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    I’m so glad I don’t watch TV. I’m not saying this to flaunt my virtuousness. I’ve recently plunged into a Twitter addiction that’s a little scary but compared to how riled-up and weird people get when they watch TV, I’m grateful that I cut the cords with television decades ago.

    I’ve long suspected that there are weaponized signals emanating from TV and I’d be a fool to think that optophotonic protocols aren’t also beaming out at me from the Internet but I do get a sense that the psychotronic arsenals might be different in each medium.

    To learn more about such things and about the work that some are doing to demand and secure a Cognitive Bill of Rights, one might go to the upcoming Global Neuroethics Conference in Vancouver, Canada, starting on August 3rd, 2019, discussed in this latest piece by TruthStream Media.

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    • It’s hard to imagine liberty of any kind at this time but I do believe that the drip, drip affect will work.

      They’ve gone so far in the other direction that it would not ever be believed even if total disclosure were to happen all at once.

      Think about it. In the 70’s we learned about Montauk and MK Ultra and thought that that issue was resolved. If disclosure happened today, would believe believe that every police dept, sheriff’s dept and metro police dept now played with mind control tools that the CiA in the 70’s would’ve drooled to own???

      We aren’t free in any way until we deal with the truth. It’s why Trump is grasping at straws. He runs up against a brick wall at the military and law enforcement – his two planks. So, he settles for the drip, drip strategy and chooses his fights. Even with two terms there’ll be much hidden never revealed.

      And from the smell of every other candidate and even of Trump, the swamp never will be drained.

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