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This is not to belabor the point about “Millennials.”

For the record, I have a genius Millennial business partner who is the developer of this website and for whom I have the highest regard.

I have 15 nieces and nephews, who I love and who are all phenomenal, brilliant lovely human beings – and they’re all Millennials.

By broadcasting this clip, I am not promoting any kind of reverse agism against Millennials…

It’s just that the the jokes are so good and this clip is totally hilarious.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Funny and so, so sad with regard to their personal ethics and lack adult responsibility. I guess I thought it was just me who recognized the burgeoning slacker-sect of the last two generations. Apparently not. However, I have mixed emotions about their work ethic. On the one hand if they approach work as the comedy implies then the corporations will employee robotic helpers sooner than later. That typically puts the hard working populace out of a job because they are older and are paid more. No matter how awful this sect of Millennials is they get paid less and that’s entire interest of corporations–profit. However, if Millennials ever step-up and take adult responsibility the corporations will have eliminated the burr under their saddle. I’m sorry to say that I experience schadenfreude at this irritation.

    On the plus side–It is SO great that we have some Millennials who are smart, hard working and intuitive. When I come across one of them I rejoice. Really.

  • My generation had it’s share of stupidity to which I confess guilt too, but we had this inherited work ethic – follow instructions, work as hard as you can, get along with others if you expect to keep your job, period! No exceptions and no excuses.

    Do that and you not only got to keep your job, but when you applied for another elsewhere you had your skids greased with a very good work record.

    I lived through the job revolution and I never changed because I learned how to work before age fifteen. That is, there is always something to do – do it, don’t wait for someone to tell you to do it! Work is work, not sports or sorta work. If you can’t find something to do, maybe you should go hungry long enough until you see the light. To this day I have no sympathy for whiners, slackers and trouble makers.

    All of this behavior including my own is learned behavior. If one does not learn diligence from it’s benefits, they need to learn from the penalties of it’s lack. One or the other.

    Their ain’t no free lunch and if you ain’t got no lunch don’t blame someone else.

    What is astonishing to me is that so many today are nearly bereft of basic communication skills which I attribute to social engineering change agents and pop-media, which has left these hapless souls humorless and defensive. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders and difficult to communicate with.

    America and the west in in a heapa trouble!

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