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    With the proverbial walls closing in on the Biden Crime Family and on the corrupt establishment that installed him in the White House, it’s time to queue Alien Disclosure!

    Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, David Grusch speaks to NewsNation about what he claims is a retrieval program for crashed UFOs (aka UAPs) that has been ongoing for decades, in what is likely the most secret project of all – so secret, that the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which was established in 2020 by the Department of Defense to investigate UAPs doesn’t have the clearance to even know about it – yet they were quick to deny Grusch’s claims.

    Grusch recently filed a whistleblower complaint, submitting what he called classified “proof” to Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

    NewsNation says it has confirmed Grusch’s credentials and resume, but it has not seen or verified the alleged proof he said he provided to investigators, which Grusch says he cannot show to NewsNation for National Security reasons.

    The public is so jaded after 8 years of relentless strafing by 5th Generation Warfare from our government that I’m guessing few will listen, let alone believe him.

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    • So the crafts are intact but the pilots are dead, that’s believable! Remember you fear is their weapon. Don’t fear because if these visitors wanted to hurt you, you’d be hurt.

    • Yes or No, maybe?
      You’d better be careful about this kind of information, because there’s still a chance that they may be leaking it on a purpose that we don’t know about.
      I’ve seen weird UFO like objects in past though that alone doesn’t verify whether this guy is telling the truth or lie.

    • More soft disclosure hinting at crafts but no mention of alien bodies we stockpiled from the shootdowns of the crafts the ones not under treaty with the audacity to poach on all manner of lifeforms like taking a stroll through a Walmart. The agency can’t tell us without blowing their coverup of human mutilation from aliens who also think we are chattel . Space invaders are real but we also live with ~30 alien races who took refuge here who lost the fight and the homefront .
      We are weaklings living on borrowed time as a food source to the scum of the universe. They wanted to kill the herd this time just like the last 6 times we met. The smart ones hide we are out in the open as staked sacrificial goats. Most of my fellow ostriches still don’t want to know. What is more gangster than jacking the whole planet, raping all the women , killing off the men and becoming your gods. Star Wars was a documentary , History is a lie.

    • And I suppose no one has ever heard the names, Bob Lazar, or John Lear before. lol
      But you’re going to trust a government employee. (former)
      Well, there is always the TTSA. LOL

    • It is all the same info we have heard for quite sometime now. He has no evidence, as usual. And the biggest red flag is that if he had evidence and was a TRUE “whistle blowet” this leftist highly weapinized government would have come after him and locked him up or he would be on the run and hiding elsewhere like Snowden and Assange or the young man that worked at the DNC who leaked TRUE info to Wikeleaks and the DNC had him Arkanvided. This guy now, is a government misinformation agent 2hich is why he is free to go around making these claims. He is a CIA shill.

    • Possibly extraterrestrials and spaceships from other continents that exist beyond Antartica ice wall that governments made a treaty decades ago not to allow anyone to fly south over Antartica nor to explore it? That is my flat earth explanation for the so-called aliens who are not from outer space at all, but live on lands beyond the Antartica ice wall.

    • FAKE! This is just part of their PSYOP!

      This idiot is not saying anything that WE ALREADY KNEW!!

      Government = CRIMINALS <<<< In which one will NEVER get ACTUAL 'disclosure'. We do NOT NEED the CRIMINAL GOVTS 'disclosure'!

    • Ok, we know that the cabal has the UFO as the last card to play before imposing the marshal laws. This officer goes on tv and claim some bs without hard evidences? The government didn’t go after him like Snowden or Assange? Hence he is government leaker not a whistle blower. The FBI whistle blower got destroyed by the leftists in Congress and this dude is free to walk the streets?

    • Not surprised, geoengineering weather is a secret governments programs we have no way to find out why, who and by what authority it is allowed worldwide.

      • My theory is, they don’t want the peasants to see the activity in the Sky, which is the same as the Heavens above. The Sun & Constellations have been very active in the last two decades, as we were approaching a “New Age” of time. This is what all the “secret society’s” are really about, it is an ancient skill. This is how they navigated on the ocean’s.

    • Leave it to the MSM to turn a “I know a guy, that heard about a guy that knows about a secret!” into an 11-minute clip.
      Slow news day much? Or could it be that more info is about to come out about the Biden criminal cabal and a diversion is needed?
      Honestly, if a UFO landed on the White House lawn, I could care less, that is unless they were there to arrest Biden and his administration of usurpers for intergalactic crimes, as you can be damn sure they will not face justice from this world!

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