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Last week, we saw the tip of the Deep State’s narcotics trafficking iceberg in the testimony of Jacqueline Breger before the Arizona State Congress. The rest of the iceberg is being revealed here.

Australian dissident, Brendon O’Connell interviews whistleblower, Mike Gill, who he says has uncovered the headquarters of the Deep State’s drug-trafficking, pedophilia and money-laundering operation in New Hampshire.

Brendon says, “New Hampshire is the clearing house for all of the United States’ criminal activity. Literally. That’s why Ghislaine Maxwell ran there, that’s why Bill Shaheen was good ol’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer after she was arrested.”

Brendon continues:

Mike Gill exposed the Mena, Arkansas of New Hampshire, and has paid dearly. James O’Keefe, Corey Lewendowski, Roger Stone, General Flynn, Patrick Howley, Donald Trump – they ALL knew and used the mass of evidence Mike Gill had gathered to blackmail Governor Chris Sanunu to support Trump during the 2018 Midterms.

It was all arranged – Mike was then handed a contract to walk away and be paid $50 million dollars. In the “release” was anyone and everyone including banking, IRS, lawyers, even the therapist treating Mikes wife. IN WRITING. No ifs and no buts. Mike would also get to keep his $300 million dollar businesses and net worth.

Mike Gill refused the money – he wanted the drugs and corruption to stop flowing. That’s what Trump was for, wasn’t it? To “clean out the swamp”? When he refused the cash, it put everyone against him. He was cast to the wolves by the Trump team and is homeless, in fear for his life, lost his fortune and this is a 24-part Netflix series.

This is an interview with Mike Gill on the largest drug and money laundering operation in history. It is run out of New Hampshire, USA, it includes both sides of politics; Democrats, under Jeanne Shaheen and her husband, Bill and RINO Republicans, like Chris Sununu. It has links all the way back to Ukraine. It is the bombshell news, in detail of this century, and I mean that literally, and I’m not click-baiting. We have no t-shirts and coffee mugs to sell.

In some ways, like banks that are too big to fail, we have criminal cartel stories too big to break – but we’ll do it, anyway.

In 2006, the US Attorney’s Offices in Illinois, Idaho and Indiana investigated the laundering of drug hotel management through a complex series of single-family home purchases in those particular states.

We are seeing the final linking of the Pandora Papers and the vast drug money-laundering operations in the trillions that are operating throughout the world.

We have law enforcement in Florida coming forward, rock solid, ex-military, fully in-the-open interview to come…

High-level Republicans and others are now following Mike and we have their attention. This interview was done hastily on February the 25th, 2023, as I finally grasped and then gasped at the size and audacity of the criminal operations in New Hampshire.

The interview was set out into chapters with descriptions Below, in detail, so you can get to the information you want.

The next video after this one will describe how Donald Trump ordered Corey Lewandowski, his recently-sacked Chief of Staff to bypass the Boston FBI and get Mike Gill into a face-to-face interview with the Top Dog prosecutor of Massachusetts, US Attorney Andrew Lelling with absolute document proof and recorded calls. Wait for that, it’s coming up next.

In that coming video, you will hear a corrupt IRS Criminal Division agent, Jeremiah Devlin panic when he realizes President Donald Trump is now pushing Mike Gill past the FBI and DEA defense system and straight to the Top Dog, who passed it to the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions…

All on the record.  Indisputable. Wait for it. It is a complex web with flying names, dates, places and events.

We will deconstruct and order it for you. To the large channel alt media stars ignoring this incredible news event, who are lining up with James O’Keefe, from Roger Stone’s buddy, Patrick Howley, you will realize soon enough you have picked the wrong side.

It is with great dignity and professionalism I convey this message to the multi-millionaire frauds out there, exposing the pre-planted Drag Queen Story Time, polarizing narratives and you know, the Woke Left, private military, intel-funded- and coddled destructive news cycle; it’s all scripted it’s all meant to shock. It’s Shock Jock stuff and they’re avoiding these giant, incredible stories.

The containment of this vital information has to stop. You have to force it out there. So let us, with full dignity, with full integrity attend.



00:00 Voice over introduction.

