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Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakušić, heroic as ever tells the EU Parliament:

“Today we are discussing the role of you farmers in the green transition. Your role is extremely simple: You have to disappear.

“Why? Because you are interfering with the new, insane ideology of complete control over the population of the European Union, for which—in the near future—the only food will be artificially created food supplemented with imported insects from the East.

“Only the rich will be able to buy and eat normal organic food.

“The war against the farmers started in the Netherlands. There, by legal norms. They want to take away the land from the farmers and hand it over to the construction sector, because allegedly farming is dangerous for the land and the population.

“They are fighting and the farmers in Croatia and other EU countries will not give up either.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I can’t believe the world we are living in. It’s completely horrifying. The only weapon we have is our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray against these demonic strong holds.

  • Thank you for your direct message to the cabal. I am with you in every word you said. This dictatorship must come to an end. These globalist puppets are not needed like the WEF, WHO and recent UN.

  • I’m always backing the “Underdog”, so I stand with the Farmers worldwide because of these reasons: I like to eat and require more diversity than lab-grown food and bugs, and I stand hard against the WEF and the Great Reset.
    For those of you looking forward to munching Cockroaches rather than stomping on them, you should know that every insect’s exoskeleton is composed of Chitin, and Chitin is incompatible with the Human digestive system. No worries; eating bugs is only yet another small component of the WEF Elite’s Depopulation Doctrine.

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