Speaking of the Dark Web, a large cache of documents relating to a French Presidential candidate on the eve of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron’s tax shelters in the Cayman Islands were shared to 4Chan from the Dark Web yesterday. WikiLeaks posted to Twitter that it is examining these “tens of thousands emails, photos, attachments up to April 24, 2017–around 9Gb in total,” to confirm whether or not they were a “practical joke”, to use their own words, because “Who benefits? Timing of alleged dump is too late to hit vote but will surely be used to boost hostility to Russia & intelligence spending.”

Meanwhile, France’s equivalent of the US’ Federal Election Commission (FEC), la Commission National de Contrôle de la Campagne Électorale en Vue de l’Élection Présidentielle (CNCCEP) snapped very quickly into action in support of their favored candidate by warning individual journalists not to publish the “Fake News” from this “fraudulently obtained data”, as doing so may expose such authors to the legal ramifications of violating “several penal codes.”

I’m somewhat happy to observe that vestiges of certain freedoms (notably, the First Amendment) apparently non-existent in France still survive in the US, as a public threat of this nature coming from the FEC would be unthinkable.

In this clip, we see photographs of Macron’s offshore bank statements. WikiLeaks has so far confirmed that the metadata of at least one of these documents “corresponds to Cannon printer which costs over $100k”.

After WikiLeaks’ initial post, “: A significant leak. It is not economically feasible to fabricate the whole. We are now checking parts,” their most recent twitter update at the time of this writing, posted at roughly 9AM EST on Saturday is: “assessment update: several Office files have Cyrillic meta data. Unclear if by design, incompetence, or Slavic employee.” Ironically, WikiLeaks may actually end up proving the involvement of Russian hacking in this case but there is not enough information available as of yet to state anything with certainty in this developing story.

France’s Presidential Elections will be held tomorrow.

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