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    Dr Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD has tested five vials of the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on fresh human blood samples in-vitro and made a string of nightmare discoveries confirming the findings of the medical community.

    He begins this video by listing the enormous amount of confusing misinformation that we’ve been subjected to over the past 22 months:

    • From people saying the virus isn’t real and hasn’t been isolated;
    • to confusing the virus (SARS-CoV2) with the disease (COVID);
    • to misinformation about PCR testing;
    • to misinformation about masking;
    • to people confusing Cytokine Storm with Inflammo Thrombotic Response (ITR, which is what’s really going on);
    • to people telling you to take drugs they have no measured tissue to support you taking;
    • to people preventing the use of medications that do work;
    • to doctors not treating symptomatic patients until it’s too late;
    • to doctors using ventilators incorrectly for people with ITR in their lungs (viz ARDS);
    • to doctors being threatened with a loss of license or legal action for treating you;
    • to promoting vaccines that the Emergency Use Authorization documents show do not statistically reduce absolute numbers of COVID cases or deaths;
    • to failure to provide and obtain informed consent;
    • to people overstepping their constitutional authority and violating the US Constitution;
    • to people blaming the unvaccinated on the promulgation of the variants;
    • to people claiming there are things in the vaccines that aren’t there.

    He says that in his tests, they did the following:

    1. Looked at what the subject’s blood under a microscope.
    2. Looked at what happened to that blood when sterile, normal saline was added.
    3. Looked at what happened to that blood when Pfizer-BioNTech was added.
    4. Looked at what the saline looked like under a microscope.
    5. Then repeated this process several times.

    He says the disease, COVID-19 is the result of the Inflammo Thrombotic Response (ITR) in the lungs caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus, which is why people have respiratory problems and shortness of breath and it’s how they’ve ended up on ventilators.


    He shows us video of red blood cells that he took at 40X and 100X magnification, along with Dr Kevin McCairn and Dr Luc Montagnier using light microscopy, then they look at that same blood with added saline, which simply allows the cells to move more freely. When he adds the Pfizer vaxx to the blood, we see the blood lose its red color dramatically, signaling that either the hemoglobin is no longer carrying oxygen or that the hemoglobin was damaged or stripped off of the cell and even more troublingly, we see the blood cells starting to clump together.

    They repeated this test several times and saw the same results. These effects occurred within a matter of minutes after exposure to the vaxx. By contrast, the saline did not damage the red blood cells and it had no garbage floating in it, either.

    Dr Fleming’s tests did not reveal any graphene oxide or parasites but he was able to identify the nanolipids and an enormous amount of detritus or what he called “crystalline garbage crap” and fibers floating around. He doesn’t understand how this could pass quality control and how the FDA can say in a letter to him that they are “happy” with the end product and that it “meets manufacturing specifications”.

    He says, “This is not what you would approve to inject inside of a human being. It’s never been acceptable to inject this type of garbage inside of a human being.”

    Based on these tests, Dr Fleming says the Pfizer-BioNTech vaxx violates acceptable standards for product liability and is certainly not in keeping with the safety of an FDA-approved product for injection into people, independent of whether that product is fully approved or approved under the Emergency Use Authorization. The vast quantity of “garbage” that he found, to him, demonstrates a failure on the part of the FDA. 

    Vaccine manufacturers have been given immunity from liability for adverse reactions, he says, “But that presumes that it’s just the drug vaccine. There’s a different product liability issue, now that’s before us and that’s strict liability, which is the selling of a defective product that unreasonably threatens the consumer. That promotes a new legal liability and so, for all the attorneys listening to this and anybody involved who’s had a problem, this opens the legal lawsuit opportunities for addressing these vaccines, because this is now a strict liability, product liability lawsuit issue, not an issue of the vaccines, themselves.”

    To recap, his tests with the Pfizer vaccine, showed that it caused:

    1. Oxygen de-saturation of the red blood cells.
    2. Inflammo thrombotic clustering/clotting of red blood cells.
    3. Significant contamination with “garbage”.

