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    Everybody’s heard the infamous phrase “Let them eat cake” but few know that a major cause of France’s financial crisis in the late 18th century was due to the enormous cost incurred by Marie Antoinette’s husband, Louis XVI, when he provided rifles to every American colonist who was in opposition to the rule of Great Britain. The success of the American Revolution boomeranged,  galvanizing the French Revolution, which ended them both and the institution of the French Monarchy, itself.

    It’s the Fourth of July and the Western world today finds itself in a similar but less acute social environment, whereby there is a growing awareness among the people about the nature of their oppression. This time, our oppression is at the hands of a banking elite. The people are being concertedly distracted from this fact by a war within the Deep State, which manifests as the extremely polarized political climate in the US and by a Technocracy that deploys Social Engineering, Virtue Signalling, Fake News and Post-Truth Politics.

    Will the people rise up with their proverbial pitchforks, in the midst of Endless War profiteering, an engineered Migrant Crisis and an impending finale of the Global Financial Meltdown? Apparently not in France, where a Rothschild Banker recently ascended to the Presidency.

    I’d only ever heard the worst things about Marie Antoinette, so I was fascinated to learn that she in fact displayed great heroism in the face of her own demise. As one of the commentators notes, “She’s gone on a very long journey, through Hell and back and with each defeat, in each disaster behaves with transcendent courage. But as a queen, she is a catastrophe because she makes a Constitutional Monarchy impossible. A relatively peaceful transition from the Old World of an Absolute Monarchy to a New World of a Constitutional Monarchy is screwed. That door is closed. All of our own natural humane response to her being someone who behaved with a growing sense of tragic intelligence does not compensate. It’s tragedy…in a Greek sense of tragedy being no way out of playing out your destiny.”

    The question remains as to whether the Central Banksters will also behave tragically and whether they’d prefer to decimate the planet before they give up their absolute power.

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    • PS It occurred to me that it would be helpful to consider any antisocial misbehavior as a kind of handicap needing remedial therapy and the only problem I see with that is getting society to accept a common standard of social behavior.

      In the French revolution, the revolutionaries turned out to be far more inhumane than the royalty they were objecting to. Not enough was said about it in this documentary.

      Too many people have this notion that the French revolution was akin to the American war of secession from the English crown and for independence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      • War is inhumane, Jon. I seriously doubt a measure of how inhumane one faction was over another is calculable. And, if you remember, there were several attempts to gain freedom and oust the absolute monarchy, before the people won out–each put down by the monarchy. The last being only 200+-yrs ago. That was yesterday.

    • In so far as I know, none of us are given the opportunity for choosing our parents, nor do we have any ability to control our environment once we’ve jumped into the world’s waters until we’ve been developed and guided by others.

      Once we’ve been readied by the worldview of others and launched into adulthood, it’s difficult to much change the trajectory.

      The genius of royalty is it’s ability to insulate itself from the confusion of peasantry, but vanity is always at the royal door and left unchecked it becomes an Achilles heel. A sufficiently riled peasantry will overcome royalty when it becomes too indifferent to the needs of their neighbors.

      Neither Louis nor Marie were equipped for the roles they were cast into. Having myself lost friends whose lives were tragically cut short due to their faulty trajectory, I can empathize with anyone who suffers similar fates. But for the grace of God, there go I because I narrowly dodged the bullet more than once, not through any skill on my part, but by the grace of God.

    • ‘Western world today finds itself in
      a similar but less acute social
      environment, whereby there is a
      growing awareness among the
      people about the nature of their
      oppression. This time, our
      oppression is at the hands of a
      banking elite’……….. Spot on Alexandra

    • I assume we are supposed to feel something akin to admiration for what these historians referred to as her courage? lack of fear? ‘natural heroism’ (OMG, vomit). I DO NOT. She and those like her care nothing for humanity. They care only for their position, status, wealth, influence, pleasures and connections. She was said to be upset that the death of her eldest son passed by the public without hardly a notice. How many children did she and Louis starve death? How many people died providing these saprogens everything they demanded while they impotently watched money lenders take the same people’s livelihood–their land? These nasty people are shrouded in shame with the blood of humanity dripping from them. Marie remained willfully ignorant of any duty she had to the country surrounding her. They took. They did not give. They had little to no compassion for the world. When Marie asked “what harm have I done to them?” she should have been asking, “what good have I done them?” Nope. Not in her lexicon.

      Pitiful, disgusting, horrid, arrogant, pompous, weak and stupid are these thoroughly putrid shells of living organisms we call the self-appointed elites–then and now. Her death and that of her husband was not a “tragedy” as the female historian states at the end. It was justice, badly executed I admit, but justice nonetheless. The only tragedy here was that she put her children in the crosshairs of the angry mob who took full advantage of the situation.

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