Generals Paul E. Vallely and Thomas Mclnerney Reveal All

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Gen Tom McInerney and Gen Paul Vallely join John Chambers’ Making Sense of the Madness to say that perhaps the biggest danger in what’s happening right now is the media blackout and how half the country doesn’t understand that we are living through hybrid warfare and information warfare (the interview begins at 14:27).


McInerney says, “The same people that were behind the Russian Hoax, the “Russian Collusion” issue. That’s when it started some 5-6 years ago, when President Trump came down the golden elevator. And they have been going after him ever since. So, that includes former President Obama, former Vice President Biden, Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Comey – a whole host of them that laid in and attacked and tried to do a coup d’état for the first three years of the Trump administration.

“And that’s why, John, this is the most dangerous situation we have had since 1776. It’s even greater than the Civil War. Now, why do I say that? Well, first of all, the American people don’t realize it. This is part of the new hybrid warfare that Paul [Vallely] was very intimately involved with and started the formation in the Army in his days. Extremely important.

“What we are seeing, none of the Mainstream Media even acknowledge that there were any problems and you illuminated several of them…They talked about ‘alleged fraudulent voting’. It’s more than that, John. It is treason. It is high treason against this nation. And those people – and there are foreigners involved – And that’s why the President’s signed September 12, 2018 Executive Order saying if there was any foreign involvement in our elections – this was two and a half years ago – and he said we would declare a national emergency.

“We are in a national emergency now and at least half of the American people don’t realize it. You pointed it out. It is a war. And that’s why it’s so important what you are doing, John to articulate to the American People what we have in front of us and what we must solve. The President took an Oath of Office, as did the Vice President, as did General Vallely and I, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.


“Now, the Founding Fathers had no idea what cyber warfare was – didn’t have a clue. But they gave us tools and they gave us a Constitution which to work on and the Democrats are trying to change that. They’re intimidating people, they’re creating chaos. They have Antifa and they’ve got Black Lives Matter. All they are is the equivalent of the Brown Shirts in the early days of Hitler.

“They do the rioting. We’ve already seen it. They’ve told us what they’re going to do and it’s going to be very interesting how the Vice President handles the Electoral College meeting, when he opens the folders in the Bi-Cameral Meeting in joint session of Congress on Wednesday. And that’s going to be very important.

“But no matter what happens, the President has that responsibility; to support and defend the Constitution and he has different tools. He can declare Martial Law. A lot of people aren’t in favor of that. But, if he has to, he should use it. The Founding Fathers gave us that. He has the Insurrection Act. Why is the Insurrection Act important?

“As Gen Vallely knows so well: because it allows you to use Active Duty military for law enforcement and it avoids the Posse Comitatus, which is a limitation on what active military people can do. He can suspend Habeas Corpus, he can establish military tribunals. This is what is in the Constitution, as long as he is meeting his Oath of Office.

“That, in my opinion is supreme. Because we know how massively this attack on our voting system was and so, that’s why…we need to educate the American people. Tell them what happened. And yet, you get the Secretary of State from Georgia that told President Trump yesterday, ‘No, we had no problems.’ He had massive problems. You’ve seen ’em on television. Let me turn it over to Gen Vallely. I know he’s got a list of things.”

Gen Paul Vallely adds, “Gen McInerney and I deal with facts and intelligence, we don’t deal in conspiracy. So, when we say something, it’s based on facts that we’ve derived from the intelligence that’s been presented – and Gen McInerney laid that out very clearly – and then connecting the dots that intelligence provides. The second point is, we did write the book, ‘Endgame’ back in 2004 but what is the endgame now?

“This is what you have to look at. Is the endgame of the Socialist-Communists trying to take over the country through the Democratic Party? Or are you looking at the Trump Party and what they stand for? And I’m calling it the Trump Party, not the Republican Party because I feel down, deep inside we’ve got to re-brand that party and make them something that’s really going to stand by our Constitution and get rid of some of these Republican In Name Only people that are very obvious today.

“So, what is the end game? Well…connecting the dots: Chinese Communist Party, you look at COVID, you look at Dominion, you look at their headquarters up in Toronto on the third floor to that building, you look at the funding, provided a lot by George Soros…we don’t know whether it’s billions of dollars yet but certainly high-up from the Chinese Communist Party.

“All these dots are connecting what we see really supporting the Left side, the Socialists; the Pelosis, the Schumers. They all should be indicted for treason, for what they’ve done to the President since 2016.

“So, with that in mind, we have to have a strategy. A war game. You have to have a strategy to win…if the President has to invoke the Insurrection Act and Martial Law to save this Republic, then we must do it. At all costs, we cannot turn it over to Biden and Kamal Harris and the Left Wing of this country…that would be treasonous to do that.”


When asked if the raid on Frankfurt can be substantiated, Gen McInerney says it can be but that it’s gone low profile. “That means they obviously don’t want too much of it out to the public yet. But it will be disclosed what happened there and it was in a CIA facility. People are saying, ‘No, it didn’t happen but I think that’s the counter-offensive in their information ops. Information Ops is a term for psychological warfare. And they’ve got military people – I don’t want to name them – that are involved with this cyber warfare campaign, as well as the information ops, of spreading disinformation, trying to convince people that this didn’t happen or it did happen.