    He calls on the FDA and anyone else to repeat the tests for themselves. He says, “The FDA has an obligation. It’s mission statement is to protect the public. It has not protected the public, it has failed. It provided EUA documents approval, when the benefits from the vaccines statistically, in the number of COVID cases or death and now we see, for the first time, evidence of what these vaccines do when they touch red blood cells and the garbage that’s in these Pfizer vaccines – and until proven otherwise, all of these vaccines – since the FDA was responsible for evaluating all of these vaccines and so miserably failed on the Pfizer one, not only for these experiments to be replicated but for the FDA, the CDC and the Federal Government to investigate all three of these concerns – the oxygen de-saturation, the inflammo thrombotic blood clotting effect and the contamination – and until resolved, the FDA has an obligation, a commitment to the American public – and I would argue, every country’s equivalent agencies – to pull these vaccines off the market until these three issues can be addressed, because one of these issues would be enough to pull these off the market but three of them is game, set, match. 

    “It’s unacceptable on the part of the FDA, unacceptable on the part of Big Pharma, unacceptable for a mandate. For the CDC to state that Federal employees are going to be ‘educated’ about these vaccines, if police officers, fire and military do not take the vaccines, well, that ‘education’ needs to go right back to the CDC and FDA, because here’s documentation of real harm being caused by these vaccines and real damage and garbage in these vaccines.

    “I gave the Pfizer and Moderna companies an opportunity to respond to concerns beginning in January. We gave the FDA the opportunity to concerns. I got one…form letter that says, ‘Thanks Dr Fleming for being concerned but rest assured, we’ve got you covered, we’re doing our job.’

    “Well, this information shows you’re not doing your job. You’ve got vaccines that are garbage, allowing garbage and debris to be injected into people. We very clearly show that the red blood cells were normal, we showed that the red blood cells responded normally to normal saline, that nothing unusual will happen but add the Pfizer vaccine and the red blood cells lose their oxygen carrying capacity and the red blood cells start to clot.

    “This is exactly what I laid out in the 1994 theory of the inflammo thrombotic response. This is exactly what we’re seeing with the VAERS reporting, this is exactly what we’re seeing with neurologic harm, with cardiac harm, with blood clots occurring in the body. This is proof positive that these vaccines caused this type of damage under the microscope, just simply by being added to the blood of a human being…I think it’s time for the FDA and CDC to actually do their job, instead of giving it lip service.” 


    Dr Fleming chastises those making claims about graphene oxide, SPIONs and parasites in the vaxx. Dr Fleming only looked at 5 vials of Pfizer at a magnification of no higher than 100X and he made no mention of batches.

    I don’t think his criticism of the findings of others is very scientific and I could rebut every one of his complaints in this video with images and findings from dozens of people all over the world, many of which have been aggregated on the website of Dr Robert Young.

    The things Dr Fleming refers to as “crystalline garbage”, he did not examine at a magnification higher than 100X. The graphene oxide has been photographed using electron microscopy by Dr Young and by Spanish scientists and according to them, it has been found in all of the major COVID vaccines; AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer-BioNTech with their findings confirmed by researchers around the world.

    The Trypanosoma cruzi parasites were photographed by Dr Young at 1000X magnification from the Pfizer vials and he described them as having a “50-micron elongated body.” The tentacled hydroid was photographed by Dr Madej at 400X magnification and it was found in 2 different batches of the Johnson & Johnson vaxx.

    As Ramola D reported, VAERS lists how a regular blood donor was found to have antibodies to T. cruzi following her vaccination and that it’s now apparently becoming routine to screen all vaxxed patients with heart issues for T. cruzi. What explains patients listed in VAERS having their symptoms labeled as “Trypanosoma brucei”, an exotic parasite species, which affects only those bitten by the tsetse fly in the wet, tropical regions of Africa?

