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Marjorie Taylor Greene joins The Alex Jones Show to call for support from the American people in her filing of articles of impeachment on Joe Biden.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • MTG: All MAGA hat and no cattle. How many “Articles of Impeachment” for Biden is this now, a half-dozen? Why not go after the entire Biden “Administration”; it’s the thought that counts, evidently. Take that AR-15 of yours and do some actual good, and maybe your Followers will follow you.
    As for me, long ago I perfected the ability to spot Posers. Give your Homeboy Kevin McCarthy my regards, and ask him where’s our promised January 6th Footage? Time’s a’Wasting!

    • She also filed articles of impeachment against Chris Wray, Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas and US Attorney Matthew Graves.

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