One of the main fronts of our unrestricted war is the Chinese Communist Party’s “Grand External Propaganda” war against the free world. Not only does the CCP actively spread its propaganda to the West, it has also succeeded in imposing its censorship abroad, with the proliferation of Cancel Culture and Big Tech de-platformings.

As we find out in this video, the same is occurring in the UK and likely everywhere else that is of strategic value to the CCP.

Brexit founder, Nigel Farage warns that there’s currently a “Communist takeover” of UK schools underway, as firms connected to the Chinese government are buying up private schools across the country. 17 schools are already owned by Chinese companies, 9 of which are owned by firms whose founders or bosses are among China’s most senior Communist Party members, according to reports.

According to Farage, students are “being taught that China is the future, they are literally being indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Back in the US, J Michael Waller, Senior Strategy Analyst from the Center for Security Policy says, “The CCP has mapped out every politician in the country, down to the governors and senior elected state legislators…they’ve mapped out who’s soft on the CCP or even likes them, who’s moderate or ambivalent and who’s hostile to them.”

New York State, which was hit hard by the pandemic has more economic and cultural exchanges with the CCP than any other state. According to the China General Chamber of Commerce, $50.9 billion of investment from China was injected into New York from 2011 to 2017, much more than any other state. The New York State government announced in 2017 that developing relations with China is one of its “top priorities”.

Seemingly innocent vectors, such as Sister Cities relationships are being exploited by the CCP. When the new mayor of Prague rejected the CCP’s “One China” (aka “no Taiwan”) policy and wanted to remove that language from their agreement, the CCP immediately threatened Prague with breaking off diplomatic relations, stopping flights and cutting financial aid. New York City, like Prague has signed a Sister City agreement with Beijing.

Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners Corp says, “This is all infiltration, subversion to control the narrative and to control actions throughout the United States and to weaken the United States.”

Referring to the 80+ Confucius Institutes at US universities, 12 of them in New York State, NTDTV Senior China analyst, Heng He says, “The Chinese Communist Party has wiped out the traditional Chinese culture in Mainland China. Instead, it has replaced the traditional culture with the Communist Party’s culture, so the cultural exchange is actually exporting the Communist Party’s culture to the world.

“The CCP culture is contrary not only to American values but also to the universal values of the world. If this cultural exchange is accepted unwittingly, it is actually helping the CCP undermine American values…The American people have never experienced such harm in United States history, not even during the Cold War.”

The CCP is focused on the younger generations, who have no recollection of the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain and of countries crumbling under Communist and Socialist regimes, so they’re more likely to fall for these propaganda efforts. One may ponder the role of China in the insurrection of 2020.

In this NTDTV documentary, we learn that as part of China’s trade war, the CCP has reached out to state governments, because state governments don’t have dedicated personnel for foreign diplomacy and people at the state level are far less vigilant towards the CCP and have less of an understanding of the CCP’s nature than do those in the Federal Government.

Wisconsin State Senator, Roger Roth recounts, “The Communist Party of China reached out to me on two occasions to pass a resolution praising them for their handling of the coronavirus. And what was probably most unusual about the request was that they provided me with the resolution. I’ve never had something like this happen.”

Roth received the two emails directly from the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago. One, in late February the other, in early March at a time when the epidemic was spreading across the United States and the economy was being hit hard.

Roth was angry but worried, too. He realized how the CCP had extended its influence to elected officials in the United States and that it may be a common practice. He says, “I’ve never spoken to their consulate before so that’s why it makes this request very unusual and very scary, that they felt that this was normal behavior, for a foreign government to come to a sovereign state, like Wisconsin and ask them to pass this resolution. Here’s probably the part that should scare most of us: they actually felt it was okay for them to do this. So, it makes you wonder, ‘Am I the first one that they’ve reached out to, to ask for a resolution to be passed?’ I find it hard to believe that I would be.”

With the Chinese-style online censorship that we’ve been seeing, especially since the beginning of the global scamdemic and in the wake of the stolen election, when the President was mass-deplatformed and de-banked, our Civil Rights have been savagely eroded. It’s high time we stir from our torpor regarding the Invisible Enemy, before it’s too late.

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  • Everything is starting to make sense now. Quite some years ago there was a big scandal here in Portugal about members of the government doing secret deals with, and selling million dollar properties, to “Chinese oligarchs”.
    Also the incentive of not having to pay any taxes for 5 years afforded to Chinese people here if they opened a “dollar store junk” shop, is very telling! These shops abound now in city, town and even along main roads.
    While we were distracted buying junk a stealth invasion was taking place.
    The big question however is…….. the identity of the hidden hand behind this proxy global invasion???

  • Just say no to Chyna!
    Across the board. A freeze out.
    If the USA would not buy anything made in Chyna for even one month
    they’d be in such deep trouble. The merch. would be dumped into the ocean just to get rid of it. I know that’s pie in the sky but…believe it or not Chyna is vulnerable.

  • The CCP uses tactics as old as mankind. They are subtle and undermine every facet of a free society.
    Instead of schools teaching children to think and have a healthy dose of skepticism, they teach compliancy. Schools demand conformity to their doctrine, rather than investigation, analysis, and debate.

    In short, children are being filled with distrust of parental guidance, shamed, and bullied into submission.
    Handing our children over to a broken education system is foolish, and surrendering them to communist propaganda is criminal.

    Little wonder children are instructed to report parental unconformity to education’s destructive dogma. The schools must toe the communist line or they will lose their funding.

    Unfortunately, this will persist until there is a great awakening to the lies and deception that have permeated western society.