    Dr Fleming claims that this is just an artifact of liquid drying under a microscope. Really? He seems to want to limit discovery, by feigning here that this is about the FDA “not doing its job”, rather than a genocidal campaign being run by them. This is odd, given that he, together with Dr Luc Montagnier and others have filed a joint submission to The Hague, alleging that Governments worldwide are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

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    • I have been conducting my own examination using life blood cell microscopy of a healthy 30 yr old woman hours before her first Pfizer injection then two weeks after and again 2 weeks after her 2nd injection. I have photos showing the live blood cells before and after. The blood after injection clearly show these crystalline structures as well as maligned red blood cells. Since her first injection she has been on a supplemental detox protocol. Tomorrow she will have her 2 week follow up post her 2nd injection to monitor any shifts in her blood from the detox protocol.

    • A couple of things – Fleming and McCairn, who I respect and have been keeping up with for some time, assert the “debris” is just debris. As if to suggest it’s due to the vaccine being manufactured outside of the standards of a clean-room and subsequently contains fibers and debris. However, they don’t know that, it’s just an assumption. In order to determine whether or not that’s true the debris would have to be analyzed. They did not analyze the debris, only noting that it’s present.

      The 2nd thing is several batches of vaccines from different producers have been identified as having a different chemical composition than other batches. Specific batches have been identified as being particularly lethal, causing a higher rate of adverse effects, or more severe adverse effects. Due to this fact, it’s important to remember the analysis conducted by these two researchers is limited to a single vial from a single batch produced by Pfizer.

    • In the following video, Dr. Northrup asks Gene DeCode specifically as to why Dr. Fleming could not find any graphene oxide or parasites in the vials tested, and Gene explains it beautifully within the earlier part of this 72 min video: He does not debunk Dr. Fleming’s findings, but does in fact confirm, yes, there is graphene oxide.

    • As an admirer of Dr. Fleming, I found his list most disappointing. Much as I want to believe his report over others, but he never directly addressed that list, so why put it out there, Dr. Fleming?

      His first point totally dismisses Patrick King’s court case:

      To this same point, David Icke confirmed the same in his video within (scroll down to the video titled “How Did They Pull Off the Pandemic”)

      But then you see reports like this:, in which case it’ll take years before all testing and retesting, etc. are completed for an “approved” vaccine.

      I’m of the belief this was never about a virus, but about control. Control through fear. COVID-19 was the catalyst for getting an experimental drug into the sheeple.

    • Jesus Christ is The King of Kings and
      Lord of Lords

      Anyone who does not acknowledge Christ is The One and Only Messiah of God Almighty is an AntiChrist
      Stay far from them for we are set apart for a reason
      The entire pharma and these eugenics experiments are 100% jew funded go research that

    • If you haven’t yet worked out that this “vaccination” is part of population reduction/sterilization then God help you!

    • What I can see clearly is that Dr Fleming is trying to stay clean with science so he doesn’t get called a conspiracy theorist . To come along after so many doctors who already confirmed to found graphene, dormant creatures and computer chip is just ridiculous and egocentric of him to act like he knows more now.
      At least he could’ve said , well in my viles I haven’t found this and that as other doctors already found X times in theirs.
      He called garbage floating around , how does he really know the garbage is not the creature or something else, what exactly was the garbage?

      Definitely lacked openness and respect to others who also have been working really hard on this .
      Dr Fleming we are in this together, communication is the key.
      My suggestion is go and communicate with other doctors who found chip graphene and creatures before you try to make it sound like is conspiracy theory after you only analysed 5 viles only, 5 only.

      And yes some people are sticking metals to their bodies, it’s not bs. It must be a very small percentage of viles. Not all viles are the same otherwise it would’ve been to clear the plan behind this vaccination agenda.

    • But you are not showing what Dr Carrie Madej found in her sample. Are you trying to say it was all hoaxed? So before labelling somebody else’s work as “disinformation” maybe you should double check the source of your ,”sample”. Who are you to declare your “sample” is the last word.. Are you too dense to accept that what they are distributing is not the same formula? Some people are reviewing only saline placebos because they can’t kill everyone at the same time
      Maybe you are spreading disinfo.