“But there was a colonel, Warden, I think his name was, who testified at one of the hearings that Sidney Powell had, that it was, in fact valid. Plus, other sources we’ve gotten. We think it is true because they haven’t disclosed it yet doesn’t mean they are not going to disclose it. AndI believe much of this information is going to come out and it’s going to lead back to what happened in the first three years of the Trump administration, what John Durham has been investigating…and those facts coming out.

“The sad part is, people like the Attorney General, Bill Barr, who before he leaves and resigns, he says there’s no evidence of massive fraudulent voting. Well, how could they miss it? This was so large and so massive. When you have truck drivers driving… 288,000 ballots from New York down to Pennsylvania; when you have the state of Pennsylvania mailing out 1.8 million mail-in ballots to its citizens and they get back 2.5 million! John, someone had to have it printing press and this isn’t a normal printing press. So, these are examples…

“I know from other sources, we have the foreign involvement. Now, you don’t hear anybody talking about foreign involvement, except on our side, Gen Vallely and I and others will talk about it – but it was massive…

“These Democratic Socialists, they’re taking us Communist. And you’re already seeing it in California and New York State and New Jersey, Illinois, other states that these Democratic governors are locking ’em down, destroying the middle class so they’re dependent on the government and they los their initiative, because they’ve got to survive. That is the early entré of a Communist society. That’s what we are facing, John and let’s admit it and let’s make sure America knows it.”


Gen McInerney says that in response to an eventual Trump win, we can expect to see Antifa violence breaking out, in addition to a  China move to seize Taiwan or a major attack in the Middle East, such as the Iranians against Israel. He believes that future Antifa violence will be crushed and that it’s extremely important that we understand that Martial Law is actually less onerous that the COVID lockdowns under which we have already been living and he adds, “By the way, the Chinese did COVID-19 deliberately to impact…the economy and the election. That was not an accident, that it slipped out…If you look at this as a war game, you must understand how serious they are an they’re going to fight to the death.”

Gen Vallely says the Insurrection Act could be used to allow the President to Federalize the National Guard and deploy members of the Armed Forces. “The 82nd Airborne Division will be ready, our Special Operating Forces will be ready and they will take Antifa and BLM and any other insurrectionists in about 30 minutes. America should be prepared to know that if we have to go that route, with Martial Law, it’s to protect the people. and our soldiers will protect the innocent people of this country, we will attack those that are insurrectionists, that are treasonous, that have been bought-off and paid for by a supply of money frm China and others sources to overthrow this government and overthrow the Republic.

“So, I feel just like Gen McInerney does. Our soldiers, our sailors, our airmen, they’re gonna stand by the President, because they know with what we’re being dealt here. They’re not stupid. They read the papers just like we do, they listen to the news…

“We have Patriot Guards being mobilized in different parts of the country now. Those are civilian organizations, not militia, that will stand by to protect businesses and innocent people…and if we have to use our military, based on intelligence, we will take down the insurrectionists and we will bring peace to this country.”


Gen McInerney refers to the 10 past living Secretaries of Defense who came out, proclaiming that the election was over. “He doesn’t intend to use the military to solve that issue…Why those SecDefs didn’t get it, they’re either stupid or they’re in the pocket of Big Money. Now, here are huge amounts of money being moved around in this. I hate to say that. But you see, some of the people that have been brought out on these issues – they’re Republicans…Mitch McConnell, why is he saying what he’s saying? He ought to be supporting the President. I don’t know but there’s a reason for it and I think money is behind it all…A lot of those senators have got Chinese programs and factories and things, where they’re buying or investing…

“Look at the…Twitters and the Facebooks, etc., the money that they’re moving around, the censoring that they’re doing, that we see today. They are changing this country and they have enormous wealth and that is making people make some bad decisions. You better care about American First and about what this money is going to do to you.


When asked about Kevin Shipp’s refutation of the Hammer and Scorecard, Gen McInerney says, “It’s for real and, unfortunately, the Obama administration converted it from a terrorist Signals Intelligence system to looking at American citizens. That, in itself is treason…there are certain people that Kevin Shipp still works for…” and, “When you see a shift in a person like that, you begin to wonder. There is a deep swamp…that has infected the Intelligence Community, it’s infected the FBI, the Department of Justice.

“Why is it the Department of Justice and the FBI hasn’t talked about this massive cyber warfare attack [SolarWinds]? That’s their business!

“…Chris Krebs…he said it was a ‘perfect election’. Anybody that says that, John, you know is complicit and is covering up…

“This was a treasonous activity, starting the minute the President came down the golden elevator in the Trump Tower, right on up to today. So, it went through the Russia Collusion, it went through the impeachment and now, it’s gone through this massive attack on our voting system. Those are the same people and they’re aided by foreigners. And so it’s important that we excise them like a cancer. It must be cut out and by his own Oath of Office, the President must do it.”


