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    • The latest on the BBC (Benders Broadcastiong Communism!) today is that China/Hong Kong is going to cull its hamsters due to covid. They don’t know what to tell us next.

    • Everyone should be checking in with their local Sheriff’s office on their stance on whether or not they will uphold the Constitution, or folding in with lawbreaking Health Departments. This is a case of Gov Inslee taking orders to push as far as he can. Not a fan of Wolf’s declarations without any action suggestions. Thanks for posting!

    • these bad people are desperate , delusional and insane and they want to take us with them but I see them trapped and sinking in a losing situation with no way out except to meet their maker and be changed back into dust. The last choice you will get when you refuse to accept the grace of GOD. I truly feel sorry for them it didn’t have to end this way.

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