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Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino is a Globalist and a Death Shot-peddling Mask Nazi. Here she is, back in 2020, telling people to “Mask up or Pack up!”


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Bite me, Maskhole! I refused to comply with your “COVID-19” Scare Campaign, I refuse to wear a Mask unless committing a Felony punishable by “Life Without”, learned all about “Social Distancing” in the Texas Penitentiary when I was 18, and always wash my hands when I can no longer tell what Ethnicity I am by my skin color.
    I’m bored, so bring on your next Control Plandemic!
    “Twitter”! I find that the very name reeks of Sissy Sensitivities. Rot in Hell on Twitter, MotherWEFer!

  • Didn’t ya people already learn a lesson from Trump when he surrounded himself with bunches of corrupt people?
    Elon will continue to talk like he’s our friend, well, watch out, because nothing significant will actually happen.

    • Very probably; all of the Elites along with Politicians, Government, all Illegal Aliens worldwide, and the USPS (United States Postal System!) were deemed to be Vaccine Exempt. That automatically includes all WEFers and other would-be Demigods.

  • Free bird Twitter morphs into “X” marks the spot where MUSK will focus the NEWZ , shape public opinion and control legal discourse needed to track all manner of dissent while shuffling the private content over to the snoopers/snipers still hiding behind the wall. The old media model is dying example FOX and butthurt CNN on suicide watch shaming itself for not punishing DJT for daring to pretend to care about saving the country from the destruction that he set up by taking a dive at the finish line during the last rat race.

  • Did you notice she talks out of one side of her mouth? I’ve seen many media faces showing that distortion.

    • Yes. Many people show this distorsion from an early age, and it is one of the visible effects of vaccines damages. (Vaccines in general.)

  • How many viruses can fit on the head of a sewing pin? . . . but if you’re coughing/sneezing please do wear your mask. *u*

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