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On Wednesday night, John Michael Chambers hosted a Power Panel to discuss the 2020 Election crisis, with Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Jeffrey Prather, Scott Bennett, Trevor Louden, Alexander Newman, Susan Bradford, James Grundvig, InTheMatrixxx and Shady Groove.

Scott Bennett is a former Army intelligence officer and private contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton and the author of the book ‘Shell Game: a Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress’, which directly implicated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the formation of ISIS via bank accounts at the Union Bank of Switzerland with the help of Qatari agents.

Bennett has been in DC, working together with Patrick Byrne, Tore Maras, Patrick Bergy, Millie Weaver, Gavin Wince and a host of other Patriots who have converged on the Capital to help the Trump Campaign Stop the Steal.

He says, “I sat down with whistleblowers, cryptologists, former military personnel that were all part of this, that had the same clearances that I did, and the affadavits that I read and…the material that I saw was overwhelming.

“And, John, it directly connects back to some missions that I did back in Hong Kong that I won’t describe too much about. Suffice it to say, the missions in Hong Kong and my earlier analysis of Union Bank of Switzerland [UBS], which was one of the top banks I examined for its terrorist financing involvement and capacities – this is all coming back to roost…we see Union Bank of Switzerland entering into an agreement with the Chinese Communist Party to create a financial instrument called UBS Securities, which was a derivative of China Bank Securities.”

Bennett details how former UBS Americas Chairman and Barack Obama Economic Advisor, Robert Wolf created this $600 million financial instrument together with the CCP to purchase voting machines from Dominion, ES&S and Pioneer,  essentially monopolizing the entire United States voter election market for these voter tabulation machines.

He says, “The Chinese Communist Party owned the voting machines. The software that was used to corrupt the algorithms and re-distribute the votes to Biden had been developed under a company called Dynology and General Jim Jones and his son.”

Dynology and the Jones family’s involvement will be familiar to those who’ve seen the Millie Weaver film ‘ShadowGate’, which everybody must see, that features Tore Maras and Patrick Bergy.

Bennett continues, “Dynology was the product of a PSYOP officer, Patrick Bergy who worked with me at the Joint Information Support Command and its superstructure, that Patrick designed and weaponized into various operations in Kuwait and Iraq and Fallujah, to overthrow these elections under the Obama regime

“John McCain had a part of it. John McCain was responsible for using this in his own election. Of course, John McCain knew he was going to lose. This was all part of a pre-fabricated methodology to quote ‘guarantee nations are in the right hands.’ That was John McCain’s quote, with the cryptologists that were in the rooms at the time.

“So, John McCain, along with John Brennan and Barack Obama and other people that’ll all be coming out conspired to utilize technology that had been developed for military operations and unleashed it upon the United States and the American public. And the AFL-CIO has had a part in their financing and organizing the umbrella of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Sunrise – all of these groups…

“We see the Chinese Communist Party, the Union Bank of Switzerland, UBS Securities, Dominion, Pioneer, ES&S and Dynology and this whole voter fabrication thing coming together.

“The President knows this, the military people that were on ground know this, it’s going to all be coming out…

“The Chinese Communist Party is being revealed as an existential threat to the United States and all sorts of Domestic Terrorism charges should be amplified against the American participants that have been aiding and abetting this enemy.”

New Zealand author, Trevor Louden an expert in Radical Left, Marxist Terrorist movements and their infiltration of mainstream politics, says, “China figures big in this. China is the model of the New World Order. It’s the Communist Party State with some business, very oppressive. It appeals to the Globalists, it appeals to the old fashioned Communists. It is the model.

“America, right now is in World War III with China. There’s also an internal Communist revolution guided by China going on right now. It started in May 2019, when President Trump put tariffs on Chinese goods. The response of China, according to the Xin Hua news agency was to declare a People’s War on the United States. That means, in Maoist terms, every form of warfare, short of direct military confrontation.

“The COVID was deliberately spread by China, as was the COVID panic for three reasons. 1) To destroy the US economy; 2) To destroy President Trump; 3) To destroy the US military budget, which Biden would completely finish if he got the presidency. And if the US military budget can be destroyed and Trump can be destroyed, China runs the planet. It’s as simple as that.”

Louden says the Minneapolis George Floyd riots were organized by the Freedom Road Socialist organization, a Maoist, pro-Chinese Communist group. He says, “They’re the people who burnt Kenosha, several cities in Florida, etc. They were helped by another pro-Chinese Communist group called Liberation Road. They are the front group behind Black Lives Matter, they are controlled by a group called Asians for Black Lives, which was invented by the Chinese Progressive Association of San Francisco, which is a Communist Chinese front group…

“So, we’re in a revolutionary situation right now, internally. The goal is to Communize America. The Chinese have deeply penetrated the Congress, the US Senate, Justice Department, FBI, you name it. They’re working with the Iranians, working with the Russians, working with the Cubans, the Venezuelans to basically bring this country down and the current election is designed to seal the deal. So, we’ve all gotta make sure Trump wins this one. If he doesn’t, we’re in a world of grief.”

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Alex Newman and the others are all extremely articulate and have incredibly incisive observations, making this Power Panel an excellent update on the Election crisis that will inform you about these historic events unlike anything you will see in the mainstream.

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