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Hell has frozen over!

Lindsey Graham just said, “NOT ONE DIME to any country, including Israel, until we fix our own border!”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • pedo Graham, worst of the swamp. He won’t go without a full bank and a mouth full of spunk. the serial liar should be hung, like Pelosi. Border is wide open just like his bung hole


  • Fck Lindsey Graham. Trying to change your tune before the US falls further into the abyss. You piece of garbage….you will be found and you will be dealt with harshly!

  • Lyndsey Graham:
    Fake, Liar, Hypocrite, RINO, and War-monger! Don’t forget his comments on the US *having* to send money to Ukraine!!!
    He’s now “posturing” and making the “right noise” so he can be re-elected and keep all that money flowing to his bank account! These people make me sick!!!

  • Hahahah, to be expected by fickle two faced, lifetime political entertainer Graham! He’s playing to his constituency who finally woke up. But as soon as they go back to sleep this butterfly will be off to another flower patch, because like sex, BS sells.

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