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    As Anheuser-Busch watched its market capitalization tank by over $6 billion in the week following the launch of their Dylan Mulvaney advertising campaign, desperate marketers tried to make amends with their disenfranchised customers by running a new ad featuring a trademark Clydesdale horse.

    Social media users were quick to joke that the horse was now trans. Comedian, Tyler Fischer took it to the next level with this ridiculously hilarious voiceover laid over the new Budweiser ad, which is now an ad for his comedy tour.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Now that is awesome!! Great job.

      Ridicule like this video is the best way to fight back. Everytime you hear one of these woke fuchs talking wokeness, just laugh and ridicule them. Laughing at someone is the best comeback.

    • Joe + Doaks & JD, do I have to add Alexandria,
      You all believe this advertisement voice over to be real……??
      Whoever did this, I hope they get Sued!

      I liked to know how I was the only one watching Robert Kennedy, I had to struggle to get the stupid advertisement to run, sorry I got the Stupid Piece of Propaganda to run!

      • Jay,

        Respectfully, you likely were late to the table and may not be aware of the original ugly Bud fare upon which this parody is based.

    • The base, in the gutter, twisted perversion of that ad leaves me with only expletive driven motivations to scream into the pillow.
      W. T. F. ??
      Eff the Germans and eff the perverts promoting this pathetic endeavor!

    • Don’t know what it is about the German psyche, but they seem to have some kind of inherited weakness for off-color, bawdy proliferations that is traceable all the way back to the nineteenth century and possibly longer.

      Bush was taken over by a hostile corporate German raider according to what I read on the internet. A conglomerate of breweries and their marketing contracts which sort of thing surely leads to monopolies and gutting employees benefits and security when it does. America is fair game for it, and Americans are nearly powerless to do anything about it, because the US Constitution permits it and Congress is so corrupted by them they won’t do anything about it.

      Well, neither will the Americans. They may boycott Bush for a while, but only for awhile, then its back to the same ole same ole because, save for a very few exceptions the majority always caves into it because they love pleasure more than they hate evil.

      Now they have set about corrupting the morals of the electorate I suppose to get Americans addicted to off-color, bawdy, even perverse excesses that prevailed in Germany when the Nazis rose to power promising to get rid of it. Of course it was simply a ploy to get morally straight Germans to go along with Hitler.

      When I was connected with the advertising industry in the mid-20th century, German advertisers were known to be the worst for off-color, bawdy magazine ads that no American ad agency would dare copy at that time. I remember when Volkswagen was the first auto manufacturer to jump on board with promoting same gender ideas in their ads. That set the tone and pattern eventually to be followed by others.

      I am not picking on Germans here, because I spent so much time with them growing up, I feel almost German myself. No, this is about degrading society 24/7 through the corporate money tree.

      • AB InBev is the massive Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate that bought Anheuser-Busch, a company founded by German-Americans. Comedian Tyler Fischer appears to be German-American, as well.

      • JD, don’t know what it is about American psyche to think they were some kind of ww2 war hero, while they did nothing but exterminate the best of the European race & made a mess in Europe itself, that we still live the results today by their Communistic divisions they set in place.
        Boycott seemed to go along way for the New York City Communist against Germany dating back 1933.
        You seem to be rather naive to the fact that Germany is an occupied Nation since April 1945, so any beef you have with the advertisement industry in Germany, you better take a look in the mirror & stop putting your sins on the Germans.
        The “corporate money tree” that Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill were saving was in London, that’s why the United States got involved with ww2. It puzzles me that the stupidity of arrogance that Americans have displayed pertaining to that war, that they cannot even use commonsense that they backed the Communist State of the USSR.

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