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    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The first foreign interview with incoming Dutch PM Geert Wilders

    Wilders won on a simple but profound platform: he wants to stop immigration, especially Islamic immigration, and he wants to break free of the European Union to have a Dutch version of Brexit.

    by Ezra Levant

    I just got back from the Netherlands where I interviewed Geert Wilders, the winner of the recent Dutch parliamentary elections. For years, the mainstream media either ignored him or mocked him, because of his opposition to mass immigration.

    The Dutch people have a different view — they gave Wilders and his Party for Freedom a landslide victory in the Parliamentary elections, making it all but certain he’ll become the new prime minister. I sat down with Wilders for his first English-language interview since his election. He said so many interesting things, such as:

    • How to be brave, even when the media calls you “racist”
    • How environmentalist schemes raise the cost of living on ordinary people
    • How other populist parties are growing throughout Europe
    • Why the Netherlands should cut foreign aid
    • The importance of independent media (he has been Rebel News viewer for years!)
    • His thoughts on the wars in Ukraine and Gaza

    Our full discussion can be watched above!

    My videographer and I flew to the Netherlands on an economy-class plane ticket and we stayed in a cheap hotel. The total cost of our journalistic mission was just under $4,000. That’s nothing to the CBC or the Globe and Mail, but it’s an enormous cost to us. If you can help us crowdfund our costs, please do so by visiting, where we’ve put all of our videos from our trip to the Netherlands.

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