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    • Supreme court document confirms anyone who has had the mRNA shots is no longer human

      The US Supreme Court ruled that vaccinated people around the world are now “products”, or patented goods, and are no longer human under US law. By vaccinating with modified DNA or RNA, a person ceases to be a human and becomes the property of the patentee of the mRNA vaccine. Their genome is no longer human, but “trans-human”, a category that does not exist in human rights. The characteristics of the natural man and all rights that result from them are lost. This applies to the whole world. SOURCE of this decision of the US Supreme Court in PDF:

      Being a patented entity also means the Human Rights Act, nor State Rights, no longer apply to you as you’re effectively ‘trans-human’.

      • Thank you for sharing, djf.

        I remember this. It dates as far back as 2013, about 8.5yrs ago, which poses the question, why has SCOTUS allowed the bioweapon shots to be implemented and, worse, continue unless they too are complicit in this transhumanism/genocidal endeavor on humanity? Yea. We already know the answer.

        America has lost her soul when she lost its rule for justice.

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