her about the latest Trump indictment and she says that the fact that Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis wants to set the trial date for six months from now is “A positive thing, because that will be the opportunity for him to subpoena anyone and everything that he needs.”

This leads Nino to ask whether Fani Willis is playing along and is this all a show?

She says she doesn’t know but she sure doesn’t understand why Willis indicted 18 others, along with Trump, because they will each have a lot of evidence, too.

Moreover, the majority of Willis’ charges aren’t even crimes. For example, asking for a phone number was one of the charges. “I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make sense.”

She continues, “There is a very strong belief, based on evidence that the 2020 Election was rigged and because of that, there are several task forces that have come together, as well as fulltime employees.

“And the military would like to know the right time that they are going to take the lead and let the public know – because they don’t want the public to freak out, because the concept of martial law is always with the Banana Republics.

“And so, I’m waiting for the next phase of educating the public about if the military did this, if the military did that, if the military is going to step in if there’s a riot in a city. 

“But I don’t know if it’s going to be a Black Swan event. I think we just had one in Hawaii but [the question] is ‘When can the military take over and finish cleaning up the evil and the corruption?'”

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  • Jan seems nice enough, but she’s a terrible public speaker. She has lots of stops and starts, little verbal ticks that change her flow on what she’s saying. Plus, she didn’t say much in the interview. Nino’s questions weren’t that good, either. Jan could benefit from Toastmasters.

  • I’d like to believe her. I hope she is right.

    BUT, it’s hard to believe people who are associated with known grifters like “Juanito” (Juan. Oops, I mean WAYNE) as Nino called him.
    And Nino has Juan on his show all the time.

    Juan is a con artist, and he misquotes and adds to scripture.

    The Bible warns against adding to or taking away from it.

    Unfortunately, many followers of Juan think he is so knowledgeable when it comes to the scriptures.

    Ridiculous. And sad…

  • Hollywood and Madison Avenue have made millions glorifying war and warriors so that today we have millions of couch potato warriors who I’d bet would be the first to run in a real firefight.

    Real wars result from failures to get along with neighbors, failures to find common ground and should never be more than the last option because as we’ve seen over the last half century wars kill, maim and impoverish common innocent men, women and children indiscriminately. Let us learn from our own history. War is hell!

    Teddy Roosevelt allegedly said let us walk softly, but carry a big stick. He was right. Irresponsible belligerence is counter productive. Observe the intransigence of the USG over insisting upon the absurdity of a Russian surrender to NATO backed Ukraine which became a client state of the US when the US overthrew the Ukraine government. How is that working out?

    In general it unraveled everything the previous US Governments had accomplished! Turned friendly, peaceful Russia against us, and back into the waiting arms of the CCP. Worse it caused irreparable harm to peace between the east and the west because the USG refused to make peace with Russia while the Russian peace dove died of starvation.

    Worse yet, the whole world is being turned against the west by our own government’s strategies. Nothing could have been worse than the saber rattling of Washington to cause such a PR disaster for all of us in America and Europe. 21st century Russia is not 20th century Soviet Russia. Bolshevism was injected into Russia by international investment banking interests in Germany, England and America. It’s a wonder Russia was even interested in peace with any of us, but we squandered Russian good will on the foolish notion that we are invincible and deserving dominion over them.

    Another regime in Germany made that same mistake back in the 1940’s and it proved fatal. Total destruction of that nation!

    Sadder yet is the USG has proven incapable of rightly governing its own at home while attempting to impose itself upon independent nations – little wonder there is a seismic shift away from the US Petro dollar! At this juncture the CCP appears to be benefitting the most from US military boasting.

    I personally cannot do anything about my national leadership, but I can be a still small voice for peace as we discuss and find common ground for continuing peace, while we love one another as brothers and sisters. Most of us feel this way, we need to stick with our gut feeling and stop listening to and entertaining scenarios of violence against one another. if we stick together we can isolate those who advocate violence and concentrate our energies on teaching them better.

  • The military, IMO, will never lead anything in our country. The current generals in charge are incompetent and easily programmed. Take a good look at Milley! Remember the Afghanistan withdrawal! Look at what’s happening in the corrupt country of Ukraine!
    Too many overpaid government workers in every department, many of which have learned how to slow-walk every problem imaginable.
    Our dumbed-down, yet very comfortable citizenery, will not even think about a civil war!

