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    by Greg Reese

    The blame for the destruction of West Maui is falling upon Hawaiian Electric who knew as early as four years ago that there was a risk of fire due to their own negligence of maintaining power lines. But did nothing. Hawaiian Electric, who is owned by Vanguard and BlackRock, has been shifting their focus to clean energy. But in order to Build Back Better, they must first destroy the old system. And so the power was left on to feed the fires.

    The outdoor siren warning system on Maui is one of the most advanced and maintained warning systems on Earth. Residents are accustomed to monthly tests and on the day of the fire, no sirens went off. The director in charge of this warning system was at a FEMA disaster seminar in Oahu as the fires were devastating the people of Maui.

    When asked if he regretted not sounding the alarm, he said no. Because he was worried that the people would run into the fire.

    But instead, they burned to death. Including an untold number of children who were home alone that morning because of a school cancellation.

    The water wasn’t on. Fire hydrants were dry. And the Deputy Director of Water Resource Management, who was named an Obama Foundation Leader, refused to release water for the west Maui fires until it was too late. He says that in order to share water, Hawaiians need to discuss equity.

    Without any warnings and without any water, the people tried to flee. But they were stopped by the police who had orders to keep people from escaping.

    The Maui chief of police, John Pelletier, was the incident officer at one of the biggest cover-up operations in US history; the 2017 Las Vegas shootings.

    Residents are not allowed to leave unless they get a permission slip from the federal government. But the government recently decided to shut that option down.

    While the fires burned, a book was published about the entire event. The book blamed climate change and was written by a Dr Miles Stones. The definition of milestone is; an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

    Hawaii is being usurped by the same billionaires pushing for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. They have been planning on turning Maui into a test bed for their Artificial Intelligence Smart Grid. But the people were in their way, so they burned them out. Maui will either be a major milestone for the ruling class, or a line in the sand for we the people.

    The federal government offers a one-time payment of seven hundred dollars to each family that has lost their home. And the Governor of Hawaii tells reporters that the state plans on acquiring the land.

    And if it wasn’t for the local community, the survivors would be left alone to die in the ashes of their neighbors.

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    • Did you see that video where the blue car and the blue umbrellas both didn’t burn in the maui wowee “wildfire” at all?
      This proves they used a blue laser to do the dirty deed. Ain’t that so Alex the big guy moron Joey confessed on TV it was a laser , boy was he was right and you not so much . Undeniable smoking ass gun evidence NO bic lighters and NO can “o” gas excuse or NO power company BS will hide the .gov’s handywork this time especially after the big reveal on video what say you now on Infotards.
      There’s just no evidence of DEW or space lasers until there is .

    • Well I’d say its about time to go on the offensive

      This is blatant just like all their evil actions upon the people.

      Maybe the ruling class needs to be wiped out too? I don’t see one worthwhile leader in the bunch, especially one that would see what we see and stand up for the people. Its time they go. Think how much better life would be on this planet. Will we stand and wait for our annihilation?

    • Maui could do a lot if they can hold back the globalists. I think the DS overplayed their hand this time but let’s see. The message here is we have to stand up for our freedom. It will not be arranged for us. Handouts are not freedom.

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