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    No sooner had Former FBI Director, James Comey been abruptly sacked by President Trump last Tuesday, than he was offered a new job at WikiLeaks. Shortly after Comey was fired, Julian Assange, named Public Enemy #1 by the Trump Administration tweeted, “WikiLeaks would be happy to consider hiring James Comey to help lead its DC office should he like to properly investigate the US government.”

    The WikiLeaks Twitter account chimed in, “If James Comey or any other former or current FBI officers have information as to why he was fired, we want to help:”

    Levity is nice, on a planet so seized with angst. I only wish I could wake up tomorrow in a parallel universe where Comey had taken WikiLeaks up on their offer! Unfortunately, the abiding mood in our timeline is decidedly heavy.

    WikiLeaks’ ongoing release of the “Vault7” CIA surveillance tools (which completely dwarf the Snowden NSA leaks), have prompted Trump’s new CIA director, Mike Pompeo, in an April 13 speech to refer to WikiLeaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service.”

    “Non-state” is a designation usually reserved for terrorist organizations. On April 20, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that arresting Assange was a “priority” and CNN reported the Justice Department was preparing criminal charges against Assange, something which the Obama administration had never done.

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    • Comey knows exactly why he was fired. What I can’t figure out is what took so long. It seems he was playing the Presidents situation; and finally lost. There is something wrong with him and we are no doubt better off without him.

    • Can’t disagree with John’s comment. Comey knew the axe was going to fall since Trump’s election. Comey and WikiLeaks? LOL! That would surely be bad for WikiLeaks. Although I appreciate Assange’s sense of humour in inviting him.

    • This is an absurd waste of time. Comey knows why he was fired and will never discuss it under any circumstances. Time for Comey to go fishing.

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