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I don’t agree with the entirety of Marine Le Pen’s party platform but I really do get a kick out of her oratorial bombast and watching her kick Angela Merkel’s butt – and those of the unelected EU technocrats who are on the US State Department’s “unofficial payroll”.

Here, she blasts how the EU maintains itself “With blackmail, threats and intimidation…Your model is to become a servant of the USA, austerity, disloyal competition, mass spying on citizens, ‘social dumping’, migratory submersion.

“I represent another model that unites Europe’s people. One of independence, of a Europe of nations in a multipolar world, of intelligent protectionism, of individual liberties…some will call me the ‘Anti-Merkel’. I accept that label with honor. I don’t acknowledge you, Madam Merkel!

“The ‘right of self-determination’, is a ridiculous attempt at the German domination of Europe. The defense of German interests does not justify the vassalization of the other peoples of Europe. I am the voice of sovereign Europeans. They thirst for the freedom of their nations. I represent the French people, who have turned their backs on you, Mr. Hollande, the same way they turned their backs on Sarkozy – because they thirst for a France that’s free!”

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  • LePen represents all those sovereign people with COMMON SENSE. Unchecked immigration of Muslims who follow Islam is a true antagonist of all Christian and Liberty-minded people. We have half a world where New World DisOrder and brain-dead snowflakes are intent, directly or indirectly, on destroying sovereign nations. This woman speaks the truth, with foresight and logic. Good for her !! Viva la France. Viva la United States !

  • At the risk of sounding cynical, I would say this is just more vote garnering rhetoric. We’ve heard all before, from Trump to Tsipras. The people lap it up and put their faith in whichever puppet fakes the people’s choice. Once they’re selected it’s business as usual.
    I do hope though that I’m am utterly wrong.

    • Oh, absolutely. I did call it “oratorial bombast” for a reason! But like Charlie Brown and Lucy holding the football for him to kick-off but always pulling it away at the last second, we keep hoping against hope that the rhetoric is true – and finding ourselves having fallen hard on the dirt.

    • Well liLu I’m gonna disagree, you def cannot vote for Macron and secondly Trump is doing what he said he was gonna do, give the guy a fkn break he has only been in office for a hundred days.. you know what macron is gonna do just like Clinton, turn their backs on they’re citizens and flood this country with inbred’s and Illegals.! So back off..

  • Her rhetoric sounds like that of the final and successful French Revolution waged against the monarchs and their decadence.

    She is full of fire and spits in the eye of the self-appointed elites. She tells the truth, something that does not fit into their language of total secrecy. Love that. If the break-up of the EU is one step closer to the break-up of the banksters’ war economy and the ‘8500’ (named by Dutch banker, Ronald Bernard) and that results in break-up the military arm, the US, good. Such is likely the only way the world will be shed of these sick, devil worshipping pedo-gate criminals and their worldwide networks of horror and enslavement. They seek only to suppress the world’s population and keep us all enslaved through their criminally rigged monetary systems. I’ll support that, whatever the fallout. And yes, that means the general populace will have to start taking personal responsibility for themselves for a change and help one another. Oh, my! What an insane idea.

    I’ve no doubt that La Pen’s life will be or is now in danger. She is outright stating that she will not play ball with the globalists. It’s almost impossible to find someone who can’t be bought. I love that, too. I surely hope she has trustworthy body guards. The world needs her.

  • Yes I hope Lepen will win as it will be good for the future and for France. She campaigns with the French flag behind her and not with the EU flag in promoting one self as a French leader.
    He is a product of the EU bureaucrats, an understudy of the Devil him self and a candidate that likes the EU undemocratic election process that makes up the undemocratic monster as it is.
    I am Dutch a national from South Africa and live with a big insult to be classified a a happy EU member. Bull shit.

  • Le Pen’s deserved chastisement of Merkel is entertaining, but what is remarkable is the success with which government propaganda keeps Frenchmen in bondage to the central banker’s apparatchiks. That too would be hilariously entertaining were it not so terrifying. The EU governments are not serving their respective citizens, they serve their central banking masters who fully intend to replace Frenchmen with others who envy Frenchmen’s properties.

    Americans have the same problem, but most of them are still sleep walking.

  • I love her spirit, her fearlessness in front of satanic sharks that could eat her for breakfast, literally. Macron, a step forward for the elite globalisés. I say fuck you merkel, Obama, Clinton, Rothschild, soros and your dribbling aging loser baby torturing cronies.

  • A breakup of the EU dies not imply a forthcoming , in our lifetime, a breakup of the USA. The USA is a whole and complete country, unlike the EU, an organization of countries.

  • Populist movements that aim to breakup the EU will also result in the breakup of the US.

    The only ones to benefit from the dissolution of both the EU and the US will be China and Russia who will impose their own brand of authoritarianism in the interest of China and Russia regimes.

    • Interesting thought, which I’d never considered. But I’m still for decentralization all-around. In countries like Brazil, it just messes them up. Hell, even Italy shouldn’t be a country.

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