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    by WolvesAndFinance

    There have been some shocking new developments in the Classified Documents Case against Joe Biden. And I am shocked that you never hear about this on the main stream media. As you may know, right now there are two major Federal cases involving Classified Documents: one involving Joe Biden and one involving Donald Trump. But the main stream media only talks about the case against Trump. Why is that? I think people need to know what is happening in the case against Joe Biden. We are going to cover it here this week on Wolves and Finance.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Lot of very interesting stuff, but the entire story, next to totally exposing Biden and his Chinese mafia, does nothing to Trump, equally a criminal… The underwear story is so stup.., that it basically relies on deviated, possessed young men minds, like the reporter’s to spend so much time, on idiocy… It looks like that’s the entire purpose, while making big ‘compassionate’ stories, to cover up TWO criminals from the same DEEP STATE!!! ANd while Biden’s crimes are very clear now, Trump’s crimes are still VERY HIDDEN, and that’s the TRAP for anyone who even remotely considers this traitor to become the ‘chosen’ one! Just my opinion, AFTER TRUMP&BIden got rid of American children, military, adults, pilots, anyone who was brainwashed enough with Trumps WARP SPEED, to get genetically modified and to DIE!

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