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    The explicit goal of the work of Charles Lieber, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard has been to devise a biological interface, in which a nanoscale device could communicate with a living organism and he had succeeded in developing a bio-compatible transistor the size of a virus.

    He and his colleagues used nanowires to create a transistor so small that it can be used to enter and probe cells without disrupting the intracellular machinery and could even be used to enable two-way communication with individual cells.

    On January 28th, Lieber was arrested and charged for lying about work he did for a program run by the Chinese government that seeks to lure American talent to China.

    Lieber was paid $50,000 a month and up to $158,000 in living expenses to cultivate young teachers and students, according to court documents. He also received more than $1.5 million to create a research lab at the Wuhan University of Technology in China.

    Lieber has also received more than $15 million in grants from US Federal agencies since 2008 and he’s required to disclose any conflicts of interest and money he receives from foreign governments.

    China has been rampantly stealing IP, stealing critical and sensitive data from us through the university system. Shouldn’t that raise the question of why the university system is being used to get this work done? And was it stealing if they technically paid for it?

    The the timing of Lieber’s arrest and the locations of where this virus has showed up suggest a high statistical probability that Mr. Lieber’s creations may have escaped from a research lab in China, though it’s thought that some of its ancestors probably came from Fort Detrick but there’s a high probability that we’re dealing with nanotechnology.

    But bioweapons that are specifically-engineered aren’t the only concern. Nanomaterials, which are used in haircare, clothing and other familiar products are so small, they can be inadvertently ingested into the human body, where they accumulate in the liver to affect the immune system.

    For example, it’s known that metallic oxides (such as titanium dioxide, which is used in a lot of processed foods) convert over time into phosphates, leading not only to physical changes but to fundamental compositional (atomic) changes in the human body that can cause lung fibrosis and a number of other ill effects.

    Artikel 7 has put together this excellent video exploring these topics.

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    • SO HOW did this scientist get to experiment on real humans to get this data? Though the spiky structure created by the rare earths lo lot like a corona virus, it still is NOT a replicating (infectious) substance. So what is REALLY happening? Has anyone checked the geo-engineering aerosols for these substances?

    • I had not seen this 60 minutes piece until just now as is embedded into
      Note that this is an extension of my work and research done into the Krebbs cycle in the 1960s and as part of my job with the NYS FDC in 1980s onward as associated with “Birth Defects”, AIDS, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, chemical sensitivities and various notorious diseases etc including what HIV is and who the various notorious doctors are associated with WHO and CDC (BTW warned of by my Mother who was in charge of the National Cytology Registry associated with the National Cancer institute in the 1970s) and the role that the Nixon Administration participated in trying to correct the injury caused by the Salk Vaccine in the 1950s (see the books and .

      Much More to Follow but most certainly that alcoholic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was certainly right on many things but most certainly that there must be a law passed requiring the intelligence community to totally declassify secrecy every fifty years or else the citizens will be turned into slaves – DAAAA.

      time will tell,

      Chris Strunk

      I recommend 10 PPM Hydrosol Colloidal Silver, Zinc – Magnesium Supplements including Grape Seed Extract, and other simple things that dead doctors didn’t live long enough to discuss, including dark phase microscopy in studying the role that blood serves in immunity among others things including Blue Green Algae serves to free up a persons own bone marrow release of stem cells to repair the persons own body.

    • this guy is too difficult to understand. why can’t a person present this information who has a better command of English so we can ALL understand this?????

    • Recall the sudden deluge of shredded cheese at the grocery store 6 or 7 yrs ago…look up ‘micro-crystalline cellulose’ which is a new nano cellulose used strictly for profit with no human benefit and a hueueueuege question as to health and environmental detriment.

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