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The big story on March 1, 2017 is that the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 303.31 points, to hit a record high of 21,115.55. As for precious metals, since the beginning of 2017, gold is up $100 per ounce and silver is up $2 per ounce.

Some are attributing the unprecedented rally to Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address on the evening of February 28th, which was well-received, even by his regular detractors at CNN, NBC, etc.

Wall St. appears to be buying on the President’s promises of infrastructure spending, corporate tax cuts and deregulation. This, despite increased signalling from the Federal Reserve Bank of an imminent interest rate hike. This has boosted bank stocks but when you look closer at the details, according to Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at the precious metals firm, ITM Trading, for every $1 worth of stocks purchased on the US stock market on March 1st, $116.04 worth of stocks were sold.

While the stock markets have been zooming upwards, corporate earnings have been steadily sinking. The charts today look exactly like they did, prior to The Crash of 1929.

Sane people are concerned about the “Ides of March”, a reference to the soothsayer’s warning to the protagonist of Shakespeare’s eponymous tragedy, Julius Caesar. These concerns are based on the upcoming March 15th meeting of Congress to vote on the debt ceiling. Currently, there’s only enough money in the Treasury to keep the US Government going through August.

Former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director, David Stockman has been very vocal about this rally, calling it “insanity”. Stockman is predicting, “A fiscal bloodbath and a White House train wreck like never before in US history” – and a likely government shutdown.

He says, “There will not be Obamacare repeal and replace. There will be no tax cut. There will be no infrastructure stimulus. There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.”

I’ve never heard of Lynette Zang before, but I find her under-5-minute presentation here to be a truly excellent summary of the financial situation and of the “Severely, ridiculously overvalued and very, very vulnerable market.”

What is the “Greater Fool Theory”? Let’s find out!

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  • If modern money mechanics, or the debt-based fiat money system we use, were taught to every high school student, we wouldn’t be in this mess. We would have gotten rid of this system decades ago because an informed electorate would not tolerate it. But that is why they DON’T teach about it. The people at the top can manipulate the inherent instability of the debt-based fiat system to their own advantage while the Little People get financially hammered.

    Our biggest fear should not be that the current system collapses, but that an ignorant public allows a similar, or even worse, system to replace it. An all-digital, “cashless” system would be the worst of all worlds, bringing in the end of any financial freedom, and even the end of all free speech, since anyone who says “the wrong thing” can instantly have their bank account emptied and their payment system switched off, leading to starvation.

    • It looks like we’re barreling in that direction. Freedom-lovers may consider moving to a pariah state.

    • Right, because manipulation of currency and class warfare never existed before we left the gold standard.

  • I want the US government to declare bankruptcy , then eliminate the Federal Reserve, and indebtedness, having indebtedness means slavery, nothing less. But that will never happen, if that was tried, the banksters would send out the snuff squad like they did for JFK. Executive order 11111 is still on the books saying the US government can print money, without the Federal Reserve being needed. LOL!!! What a load of bureaucratic bull shit. But if you don’t play the game, what do you have… Ah, the ides of March, beware Caesar, the end is Nye… or something to that effect… When making changes, you don’t use the same program that took you to where you are to go forward, there must be a change, and no one has come up with it in this country, maybe someone from Southern Africa could show the way, or Greenland, or was that Iceland, that ended private banks and installed government banks, NO banksters, no indebtedness, no slavery for the children of the future, that would make sense so that won’t happen….. We the people of this world, are in debt from birth till death, and that is that.

    • Well said and totally agree. The only thing that will set us free, is the truth…that’s why the attack has focused on fake news…and soon to come Ministry of Truth. Every US president shot at or assassinated, was carried out, to protect the central bank. Reagan was unsuccessfully assassinated for trying to implement the findings of the Grace Commission, where it showed our tax money was going to the IMF.

      Our indoctrination through history is pure fiction, controlling the past in order to control the present. To me the litmus test will be when everyone knows who was truly behind 911. When the holocaust is exposed as the hoax it represents. When usury is no longer involved with the way we exchange our labor for goods…

      BTW South Africa has been turned into a communist state, whose government is turning a blind eye to the white genocide currently going on there today. Nelson Mandela was a communist/marxist. He was in prison for killing hundreds of innocent people. False hero, his wife was worse. South Africa was successfully targeted by Zionism and destroyed from within…just like in Russia at the turn of the century and now America today.

      Iceland did jail the bankers, fire the politicians and forgave the orchestrated debt after the 2008 orchestrated collapse.

      As you know, today’s battle is between tyranny and liberty…everything we experience today is to keep us off that focus and the guilty protected, as they continue their agenda toward a new world order.

      I agree, we need the swamp drained, if there is going to be change,
      using the same system that got us here won’t do any good.

      • Uncomfortable stuff but mostly true, IMHO. Trump can’t bite the hand that fed him but maybe he can let the tyranny undo itself via transparency.

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