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Ultra Maga Party strikes again with this educational and informative meme about Mitch McConnell, in which we hear the voice of an interviewee talking about how Mitch who we learn was expelled from the military for sexually assault

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What is this, a man or rodentia? Show a little spine. Someone needs to upgrade this dude after hours; that shutting down while speaking AND THEN upgrading, well, nobody has time for that.

  • circling the retards in an all tards on deck moment. China mich pulls out his RINO card and joins the resistance to logic and reason and prevent the mere thought to try and impeach the big guy who’s poll numbers are now in negative territory like his #2 the backup tard VEEP . He will soon have to split the bribe loot with the other CCP pirates now coming to his emotional rescue.

  • Politics is so stupid, and it’s a waste of time paying attention to any of these.
    Remove the parasites from top of the pyramid.

    • Mitch has ever been a bought and paid for lifetime politician, married to the daughter of a Chinese shipping company owner as I recall, and openly hostile to the Tea Party having publicly vowed to destroy it before he did. He is no friend of American patriots. It’s plain to see the CCP’s stooges calls the tune in our nations capital and they are not going to save us from the gathering dark clouds. Now look at who is rumored to replace Biden – Cal Commicrat gov Gavin Newsome who made possible the Chicom Covid 19 lab in California, which was accidentally discovered by a code inspector who happened to see an illegal garden hose punched through a warehouse wall, and started poking around. What does one call all of this?

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