      • Because what Madej alleged to find has not been confirmed or verified. She has provided any information of her methodology, controls, or anything else. She just asserted something and showed a few pictures while making claims she clearly cannot support with evidence. They are assumptions. And, some of us have serious doubts as to exactly who Madej really is as her background / digital fingerprint is awfully suspect.

    • He makes us all look like liars, but this is not the first time happened. We have seen other half truth speaking doctors “supposed” there was corona virus when in fact it was never isolated

      We do not wish them to modify the facts like this in order for them to appeal in general public,
      anyone get what I’m trying to say?
      He should have talked with other doctors rather than acting like to cause another division, and all of the doctors should come out together and speak

    • I don’t know why Dr. Fleming seems to assume that all the vials are the same. For someone so smart, I think that assumption is “garbage”. Karen Kingston, Pfizer whistleblower, says there’s a lot of evidence that that’s not the case, and I’ve heard others say the same thing. Perhaps his vials aren’t the ones that contain graphene oxide or parasites or whatever. (I just saw that something similar was already said, and I agree wholeheartedly.)

    • This hyped and lab created flu was created to justify the jab, not the other way around.
      Sure, the “vaccine” makes piles of cash primarily for Jewish owned pharma and the Jewish run CDC (Rochelle Walinski), but the real agenda is the great reset since the central banker racket is coming to an end (also largely Jewish).
      Total control, the destruction of our rights and our enslavement is their objective.
      The US 2A is a big impediment to this goal here in the states, so that explains why the kosher tribe are over represented in trying to disarm us.
      Never, ever disarm to these satanic goblins!

      • Dave….. I’m calling you out as a anti semite. To insinuate Jews are the only people in the drug industry is laughable. Bill Gates, anyone?

        • I have a few people on here who make anti-semitic comments. I despise censorship but I hate publishing them.

          • Agreed, sadly this type of forum always attracts a few of this type of folks who may actually be agent provocateurs. I say that because on almost all of the alternative sites, the same old disparaging comments are made sounding like a script to spread around to discredit these pages and those of us who read them.
            I think you are right to call it out but not censor it.
            Thank you.

            • But I will delete assholes who are trying to destroy my credibility with their hateful bullshit.

              I am not Jewish but I love Jews and Judiasm.

              I don’t love Sabbatean Satanists, however.

              These assholes pretend there isn’t a difference.

          • Thank you, Alexandra. It infuriates me to see antisemitic comments as well. There are wicked people and good people in every nation, tribe, tongue and color. That’s where the separation is. The wicked are despicable and without excuse, knowingly harming and selfishly benefiting. Thanks for your mission and life’s work publishing truth and exposing lies.

            • Look, look over here at the ‘wicked Jews’.

              Don’t look over there at the plutocrats and the M.I.C. there is nothing to see!

        • Call me what you like, I’m proud to be called an anti-Semite, given what it really means. I also do not agree that “Jews” are behind this, only that many prominent players in the elite circles hide behind the Jewish mask. Furthermore, as we see with the fully vaxed and rapidly sickening Israeli population, that Jews themselves are as always expendable to their own supposed elites.

          In truth what binds these elites together is religion, but an older one than that of the Jews. They are all 33rd degree masons. Hence satanists.

          As for Gates being Jewish, that is not as simple as it might appear.

      • No.. not jews, but it’s freemasons (or jesuits)
        you should search on bitchute for more information
        just like every other religions, there are both light and dark sides, but typically the dark side is controlled by jesuits
        Think about this – (as an example) if Hitler was trying to do good for his people, why did he do completely opposite? Who was he friends with? Skulls and Bones Bush & Jesuit Pope

        • No, it’s actually the British Royals, Dutch Royals, and the City of London Aristocracy. The remnants of the British East India Co. You know, the most powerful and first multinational corporation in the world? The people who own Blackrock & Vanguard, who also control the UCB, EU, World Bank and Private Central Banks of most countries. You know, those who conquered half the world a couple centuries ago. The people who we fought several wars against to GTFO of our country and allow for us to industrialize, who still own and control MOST of their colonial nations such as Canada, Australia, India and as of around 1913 the US, too? It’s not the Jesuits, Jews, or any of that other nonsense. It’s the most powerful people in the world – the monarchies headed by Queen Elizabeth II, and a cast of “nobility” who have been granted their positions within the hierarchy over the past several centuries. Why is it so difficult for people to pin the tail on this donkey?