  • Well maybe they are setting us up to be more complacent about the the military and martial law. If we accept martial law because of what halper is saying, and its not true but a psyops, then once you’ve surrendered it may be difficult to change your mind. Will martial law include the securing of firearms? Would you trust any of these folks?

    i trust no one in this age of deception. When these leaders/politicians walk the talk, then maybe I would trust them again. But they’re a long long way from that point.

  • “Trump conceded the 2020 Election because he knew that if he presented this evidence early on,”
    Sorry, no, Trump NEVER conceded the election. Look it up and see if you can find any speech he gave where he conceded the presidency to Biden; he didn’t and you won’t find it unless it’s a lie from mainstream media or other untruthful entity.

  • Dr. Jan is correct. The Liberal mind does not have the ability to think critically. They react emotionally rather than analytically. It’s an exercise in futility to attempt to educate them on anything they have already decided upon. Really, it’s just the way they are wired……

  • PS—somebody ask Mike Flynn’s brother, in charge of a military base in Hawai’i, what he was doing when Lahaina burned to the ground.

    • Thank you, I am so tired of hearing it. Always a reason it didn’t happen. 80% need to believe in election fraud, Come On it is total BS.

  • There are things that were stated that bother me. Acting like liberals lack critical thinking but there are many labeled or who label themselves conservative who also lack those skills. When the public is not taught to use critical thinking, when they are denied access to information so they can be rational and judge things for themselves, when they are handed claims without any evidence then they are going to be stupid and make wrong decisions and not critically think. It is also a claim without any evidence that immigrants keep getting scapegoated for things. Not anything new sorry to say. It is really bothersome to claim people lack critical thinking then spout out garbage that is pure propaganda to fuel hatred and distrust against immigrants and against China. It is also bothersome to support someone without any leadership skills just because you think he is bad ass and speaks their mind. It might make good tv but is that really what you need in leadership? Obviously not. Sitting on important information and supposed evidence of wrong doing and using it for private gain is not leadership either. Perhaps even more then a lack of critical thinking is a lack of understanding of what leadership is and what leaders look like and act like.

    • She did say that those lacking the ability to think critically is on both sides.
      Familiar with Juan O Scammin?
      He made a public appearance (finally) in Vegas a while back.
      It was put on YT by Jennifer Mac, and in reading the comments you can see that the ignorance and lack of thinking reigns on both sides.
      However, I will say that on the right it seems to be with a smaller group, whereas on the left it looks like it’s a pre-requisite for the badge.
      I myself am an Independent.

  • I don’t watch Network TV because I loathe all of the Big Pharma commercials. Therefore, I own almost 600 of my favorite movies on DVD. This isn’t one of them.

  • This dear soul is a gem!

    More that that she is a spiritually mature person telling everyone the truth as she DISCERNS it.

    She is a truth warrior exposing the reason why so many today are undiscerning. They are spiritual midgets among giants. Giants in understanding and giants in mischief. I am certain she understands her mission is to inform, report and educate any who are truly seeking to be a friend of G-d. That is the first and greatest commandment! One can either deny this or embrace it, denial does nothing to escape from it. It’s written upon our DNA.

    The widespread dearth of knowing this can be laid at the feet of secular education that has stripped knowledge of divine law out from public education. Indeed the present POTUS is one of the main historic facilitators of stripping knowledge of natural and divine laws out of public education. It was deliberate!

    Ignorance is not bliss, it is a destroyer of everything dear to mankind. Ignorance is the trick of The Destroyer, that old deluder aka Satan. Now I am not arguing for of against Hebrew picture language here, simply using it as a focal point. Any design must have a designer; designs don’t design themselves!

    In the present case the original design is being re-designed with lies and people instinctively know it, even though they may be cognitively ignorant.

    This dear soul is trying to reconnect her hearers whom she loves with the truth that we ought to return to loving one another as we were designed to do. The Destroyer would have us all at war with everything and everyone.

    How has that been working out?

  • Why would the military worry about riots? If they really wanted they could shit them down in a hurry.

  • So we are waiting for the military to come out of the closet . They did with red pumps on and their dippers trimmed off , now we just wait till they do their hair and can line up without falling out from myocarditis . The brit agent Dr. Jan from PSYOP team #12 thinks it’s all just a shitshow but hopes the DOD will jump on it like a tranny in a dogpile.

    • There are 2 militaries right now; high heels military supports Biden. The other military are volunteers who were military veterans and went active again, other volunteers, National Guard, and LOTS of militias. Those are the ones who support Trump.
      See this:
      We are under military law right now, look up Law of War, it’s explained in the above URL.

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