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I’ve watched 5 films about the subject of this film to choose the one I’m running today, about the little-reported Christmas Truce of World War One, which occurred in several locations along the Western Front,  in what is called The Great War of 1914-1918.

This was a moment when the Germans and the British broke ranks and sang the same Christmas carols, in the same tune but in their different languages. This was followed by many garrisons trading their scarce goods among each other and playing football. These soldiers – like most soldiers – were kids, barely in their 20s.

Finally, their commanders prevailed upon them to resume shooting at each other.

Before British forces were successfully indoctrinated against their enemy, as one British soldier who survived here reports, “We were very much against the…policy of the German government…and the Kaiser, particularly – but the individual Germans, well, we thought they were just doing their job, the same ways we were…being shot was an occupational hazard and it applied to both sides and that’s the way which we sort of looked at it.”

Over 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died as a result of this war (including the victims of a number of genocides). WWI was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, and it paved the way for major political changes, including the subsequent revolutions in many of the nations involved, most of which were social-engineering tests against these nations’ own populations.

All wars are bankers wars. All soldiers are cannon fodder, fighting on behalf of gargantuan financial interests. This has always been the case in living memory.

I pray that all soldiers involved in any active conflict today question whether what they’re involved in is indeed righteous.

Merry Christmas.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • A sad British vignette of perhaps the dumbest war in history, the manifestation of the calamitous failure of political leaders and the machinations of those who profit from wars.

    After two years of war, soldiers were ready to go home, Russians went home, Germans offered to quit and go home when they were winning. Britain had no hope of winning, when Wilson got the US involved. I won’t review it here, but the reader should pursue it if they hope to understand what is going on now. Anyway the US entry into the war prolonged the end of war two more years and accomplished nothing, but more death and destruction.

    One of my great uncles health was ruined by mustard gas, another suffered what they called shell shock. Today they call it PSTD. Anyway his life was ruined, he was like walking dead. All for what? It wasn’t for naught, but the purpose remains hidden to the general public. Hidden, but quite easily discoverable for those who care to. You have to do your own homework to get at the truth of the matter.

    The press, then as now, played a major roll on all sides ginning up public support for war and following the armistice, ginning up support for the hideously disastrous Versailles treaty intended to destroy Germany that most assuredly guaranteed German retaliation and WWII.

    Using the occasion to launch the first attempt at global governance, the League of Nations was cooked up by these same elites, but the US Congress was not yet ready to turn the US over to them. It would take a second go at the destruction of Germany, called WWII, out of which emerged the United Nations to which the US Congress was by then more amenable.

    Germany was kept under the control of the allies for most of the rest of the 20th century, but when unified once again became an economic threat to the Anglo/American empire needing yet another foriegn invasion which we are now witnessing while German hands are tied behind their backs by the ruling elites in positions of power in the EU.

    Nothing in politics happens by chance. If you want to see where we are headed, investigate the road we’ve already traveled.

  • Merry Christmas to all…..Peace on Earth…..Good will to all….., Lets put war off forever, for the only ones to profit from war never, ever fight in it….. You can bank on that. Let us learn from past experiences instead of repeating them, like we haven’t learned, war is stupid. But it will be repeated, again and again, tell and train your children war is for simpletons, education not needed. Best wishes for all. Like usual, I ramble on, forgive me please. I don’t believe in war.

  • Very timely, Alexandra and your comments absolutely true. I think the simple question that we should all ask is WHY are we always at war? If people would only do that and seek out the answer away from MSM then they will very quickly reach the same conclusion as you. Happy Christmas.

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