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US Senator Marsha Blackburn just subpoenaed the flight logs from Jeffery Epstein’s estate to investigate the numerous allegations of human trafficking and sexual abuse, saying, “I think it is very important we identify everyone who was on that plane, how many trips they took on that plane and the destinations to which they arrived.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Looks like someone dusted off their oath of office , lets see if her actions align with these cheap words that are also missing from the department of misjustice , that tells us everyday that the truth and justice are forbidden knowledge they keep out of the press and the highest office of the land instead whats represented to us is this intentional clown show starring the masked fake president puppet placed there after the stolen election and coup of USA Inc. .

  • Marginal Marsha Blackburn, you know as well as I do that were the entire “Epstein Flight List” to be published in bold print and millions of copies of it dropped across America like Israel’s warning leaflets on Gaza, the word “nil” describes exactly what would be done about it.
    Your words are dust in the wind.

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