Lynette Zang joins Greg Hunter to discuss how the US dollar is currently being manipulated down, in order to prevent the erosion of world currencies and to keep the world economy from imploding, due to all of the dollar-denominated debt held globally.

In the long term, she sees the Global Currency Reset (GCR) as inevitable, as this has been signaled by the Central Banks.

Anybody with a pension or 401k and even Social Security will be out of luck, as the USD will be hyperinflated. Greg and Lynette have a good laugh over Janet Yellin’s recent statements about no foreseeable economic crisis “in our lifetimes.”

I agree with Greg Hunter that Lynette Zang is really sharp and I’ve run pieces of hers on the GCR the past and this one on the Greater Fool Theory but many people have been predicting exactly as she says for many years, while the stock market has gone on to soar to surreal heights.

There’s no telling how much Afghan heroin is being laundered through the banks to prop up the dollar and I’m not sure how much longer this can hold. Lynette says that “the 1%” is fleeing currencies and investing in tangibles. She says that dynastic wealth, which lasts over 300 years is stored in real estate, gold and in rare collectibles.

They discuss the possible scenarios of an impending economic collapse and how to weather the storm.

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  • This fat lady sure can sing but predicting when this here boiled turkey is cooked is gonna be like trying to nail a lump of Granny’s jellied gin to the shit house ceiling with 9 penny nails. Reckon I’d better off just shaving the dog’s ass so’s the mule can find him case he gets runned off in the gun fight over who own the well. Meaning the dog. Mule never goes anywhere.

  • Excellent interview, Alex. Thanks. I’ve been tracking Clif High’s predictions from April 2017. Unfortunately, they are looking pretty correct right now. Lynette supports them with some excellent financial telling tools, too. This interview was so far beyond the last one I saw of her. She rocked the screen this time and Greg was completely on point alongside her.

    With regard to supporting Clif’s predictions, her final graph showed it all. The incestuous relationships among the banksters worldwide via their web of deceit was clear. Just as Clif, she stated that when the failures begin the banksters will attempt to cover it up but the fall will have begun and the domino effect will spread to every banking institution in existence. From that point of no return the criminal banksters will “bail-in” your bank, (ie. steal your money, to pay themselves). The public will have no access to their own funds. It will be like Cypress–the foreshadowing.

    I’m holding-up Clif and his predictive programming to compare with her graphs because I’m interested in tracking how effective his code has become over his 20+yrs of honing. Sadly, it’s looking good. AND, I will make my own prediction. When the banks go down it will be the beginning of the banksters hard push for a one-world-currency. They will state that there is no way out of the crisis unless they control the flow. They will force humanity into a smaller box by digitizing every cent with the help of law makers. If you want your money you must comply. Of course, we know humanity has that “elephant chain” around its leg–they believe they are enslaved to the system these banksters created and cannot get away. No more cash. No more country specific currency. This diabolical plan was formed in the IMF. What? She repeated the IMF statement–they need a catastrophe. Why?

    How can you herd 7-billion people into a controllable box? Take away their ability to feed themselves. If only the public would awaken en masse and throw these monkeys off their backs by seeing the truth of their own strength, coming together and eliminating these criminals instead of fighting among themselves.

    • The process of awaking is going on.
      Moreover, there are just a few human beings involved.

      Most of the people survive inside a vegetative mind, which is the “box”.

    • There was a wonderful interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts about a year ago; she was asked what she would do ‘if she were elected President’ and she replied that she would ‘want carte blanche to take out 250 people’ and then supposedly most of our problems would be solved.

      I was so astonished I replayed the tape to be sure I had heard right. If there are only 250 people standing between us and a sane economic policy (see the Zeitgeist movie for why we don’t need money) and global safety instead of wars, then we need to name these people and get rid of them. If executing them sounds too drastic (why, they kill us all the time?) then round them up, put them on a desert island with a 50 mile quarantine, seize their assets, and broadcast their behavior as they cannibalize each other on pay per view as an abject lesson to the masses. We don’t ‘need’ money. We need food, shelter, clean water and air, productivity for needs, not wants, and safety. The system they’ve created can only continue with constant wars that they invent and encourage, and a constant revising upwards of consumerist dreck. If we keep buy, buy, buying, we’re going to keep die, die, dying.

      • …and energy which is absolutely necessary to live well in any world. Energy. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Watch Unacknowledged, if you have not. The last 30+ minutes brings it all home in the withholding of energy–what could be and what is being kept from humanity because of the same people CAF wants carte blanch over. I remember that CAF interview. I agree with her and you. Although it’s more than 250 people in the end. From what I can glean there are thousands more to be eliminated due to their connections to that small group of 250. If not eliminated, their sickness would continue underground and again emerge. Your island would be overflowing. I’d add, it should be a small island so they’d devour each other like starving rats due to lack, the same scarcity they try to put on humanity. If that fresh blood is their own instead of the innocents of humanity how much would they like it? Doubt I’d tune in but I’d support it.

        Here is the link to Unacknowledged. It’s free:

      • Yes, all processes on earth concerns dying and death.
        This is the inner fight: the power of body love and the power of body death meeting each other.

        There is a power of universal love energy, whihc is present ever.
        Now death can die and eternal life is found in a spiritual way.


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