  • Look, look, over there, it’s the ‘wicked’ Chinese.

    Don’t, don’t look here at the ‘plutocrats’ and the M.I.C., there is nothing to see!

  • It’s vital to realize that, until about age 7, our children do not have what we call the conscious mind. Simply everything they experience until then goes into the subconscious, eventually the unconscious. Later on, we don’t have access to that. It’s where our Belief Systems (BS) are stored. It’s what controls us UNTIL we begin to wake up, to leave the darned Matrix in the dust.

  • Censorship is the communist way.
    They can’t have truth floating about, people might start to think for themselves.
    So, indoctrination, or brainwashing is a needed to curb your thoughts.

  • Perhaps it’s not known by the world at large, the Ancient Chinese proverb, which stating that ‘Those have the money ,having the power too’. This is simple and straight to the point to comprehend the Chinese psychological ambition.

  • OMG – Thank you so much, Nigel, for putting the word out about this very sick move by the CCP behind the scenes. There is no low the CCP will not stoop to, it appears – unapologetically. They are truly SICK.

    It’s time we boycott them for simply everything. Sorry that the beautiful Chinese people will suffer somewhat from this, but we can’t allow the CCP to take over the world. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Indeed, how did the Education Secretary allow this?

  • I’m on the warpath against CCP infiltration of our agriculture, science labs, higher education, internet technology and Lord knows what else.
    I am sickened by the acquiescence and submission by our political fools and the younger generation. ..jus sayin’.

    • Wish they had a way to upvote comments, here. I’d surely upvote yours. Right on! Time to stand up & stand firm against this corruption.

  • Get your children OUT of public schools at all costs and stop allowing these wickedly evil people to vaccinate your child! Teach the children yourself as you can do a far better job of it hands down. GOG and his horde of imposters began their march against humanity in the early 1900’s and when they entered into both Russia and Palestine in 1917. It is this group of people who have been controlling the world in all wars beginning with WW1, with all of the poisons being put into our food, water and air. The ‘fluoride’ they put into public drinking water is actually ‘aluminum ash’.
    In the book: “What Really Makes you ILL – why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong”. We have been lied to since the day our little feet walked into a schoolhouse. Karl Marx said “Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will rule the world”. Marx was speaking of the English language and it is how they have corrupted and perverted every single subject creating billions of books full of lies and propaganda. Those books are the ‘weapons’ spoken of in Ezekiel 39. Read the above mentioned blog to learn all of the truth. We also know that God created both good and evil. Man is given free will to choose who guides our steps; good or evil. Sadly, millions have chosen evil because the LOVE of money is the ROOT (source) of ALL Evil. God controls the kingdom of men; Dan 4:17. God allows evil to come ‘out of the north’ to influence those whom have wrongly chosen. This is how God sears them with a hot iron. Brass is above and iron is below. Ps 78:49 in His wrath, God sends evil angels among men.
    Amos 3:6 is there evil in the city and the Lord hath not done it? So, you see, God has put hooks in the jaws of GOG allowing him to lead his horde to cause all nations to become mad after drinking from the cup of fornication. Jer 51:7.

    In the aforementioned book, on page 398 we find that ALUMINUM, FORMALDEHYDE, and MERCURY are in ALL vaccines which are toxins. Page 446 “The body does react to vaccines; but not in a way described by the medical establishment. The body’s reactions are not the result of immune system’s response to a ‘germ’; instead, they are the body’s efforts to expel toxins. It is known that aluminum accumulates in the brain and results in neuro-degeneration. Formaldehyde, a neurotoxin vaccine ingredient is similarly harmful as mercury and aluminum. Formaldehyde is routinely used in many vaccines given to babies. Not studies have been done on the effect of the toxins introduced into babies. Vaccines are: Diphtheria, Pertussis which are administered in multiple doses; three are given before the age of six months. Formaldehyde is the contributory factor to autism. Some vaccines, including MMR, contain MSG which is a neurotoxin. Page 456 “Baby soaps, shampoos and bubble baths hide a carcenogenic contaminant called 1,4-Dioxane in a wide range of ingredients known as ‘ethoxylates’ which is used in many detergent type products and are group B carcinogens. Talcum powder induces cancer.

    Please read the above mentioned book and learn the real truth about germs, bacteria and viruses because all we have been told is a pack of lies. Nearly all diseases/viruses are caused by toxins in our food, water and air.

    This may not be a related comment, but I wanted to share this with all who may have small children. We know that in CA a woman’s child was taken from her and the child given forced vaccines. This is about agenda 2030; depopulation. Just as God gave us 10 commandments written in stone so too has Satan given his people 10 commandments written in stone and they appear at the Georgia Guide Stones. One of those commandments is: “Maintain the population at 500 million”.

  • So what is the difference in the USA when they distorted all of American history with the exceptionalism, and 6 millions jews died in concentration camps. Wasn’t this a gross example of what Nigel is contending about china. Now FAscist control our universities and it is just an institution like a psych hospital or correctional institution. Isn’t this all being instutionalize. with control mind manipulation?

  • One of China’s many strategies of its Unrestricted Warfare is to manipulate Chinese language test through Confucius Institute. Not only can they brainwash the learners with its materials, they build up a data base of these people across the world whom they can handpick to infiltrate and corrupt.

  • One of China’s many strategies of Unrestricted Warfare is to manipulate Chinese Language test through Confucius Institute. Not only can China brainwash the learners with their materials, China builds up the data base of these Chinese speaking people across the world whom they can handpick to infiltrate, corrupt and manipulate.

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