Vallely says, “You have to understand what’s going on in Canada with the Chinese, you have to understand what’s going on in Central and South America with the Chinese. You have to look at their Silk Road initiative, through Pakistan and on up into the Middle East. They want to be the super power of the world. They want to diminish America as best they can.” Vallely believes that the Chinese spread COVID intentionally and “That’s why they’re the biggest threat to the world and to the United States.

“And the second would be these Globalists out there that are trying to establish a global government, which many have signed up for. So those are the big external threats that I see. Financial, economic and then military…from China.”

Gen McInerney’s advice to Trump regarding China is the same that I would have: “I would cut off our economic growth with them. Apple, Google, all of those people. I would cut off the business-industrial ties…they are raping our intellectual property. I would cut ’em out from coming to US universities. Universities love ’em, because they’re getting a lot of money for these Chinese students. I would make all these changes, because what we have done, we are building the noose for ourselves, by giving them the technology, our education and helping them…

“We thought that if they got used to the economics, that they would move away from Communism and Totalitarianism and join the businesspeople in the world. It hasn’t worked that way. They have just taken everything and used it to try to destroy us. That is their number one objective.

“I’d make it loud and clear: that we know what they’re trying to do and we are going to isolate them until they change.”

Vallely opines that the greatest threat to humanity and danger to the world is Communism and Communist China. McInerney agrees and he’s concerned that Communism has infiltrated our schools. He says, “We need to stand for President Trump globally. If we are diminished and become a Communist society, the rest of the world goes in that direction…

“It’s important that we win this fight. It is the most difficult we’ve had, because the American People don’t fully understand what they’re facing.”

Vallely ends winds it up with, a MacArthur quote: “There is no substitute for victory.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! FINALLY THE VOICES OF REASON! WHAT A RELIEF!!! THANK YOU GENERALS FOR YOUR SERVICE! YOU MAKE US PROUD TO BE AMERICANS!!! I caught the first website: Stand up America US; I did not catch the name of the second one… The video cut out.

  • I agree with the 2 gentleman’s assessment of the CCP’s purpose in releasing the COVID virus into the USA for election purposes. But I don’t think for 1 second that it did not take place without the assistance of the DNC, Silicon Valley, Big Money, Soros, Big Media etc. You watch, mark my words, this will be proven.

  • micro soft censors said that this video is unsafe. of course more of their lies. God bless you and God bless America and our President Mr Trump

  • There is a lot you can do. I carry around a pile of index cards with conservative and other websites printed on them. I talk and engage “woke” people, give them a card, and BEG them to at least check out these sites. Actually, some of them have come back and say they now agree with me. (one site leads to another). I personally like The Gateway for newbies. If everyone of us flips JUST ONE person, we will win. Truth is on our side.

  • Why not name the military traitors? Why protect them?

    How does a patriot identify which military is for America?

    I don’t trust any of these military guys who allowed this to happen. They have been turning the other cheek for decades. No credibility. Now they are patriots?

    A former SS General son found his way onto the Joint Chiefs in the 90’s. OMG

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I see my comment has disappeared. Was that because I was a trifle disparaging over the two generals simply regurgitating data that we already know, with nothing new to add?

    In the current tense climate, I did not find their out-of-touch information at all helpful. What we all seek is to know whether the Vice President will do the right thing and if not will President Trump do whatever is necessary to stop Biden being ‘officially’ elected; including Martial Law, if necessary?

    Furthermore, is the voting taking place currently fully legit? Or is it subject to the usual fraudulent tactics?

    I am sure I am not alone in wanting to know how it is going to play out, but sadly these two retired generals didn’t do it for me!

    • Doc: you don’t understand! ‘Proof’, ‘facts’, ‘evidence’ … these are just tools of the Enemy, the 13 Satanic Families who, using the Lizard People, control the whole world via the Federal Reserve and George Soros. Next you’ll be saying that 5G is not a plot to control us via the microchips that Bill Gates will have injected into us, making us all march like docile slaves into FEMA camps. Shake off these obsessions of the enemy, and believe whatever is put up on the web — especially the ads for pills that will extend your manhood, melt belly fat, kill cancer, and regrow hair — all in one pill! Of course President Trump has the support of the military, and will declare martial law, and will be sworn in as President on 20 January, to rule us forever! Anyone who denies this is a dupe of the Commies!!!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I hope you are starting to settle into your new home and a big thank you for not disappearing whilst you did so.

    As for today’s interview, I found it interesting but I get the impression that these two generals are like two old-timers reminiscing over their past victories; yet not fully in the picture!

    I may well be wrong but it doesn’t feel as if they are up to-speed and simply basking a little in the limelight.

    Do not misunderstand me, they are hugely patriotic, through and through but much of what they are saying is simply regurgitating that which we have all heard many times before.

    The irony is, until President Trump comes out of hiding, we are not really going to know what happens.

    May the true God preside and ensure that ‘Evil’ does not win!

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