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    This is a powerful talk by Graham Hancock, in which he sums up his lifework and establishes his case for a global civilization which preceded the end of the last Ice Age.

    The evidence for this survives in the legends that come down to us from ancient civilizations all over the world, describing global floods. Modern geologists agree that these did occur at the end of the last Ice Age. Evidence for a global civilization also survives in old maps, which were brought back to Europe during the 12th century, based on much older maps likely stored at the ancient Library of Alexandria.

    There’s a lot more, all of it very interesting, delivered with charm and humor and a must-see for Hancock fans and fans of the mysteries of our ancient history.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Hell Alex
      unable to watch Get the message
      “This video is no longer available because the youTube account associated with this video has been closed.

    • An oldie but goodie video worth watching. Thanks Alex.

      Everyone should read Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. It was republished in 2000 so it’s easy to find on several sites today. You may have to wade through the personal history portion that makes up the first half of the book. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to understanding what comes after. Worth the read. It’s dense and takes a while.

      The reason I recommend it is that the book follows Graham’s belief that the great pyramid’s purpose was a spiritual device. In fact, the book portrays it as a spiritual re-birthing chamber for those who were trained and prepared to complete the journey of the spirit. It’s an amazing book.

    • Without agreeing to everything here, Graham seems to be embracing a world view that is quite like a true Christian world view.

      A view that takes responsibility for one’s own behavior relative to their neighbors and their environment. In Christian vernacular it would be loving God and loving his creation, with the meaning of love being affectionate benevolence or benevolent affection however one prefers.

      But the entertainment industry has so perverted the meaning of love, that it now means the opposite, namely taking pleasure, expecting to be pleased, demanding to be pleased and what have you. If one takes the Creator out of the equation they are vulnerable to exploitation by predators, because they have devalued themselves as a love-worthy creature.

      Love defends and protects the environment, neighbor and self from predation in a love response to the Creator who gave them life in paradise. If only we would learn to rightly keep it so.

    • Tremendous closure of Powerful Truth. ​ What is degrading our world into destruction.
      Only an upsurge of intuition and spiritual perception can and will save humanity from itself.

    • I observed an entity that looked like an owl with stubby wings, it flew over my head in late 2013. It was sided by six sparrow looking “birds” on each side, it flew a perfect v formation and a silent climb out directly above me. I lived in a hell’s angels neighborhood ” god bless em” called the devils play land. I accept requests for further information by those that really want to know. It is disappointing that many I explain these observances to are shielded by their reality bias.

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