At a time when the Mainstream Media, Social Media and Hollywood are all controlled and censored by the Clowns 🤡, seeking to strangle your mind with their narrative, The Epoch Times newspaper is a beacon of light in a sea of lies.

Significantly, The Epoch Times was originally founded in New York City by Chinese-Americans who had fled persecution from the Communist Party of China. It is now available in 21 languages and is one of the most widely-read Chinese language newspapers in the world – albeit banned in China.

The Epoch Times consistently maintains the highest standards in journalism and they produce the DECLASSIFIED YouTube channel, in which Kiwi journalist, Gina Shakespeare reads their trending articles. In this report by Brian Cates, he writes that, in view of how Ken Starr’s investigation of Vince Foster’s suicide morphed into Monicagate, Trump’s team took a different tack.

“Hasn’t anybody yet figured out why Sessions tapped a US Attorney in Utah to lead the Spygate investigations? It’s because Utah is about as far from the DC Leak Culture as one can get.

“Special counsel Ken Starr made a huge tactical mistake from the very beginning of his Clinton Whitewater probe in the 1990s. He insisted on complete transparency for his investigation. The Clinton Media Machine then proceeded to turn his entire investigation into a years-long circus, in which Starr and his investigative team were turned into national pariahs.

“This was going on even before the Monica Lewinsky evidence surfaced, which allowed the Clinton Media Machine to endlessly repeat Starr’s investigation was ‘just about sex.’

“Trump and his team decided there was no way they were going to hang targets on the backs of dedicated public servants they were about to task with investigating Spygate; that would’ve allowed the DC Leak Culture and the Clinton Media Machine to take point-blank aim at them while they were still trying to build their cases. Going the clandestine route with these Spygate investigations was probably the easiest decision that Trump had to make once he assumed office.

“Nothing is going to be made public by the DOJ until it’s time to unseal indictments. While that leaves the whining media commentators blind, it also leaves the DC Leak Culture and the Clinton Media Machine blind, as well. And that’s been the entire point. So, too bad if you don’t like it.”

(This is eerily similar to what QAnon has been saying all along!)

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  • Pretty Cool! It’s good to hear some good news for a change. Looking forward to the results of all of this quiet work. We are all in need of some results in this battle. Big messes are very difficult to clean up….don’t you know. 🙂

  • If Q turns out to be real, and not a psyop, I will gladly eat crow.

    Seeing is believing, and if I were to believe the ocean of Q clones, Hillary, Bill, Biden and many others would currently be serving time. None of that is true.

    Unseal it all, quit talking in riddles and speak to middle America.

    Until then, its another hope p-rn BS adventure courtesy Clowns In America, LLC.

  • Thanks for the background on the Epoch Times. An antidote to Feinstein’s Chinagate. Can’t wait for Utah to step to the podium. The great awakening is at hand. And it is bigger than we know. I am a very patient person.

  • I got HIGH hope, high apple pie in the sky hope… Cause that’s all I can do, is hope. Thank you Alex, for some more hope!


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