04:59 Mike Gill expresses thanks for all support. The main players and the absurdity and brazeness of the New Hampshire Cartel Operation.

10:57 Reading from the Timeline, where did it all begin? Three main drug dealers – Andy CREWS, Bill GREINER, Dick ANAGNOST – protected by Bill SHAHEEN for over thirty years.

14:10 Explain who Bill SHAHEEN and Steve GORDAN are. Took over Governorship, appointing Judges, controlling lawyers, appointign Attorney General, Banking Commsioner (preventing auditing). Bill SHAHEEN was recruited and controlled by the FBI. SHAHEEN was the day to day protector of Dick ANAGANOST, Bill GRIENER and Andrew CREWS.

17:06 The methodology of not just controlling a state, but controlling a president under the guidence of a foreign power. All roads lead to the Central Banking Cartel, East India Trading Company. Bill SHAHEEN was Ghislaine MAXWELL’S lawyer when she ran back to New Hampshire and was arrested there.

18:25 Reading from the Timeline. It all started in 2006 when THEN lawyer for Mike Gill, Bill SHAHEEN, told Mike if he kept exposing his Ponzi Scheme he would destroy him. It led up to Bill GREINER being investigated by Aaron DAY and James O’KEEFE in 2014 looking for political leverage. Mike was asked by O’KEEFE and DAY to work with them to “expose the corruption” in 2016. Once they got what they wanted – political leverage and SUNUNU in, they packed up and left. Mike was meant to take the $50 million dollar settlement and no one was to know any different. But Mike did not take the money.

26:27 Mike goes over time line, line by line.

51:05 Erik Prince, Israel, Bannon v Murdoch and Kissinger

1:20:31 Conclusions and round-up.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Addendum: Didn’t see this published in any articles I read but Lawrence Vogelman is in fact employed at Shaheen & Gordon who has 5 locations in NH. This however is very different from Bill Shaheen representing Maxwell personally or being her lawyer. The way it was worded made it sound like that was the case, when it’s actually a lawyer at his firm. I still don’t think that’s enough to tie Shaheen personally to Maxwell. The connection looks tangential from what’s been revealed so far, unless Mike Gill is aware of more personal connections that haven’t been exposed yet.

    • Brendon and Mike are discussing is a vast drug and crime money-laundering conspiracy with New Hampshire and Bill Shaheen are at the center of it. Shaheen’s law firm and the lawyers who work there would be an integral part of the machinery that they are exposing. I don’t understand why you don’t get this.

      • Right On! Anyone who doubts this is still asleep and blinded! I hope this is all disclosed very soon! Now would almost be too late ! These brave men exposing all this are HEROES 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • “Bill Shaheen was good ol’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer after she was arrested.”

    Where’s this information coming from? Maxwell had a slew of lawyers representing her over the years and out of all the names published in the media none of them are listed as Bill Shaheen. Vanity Fair even did a piece in December ’21 titled -‘Meet the Lawyers Trying to Set Ghislaine Maxwell Free’-, Bill Shaheen isn’t mentioned once. The only NH attorney who’s been officially named as representing Maxwell is Lawrence Vogelman. Anyone care to explain this?

    • I wondered the same.
      Also noticed when speaking of the Country’s involved in taking down America they mentioned Germany. I had to chuckle, Germany is an Occupied Nation/Country since May 1945, they have no real say or power. That’s why they are heavily invaded by Arab/Muslim immigrants. That’s why Germans can go to jail for holocaust denial.
      Also noticed neither one got into the real meat & potatoes with Saudi Arabi being involved in 911 as they said in the beginning of video.

  • McAfee??? Why did Hillary not let him back into the USA? WHAT ABOUT ALL THE LIBERTARIANS THAT SAW THIS SHIT COMING AND VOTED FOR MCAFEE IN 2016??????

  • Alexandra. This is incredible information. It’s amazing how deep this corruption goes and how these Evil entities want to control America. I have seen the Sinaloa Cartel up close when I was part of the Flying Doctors for Liga , a volunteer organizations through the Rotary that had a clinic in Ocaroni, Sinaloa State. We flew down to Mexico, donated our time,paying our own expenses, donated lifesaving medications to the poor that were very grateful for our help. In the airport I saw private jets with people in slick Italian suits,unload pallets of cash, being guarded by Federali Soldiers. Playing dumb I got close enough to see they were stacks of US $100 bills before they pointed their M-16’s at me shouting to back away. I volunteered there twice a year for 25 years. I saw a lot. I did it for my love for the real people of Mexico that were kind and appreciative for our help.