      • You’re correct in NAMING the parasitical talmudic jew tribe that succeeds by using ONLY two elements:
        1) Overwhelming control of all information which is:
        2) Bought through control of the fiat-money supply.

    • This is a very strange and confusing presentation containing a lot of “garbage”. I would expect better from someone with an MD, PhD, and JD. Is he trying to steer the argument away from attempted mass planetary genocide to product defects and product liability?

        • It could also be that is just the thing he is focusing on. I’ve listened to him several times and he always talked about the same core subject he talks about here or he could be part of the bad guy team. Very hard to tell.

      • I disagree & ask you to consider the possibility that maybe this video is just the thing to inspire others to doubt their “orders” question the “Authority” and as this man says prove it to themselves. Perhaps is someone would take this video to someone that is actually injecting people with this junk in a very calm manor ask them to watch with an open mind and do as it asks, don’t believe me prove it to yourself. All this noise and arguing is not stopping this from getting into people. It’s time to change the tactics, please be nice and ask questions rather than rant and be angry. Ask yourself before you go and spew what you think are facts if someone were to say to you, you are wrong or imply you are stupid would you listen to them? Those words like genocide may be true but think of the thoughts they inspire in others before you use them please.

    • Okay, I think Dr. Fleming is brilliant but some things are not jiving. Is this a vaccine or an Mrna injection? Stew Peters has interviewed a handful of intelligent doctors who present different information. Alexandra! Stew! We all need to work together to get this information straight. Thanks for getting the information out to us via alternative platforms but the conflicts of are slowing down our absorption of the truth. Hydra or no hydra? Vaccine or Mrna? Graphene oxide? The jabs need to stop last year! I love stupid people more than you know.

    • All vial/batches are different why criticize other investigators ….you take away from each other…Big Pharma is trying to kill us!!!

      • I suggest we stop with the fear words and try a new tactic…. Take this video to someone that is actually injecting people…. before you do so, calm your mind approach them as a friend. Ask them if they can find some time to have a conversation the video is about a half hour maybe offer to buy them a coffee. Before you show the video say something like, I know you are doing your best and I appreciate all that you are doing, I found something while I was trying to make sense of this big mess that concerns me I thought you might want to consider. If what is in this video is true perhaps instead of waiting for all the nuts at the top to stop fighting we can do as this man asks and prove it to ourselves and maybe help people before more bad things happen. Think about it if you were the one injecting people and someone came rushing up to you and said stop you are going to kill that person. With all the conflicting information out there we need to find a sliver a doubt that we can use to cause people to see the truth. Does it really matter how we do it? Maybe just Maybe if we can get a few to at least doubt what they are told to do and question things we can at the very least slow down the damage.

    • Okay, I think Dr. Fleming is brilliant but some things are not jiving. Is this a vaccine or an Mrna injection? Stew Peters has interviewed a handful of intelligent doctors who present different information. Alexandra! Stew! We all need to work together to get this information straight. Thanks for getting the information out to us via alternative platforms but the conflicts of are slowing down our absorption of the truth. Hydra or no hydra? Vaccine or Mrna? The jabs need to stop last year! I love stupid people more than you know.

    • The blood did not just lose its oxygen, because deoxyhemoglobin has a darker red-brown color. It appears that the hemoglobin (Hb) has turned to methemoglobin (metHB), where the iron transfers an electron and converts from a Fe+2 to Fe+3. At this point, the heme easily dissociates from the protein portions of the hemoglobin molecule. If you did the test in a UV-Vis spectrometer, you would be able to see the spectral shift to methemoglobin to verify that metHb is being formed. The physiological effect would be similar to those exposed to carbon monoxide, no oxygen carrying capability. disrupting the erythrocyte membranes would also allow the Hb to leak out and then dissociate with a similar effect. Either way, this looks toxic.

