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    Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, an Intensive Care Unit doctor in New York, speaks about what he sees happening with COVID-19 patients.

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    • The question has to be asked. Why are people showing signs of high altitude sickness, or oxygen deprivation, which is NOT pneumonia? My research has revealed that 5G (60 gigahertz), sucks the oxygen out of cells. Hardly anyone is focusing any attention on this aspect, obviously because so much money is invested in its global deployment. Your money or your life? Well, humans have chosen the money, so it’s all downhill from here.

      • 5g hasn’t rolled out over the entire world. So your a bit early on blaming 5g, wait a couple years then start blaming everything on 5g.

      • 5G is the new flat earth. It’s a disinfo or distraction op, propagated by ? Cass Susstein type groups? Russians? US psyops? and amplified by innocent (or dumb) bloggers or click baiting youtubers or ‘i’m in the know’ commentors.

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