Swedish seafaring treasure hunters Ocean X Team made headlines last year with the accidental discovery of a mysterious circular object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Now, thanks to a third exploration and a laboratory analysis of stones on and around the main object, they’re a step closer to lifting the veil of mystery.

The stones that lay on the object turned out to be red granite, dating to the Ice Age.

Ocean X Team member Dennis Asberg theorizes that when the ice melted, the stones landed on the object, which could mean the stones have been there for over 140,000 years.

Recent examination of the object has revealed that the object is not anchored to the ground and that it has a hole about two meters in diameter.

Dennis Asberg, Ocean X Team:

“We have discovered that the object is separated from the ocean floor it’s laying on a ridge, we’ve investigated the object with the ROV robot and looked at the object from below. One can see that the bottom and the object is separated.”

The material of the main object is too hard, so it has not been possible to remove a sample from it yet, says Dennis.

But they have managed to bring up some stones that have been on and around the anomaly for analysis.

The team have also found many black magma-like stones at the site.

Dennis theorizes that the object must have been at a very high temperature at some point. This caused stones in its vicinity to become charred.

Dennis believes that the object was purposefully designed, saying “As I see it, when we’ve been and looked at it, it looks really strange to me, it looks like something is designed, in that we have these angles, 90 degree angles, the aisles of the object.”

International interest in the object has grown alongside the media attention.

Ocean X Team is now followed by thousands of fans on the Internet who want to know what the mysterious object is.

Dennis hopes that their next expedition will be in spring when the frigid Nordic weather has improved.

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