      • This test must not represent what living biology with blood drawn from a healthy vaxxed victum would show. The vaxxed should be anemic or oxygen starved seems like more bad science from not following proper testing protocols with data and facts and shit.

    • Agree that Dr Fleming needs to test more “versions” and other brands of the experimental and untested injections not just one or two vials of one brand. I support anyone who “does something” to expose this coming genocide and get it into the courts. My guess though is that everyone can be bought off or silenced so have my doubts how far this will go. If only we could get a consortium of honest “experts” to do a mass study and expose this.

    • They have NO LIABILITY…so WHY would they hire Trained workers???
      I mean…’no liability, emergency vax, experimental vax, vax NOT even needed with
      99% recovery from this flu’… No one in a position of power is moving on STOPPING
      THIS HEINOUS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY??? There are 7 billion people
      in the world…with 70% having an average and below IQ. The other 30% MUST
      BE THE GROUP TO STEP UP, END this crime, and begin the international tribunals ASAP!!

    • I think you should show your chain of custody and how many doses you reviewed along with providing a study in the same format as those you are disputing. Until we see this information i cannot take this information seriously.

    • hopefully the good doctor is just sterilizing the argument to what is necessary to save the patient from the beast system however he has to prove “intended to cause harm” to claim victory.
      The 5th leading cause of death in Amerika is health care ( malpractice). I believe in the Age of COVID it is now #1 . Shooting your doctor should now be considered self defense. Getting a second opinion could be a lifesaver.

    • Have you tested the nasal swab under a microscope ? I read somewhere they were being sent to countries early 2020.

    • Just because Dr. Fleming didn’t see the graphene oxide and parasites in his samples doesn’t mean that Dr. Madej and others don’t know what they’re talking about. Big Pharma changes the formulas of the vials regularly.

      Dr. Fleming needs to stop discounting the findings of other professional doctors and pathologists and keep his opinions to himself.

    • It would be great if all these doctors, scientists and medical researches could come together aligned to the common purpose of of discovering and reporting the facts about these covid “vaccines” for the betterment of humankind. But, for whatever the reason they don’t.

      People don’t debate, argue about, debunk each other or fight over facts. After all, a fact is a fact. However, people do debate, argue about, debunk each other and fight over interpretations of facts.

      This was a very strange video by Dr. Fleming. I’m wondering what was the actual motivation for doing it. I say “actual” because there seemed to be much more to the message than what was stated. In other words, there was something covert about this video. That’s not a fact, that’s my interpretation.

    • These lawyers need to go after the (wo)man acting as agents for these agencies not the FDA, PFIZER, MODERNA, etc……. it is time these lawyers stand for the people and not the strawman. bring forth your notice: trespass against property of mankind. it’s time you lawyers come out of the water ( admirality) and onto the land( the law common to i) we the people are not lost at sea.

    • Dr. Fleming, there are more than sufficient videos showing particles connecting themselves together inside the blood veins. There is evidence of graphene oxide. Pfizer has at least a dozen different types of this vaccine. And they do not tell the patient which kind they got. So for you to jump to the conclusion based on one sample that there is no living organisms, no graphene oxide, no parasites is bordering on malpractice. Until you have received all variants of the vaccines you cannot form an opinion, in that area.

      • Cynthia, I agreee ! Dr. McCullough says he had 5 vials to examine. We’re they all from the same batch, or were they from different batches ? Also, how many manufacturing sites do they have, making up batches where anything could be put into the mix, with possible psychopaths at those different sites making up different batches. Lets not forget the 2010 flu shots by Baxter which were sent out with live Bird Flu in them. Regardless, I hope Dr. MCC has retained the batch numbers of each one of his 5 vials, which should indicate where they were made, and who made them.

