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We’re about to find out whether or not sanity, the rule of law and justice will prevail in the US in many pivotal cases being pursued.

I happened to be on Twitter while the Covington High School boys thing unfolded. In real time, I tweeted the handles of these abusive Hollywood and CNN loons over to lawyer Robert Barnes, after he’d tweeted out his offer to represent the children for free – and which he is now doing for some of the peripheral students involved. A heavy-hitting firm with success in this area of the law is representing the primary figure, who’s sole “crime” was being white.

At the Pubtelligence conference at Google HQ in NYC last week, I mentioned the “MAGA Teens” story to the woman seated next to me. She had already formed a negative opinion of Nick Sandmann, who did nothing wrong or even vaguely distasteful. As infuriating as this was to me, I realized that she’s just a normal person, who’s not really paying attention and that the relentless repetition of lies about this child had sunken into her unconscious. She represents the target audience of the Fake News, who have been savaging our families with this 🤡-directed Color Revolution being waged against the American people and the world for the past 3 years.

This poor kid’s reputation has been blown up and destroyed for the rest of his life on his first out-of-town trip without his parents. Don’t think you’re not next! The heinous and despicable, racist mob mentality of the multi-billion dollar corporations that propagated this abuse must be held to account.

So far, the Washington Post has been sued for $250 million and just last week, CNN was sued for $275 million, with TV personalities, Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher now in the lawyers’ sites, among others.

These garbage people must understand that there will be pain now and there will be more pain in the future if they ever do this again.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • These media giants have been ‘at it’ for a long & profitable time now. Surely with Twitter, Face Book, You Tube etc. & the alternate news these actions should be out in the open and blowing in the wind. I mean why are so many people being deceived? Are they just incredibly naive and brain-dead? I think that these ‘news’ papers & outlets are way past the ‘truth’ being reported and are diving into the shallow end of the spectrum and are going to be staying there, hoping what’s left of their credibility will save them. We are way past that tactic as well. It’s basically just the rot & crud left to throw at the general population now. They are the only ones supporting their evil spew……everything they say can just be wrapped around the leftovers after dinner and disposed of… least they are still good for that.

  • Alexandra,

    Havn’t viewed this yet –just posting to let you know that although I have received previous FKTV posts in my msn “Hotmail” acct for many months on a daily basis, suddenly this one goes straight into “junk” mail. I’m not computer savvy enough to know the set of possible ways this could initiate, but I wonder if it’s coincidental alone or some manifestation of the “info war” currently being waged.

    Given the subject matter, but only guessing at the “slant” as yet of the posting, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were in fact some connection. So, just putting this out before I overlook doing so…

  • What you’re not telling is that the parents of Nick Sandmann contacted a P.R. firm afterwards and they rehearsed the kids on how to spin the story in their favor. Evidently, that spin-job is working on some people.

  • He may win the law suits, however, some “judge” will no doubt reduce the amount to be paid by the demon rats.

  • It would have been nice if this short video had more information and less attacking of others itself. The boy’s main ‘crime’ was wearing a MAGA hat and looking like he was smirking. Oddly when interviewed later without the hat, it looked like a different kid. Apart from the massive amounts of money in damages asked for, I hope this provokes a national discussion about journalism and the lengths the 24/7 media will go to, to fill air time, on all sides. Too much money at stake from advertisers willing to get their laxative ads on at prime time, and supporting dicey talk shows of all ilks.

    • Haven’t viewed this yet (see my above post) but you bring up a point that I find important, specifically, and by way of illustrating: When I first encountered this story in that gossip rag Rawstory (anyone remember when that was an excellent news source? Like say around 10-12+yrs ago…) Nowadays, partially out of habit (they die hard) I still check it, finding it a convenient location to pick up the daily propaganda line is emanating form the controlled media …but I digress. So, when I first came in contact w/the story and the kid’s smiling image I was repulsed by the arrogance dripping from his prominent lower lip –just like I was supposed to… But when I learned there was an alternative account of events, which struck me as a very plausible condition (duh) aside from serving as reminder to be on guard for the typical inversion of fact as promulgated by MSM (after all the rabbit holes been down, funny how easy it is to still be seduced by what we used to call “Madison Avenue”) but also it was remarkable how suddenly I was able to perceive that youthful countenance as open, tentative, perhaps niave …anything but hostile or aggressive. I guess I should check out the clip at this point.

  • Lawsuits such as this may correct of course and stave off a violent race war. I pray this noble 16 year old of good character owns the Washington Post and destroys the racist and destructive agenda of Bezos AND his wife! The couple apparently divorced to protect their assets because of this case.

    • I think you’re right that they’re divorcing to protect their assets but not due to this case. The Bezos announced their divorce on January 9th and the “MAGA Teens” incident happened on Martin Luther King Day (January 21st).

  • The problem will always be fake media, propaganda. The Good News is people are waking
    up in record numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep spreading the TRUTH

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