  • My OG gangster butt is “Dazed and Confused” by this one. James O’Keefe is caught up in this Lord Sununu scam, along with Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, Roger Stone, General Flynn, and ultimately Donald Trump? Oh well; this isn’t the first time I’ve sided with the “Bad Guys”, and I’m loyal. I’m wondering at which point does the Sinaloa Cartel enter the picture, and are they with us or against us? All I know about Chris Sununu is that I’m not riding with him and don’t want him for President. This is one for the Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles, I suppose.
    I’m new to Politics, but I’m real “old-school” at breaking the law, which is why I steered clear of Politicians for so long. They’re too greedy and convoluted for my tastes.
    As long as President Trump is all “Promises Made, Promises Kept” with his promised massive nationwide Illegal Alien Purge, I’m with him till the wheels fall off.

  • money is the root of all evil. If a gang are entrusted to print our money, therefor by definition they will own everything and all the policy makers. Take away the money and you will cut them at the knees.

  • Alexandra,


    “ It’s Shock Jock stuff and they’re avoiding these giant incredible stories. “

    One must find a copy
    of “The Franklin Cover-Up,”
    and read of the depth and
    breadth of Deep State
    C O R R U P T I O N.

    But learning the T R U T H
    of who installed Abraham
    Lincoln is even more stun-
    ning—which installation
    resulted in the unnecessary
    deaths of about 600,000


  • When it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

    Anybody can see political Zionists at work if they want to. Israel’s fingerprints and tracks are global and they play nations, especially the US because they have established sainthood among many deluded Evangelicals.

    Sanunu is not heir apparent in the Republican party, Zionist Mike Pompeo is. Trump is open about his Zionism, his whole family have been on board with the political state of Israel all the way back to his father Fred Sr. Warp speed Trump delivers the groceries for political Zionism.

    But what does he do for America?

    Lets take Afghanistan for instance. Trump rightly wanted to pull out of there but his generals didn’t. Did he fire any of them? Nope, he caved in like he always did when it came time for the rubber to meet the road. When General Miley refused to obey him, he just cowed. When Jeff Sessions did nothing about anything of consequence, did Trump fire him? Nope. He let Sessions fester until it was too late. Trump should have fired the entire justice department like Clinton did as soon as he took over and installed Rudy. Or how about his boasting about putting Hillary in jail, then as soon as he got in he changed his tune 180 degrees, said he was only kidding, that she’s a nice lady. Trump always has been an insider with an outsider act to perform for the political Zionists.

    All this is in plain view!If this ole plow boy can see through this political show business, so can anybody else.

  • Glad to see you’re on this one, Alexandra.

    I think it’s possible the same kind of
    cartel/politician influence pedalling recently ( Atty Thaler)alledged in Arizona has been going on in New Hampshire, possibly even the same cartel players.

    And the trafficking isn’t just drugs and money laundering.

  • If James O’Keefe hadn’t just uncovered the “gain of function” business model for Pfizer I would be more open to this. I don’t doubt that there are drug dealers all over the place and the cartel, etc. But just like Robert Barnes said, the drug cartels are like kindergarten compared to Pfizer–or something like that. Pfizer is the enemy. I think the drug cartels are horrible but they don’t mandate street drugs at the level of the Executive Branch. Corporations don’t fire someone because they are not taking their fentany. The photos of all the most suspicious characters hint but don’t quite deliver. I guess I just have to say, “I’m with James O’Keefe.”

    • Interesting and I am with O Keefe, too. I see it as the Drug Cartels are the money making business of the CIA to carryout all the dirty tricks against us that they create wit their global goose stepping MIC, while the Pharmaceutical drug companies serve as the money making business and for the so called Department of Justice to destroy us from within. OUR government is highy weaponized against us from every angle.

      • Here we go again…the blind leading the blind. Maybe you should watch the information again. Second time’s a charm. Or, are you paid to be blind??

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