      • I happen to completely agree with you! Whatever respect I held for Dr. Fleming is in serious question. The scientists who earlier looked at the ingredients stated that they found normal saline in some vials while others had the unexplainable creatures or whatever they happen to be. His claim about the air bubbles was already addressed and concluded they are not air bubbles. Photographs were taken very closely and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or someone with the right credentials) to see that they are not air bubbles!

        I think you raise an good point, Cynthia, along with others here (specifically Monte) who said why don’t these scientists/doctors get together and investigate it as a team effort. What makes this so disgusting is that Dr. Fleming used a public platform to disagree with their findings. Did he even bother to contact them to discuss the different findings? My guess is probably no. What I found particularly offense was his pompous attitude using credentials for one’s ability to discern what the things were that were found by the other doctors and scientists. In addition, I recall there were several doctors who put out a general plea to those in the medical field asking for help in determining what they were looking at. Did he follow up with that and contact them or was he more interested in proving his findings (rather than it being a collaborative effort)? Furthermore, I would be interested to know if he and the other doctor looked at multiple samples or only one sample. I didn’t hear whether he did. He could have contributed to this in a positive way, working together with the others and even additional doctors. Instead, his nauseating claim about credentials, sounded like an attempt to discredit the others. If anything, Dr. Fleming discredited himself.

      • good post. Nothing like having to school a Medical Scientist over the “Scientific Method”. Analysis is easy when you limit it to your opinion and conjecture.

        I saw the same vids you likely did, and I think this nanotechnology that is being injected into these victims is beyond Nazi War Crimes.

    • If Dr Fleming has this information and proof, he also has a JD… why does he not LEGALLY DO something? This is KILLING people and NOBODY seems to be willing to stop it! It’s being FORCED on people and now will be forced on even MORE of our children… but NO ONE stops it! I can refuse to take it and because I want to live, I cannot work, or go places and get attacked. This is straight from the depths of the 9 circles of hell right here in the United States and everyone who knows talks about it, but no one STOPS it! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

      • Dr Fleming *is* doing something. He has filed for joint submission to the International Criminal Court (The Hague) alleging that Governments worldwide are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

        The case is being joined by lawyers who have filed similar Requests for Investigation to the ICC from the UK, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, plus a group of Holocaust Survivors, with other countries set to join soon.

        That’s what makes this video somewhat confusing.

        • There are a number of possible explanations I could offer but please remember I am a concerned citizen, not a doctor, nurse or medically qualified in any way. This is my personal opinion on how these things play out. Perhaps Dr Fleming does not want to show his hand to ‘the enemy’ although given the very strange lack of robust testing, or standard, basic compare and contrast methodology, that makes very little sense. He could be covering his ass – paymasters don’t like big reveals. There is an abundance of pride and arrogance among professionals in most fields and a huge reluctance to share findings. That has been so for many eons. Competition is fierce (first past the post gets the grant money and the accolades). Many years ago, I attended a lecture by Dr Deepak Chopra about how cells act in cancer. The switching on and off of cells (dying/living) stayed with me. I likened it to a communication problem where the head honcho cell refused to let go (times up, now die) and make way for the new guys because he was so entrenched in his position of total control, he could not live without it. For my own amusement, I extrapolated that to society as a whole and realised that herein lay the seeds of many corporate problems. Fast forward to years later, I came across a researcher who had discovered the kill switch for the ‘rogue’ cancer cells. In my innocence, I wrote to him and told him about the other researcher who had the other half of the solution. No reply or acknowledgement so I dug a bit deeper. The true hero of that story was a shy lab tech who was reluctant to take centre stage so the peacock parading around claiming credit (loved the limelight) happily stepped forward. They got their grant and that peacock went on to claim full credit for the shy lab tech’s discovery. My naïve desire to bring two researchers working on the same cancer problem never came about because giant egos were involved and the truth would inevitably come out. I never forget that lesson about the dangers of arrogance and pride getting in the way of real progress. On the plus side, I also learned that people from very different professions, working together, can come up with real world solutions, given the space and confidence to collaborate openly without losing face. Perhaps that is why the Bilderbergers have been so successful in getting the world to this point.

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