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    This went viral on TikTok earlier this week.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Real grownups have THEIR OWN MONEY. Crybabies use Zionista money and wonder why the Zionists own EVERYTHING
      (including the crybabies).

      The fix is depressingly simple:

      1. Convert all (estimated $400 trillion) public and private debt including cash (currently held as Federal Reserve dollars) to publicly owned electronic credit money, creating “wealth accounts” for all entities (including governments, businesses, NGOs, and people) currently transacting business using the Federal Reserve dollar. This will make everyone “whole”, and wipe out all debt. Interest charges will no longer be enforceable on loans of the new public money, but private banks (using their public money as their reserves) could still loan “at interest”, albeit without government backing.

      2. Replace income taxation
      (deleting any need for an IRS)
      with a 1%/month (~$4T)
      “infrastructure maintenance fee”
      on all of the “wealth accounts”
      (which should be sufficient to fund all government requirements)
      3. Compensate all adult legal U.S. residents $500/week for the government’s TAKING of their NATURAL RIGHT to free access to land to support their NATURAL RIGHT to LIFE.

      We need our own political party to get this done, since the Zionists own 99% of Congress and they will not be very happy with a plan that taxes wealth.

      Start a local branch of
      ACTUAL JUSTICE (the consensus party)
      and send greetings and questions to
      P.O. BOX 351
      MI 48311

    • Hmmm, I wonder why there are so many targeted fires. Couldn’t have anything to do with Beijing Biden’s invaders could it? Naw, he’s such a nice old man.

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