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    Kiwi lawyer and former television news presenter, Liz Gunn, whose emotional and powerful rebuke of the most despicable tyrant in New Zealand history, Jacinda Ardern went viral, proceeded to found the NZ Loyal Party.

    She’d described New Zealand as a “crime scene” and she’d intended to use her seat in Parliament to prosecute the disgusting Globalist attack on her country, starting with a criminal investigation of the thousands of COVID jab-related deaths. Sadly, her party failed to register their candidates on time.

    As Gunn recounts here, while she was running for office, she was approached by a local clinician/mathematician who is very experienced in statistical analysis who wanted to discuss some data [HERE & HERE] that showed that there were tens of thousands of deaths linked to the shots from just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand.

    For example, 51 people who were all jabbed within two hours of each other at the same location are all now deceased. In the town of Invercargill, population 54,000, 30% of those vaccinated by one single provider are now dead.

    This mathematician joins her now, using the pseudonym she gave him, “Winston Smith”, after the main character in George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Winston says he was involved with building a project to create a vaccine payment system for New Zealand healthcare providers, where every time someone was vaccinated, the provider received a payment.

    As part of his job, he looked at the data and he couldn’t help noticing a strong pattern of people dying soon after they were vaccinated. Winston was reticent to come forward but he realized on a personal level how bad things happen when good people do nothing – which is exactly what’s happening now – not enough good people have come forward.

    Winston was motivated by his love for humanity. He says that from a statistical perspective, the chances of each of us being alive on Planet Earth today is 400 trillion to 1 and that, “We are a unique creation. We are the universe’s most special, one of the most treasured creations of the universe.”

    Winston is clearly very disturbed by what the numbers tell him and he begins to cry when he says, “We are seeing human lives being destroyed. This data is a river of tears and I feel the pain, so I can’t go on with it…it’s just got to end and I’m going to prove that is the ‘vaccine’ that’s killing people. It’s got to be. There’s nothing else, there’s no other reason for it. They might claim it could be any number of causes and it’s the ‘aging population’ or whatever. It’s not. This thing is a killer.”

    It is uncomfortable to watch but we must not look away!

    Below, is a definitive article on the findings in Winston’s data by independent Kiwi journalist, Kiwi4Justice.


    NZ’s COVID Vaccine Massacre Exposed 

    The NZ Government’s Complicity in Mass Murder | Article By Kiwi4Justice

    Mass murder. A massacre. It is the only description that is worthy of the bombshell evidence from a NZ government whistleblower in Liz Gunn’s M.O.A.R (Mother of All Revelations). It is a tragedy of unthinkable magnitude. The evidence that has now come forward from this whistleblower, and others, shows us that the NZ government’s roll out of the COVID vaccine was not just a crime, it was a massacre. The evidence and implications are inescapable and difficult to comprehend. But what is even more disturbing is that this was no accident. It was, and continues to be, willful mass murder.

    The scale of the death and injury for the people of NZ from the COVID-19 vaccine that has now been proven beyond any doubt is challenging to think about. It is devastating confirmation of what so many people in NZ and around the world have been shouting from the rooftops for so long, but who have been ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and the government. It is a sad and sorry vindication for those 18,000 Kiwis who set up camp in their tents and cars in front of Parliament in February 2022, who were ignored, demonized, and labelled a ‘river of filth’ by those who are culpable for this terrible crime.

    When Liz Gunn forwarded me her interview with the whistleblower and his evidence in advance of the M.O.A.R drop to get an ‘emotional reality check’ on what was coming, I thought I was ready for it. But as a patriotic Kiwi who loves his country it was difficult to mentally and emotionally process what Liz and the whistleblower were showing me.

    To put the scale of this massacre in some sort of perspective, the number of COVID-19 vaccine deaths in NZ now shown by this evidence is thirteen times the number of NZ deaths at Gallipoli. Gallipoli x 13.  From the time the vaccine was rolled out in NZ it has been the equivalent of the Christchurch massacre nearly every single day since. Expert statisticians here in NZ and abroad have studied the data and concluded that the probability of these deaths not being from the COVID-19 vaccine are 100 billion to one.

    In just one particular vaccination centre in Invercargill, 51 people were vaccinated within the space of just two hours. All 51 are now dead. Out of the 837 people who were vaccinated at another vaccination centre, 253 of them are now dead. 30% of everyone who was vaccinated at that centre are now dead. At another vaccination centre, of the 923 people vaccinated there, 276 are now dead.  There were numerous vaccination centres around the country that had mortality rates at this sort of level of 30%. This is compared to the normal average mortality rate of just 0.75%, which is what we should be seeing. The data also shows how many fatalities were linked to each individual vaccinator. One vaccinator had a mortality rate of 25%. One in four people that got the vaccine from that vaccinator is now dead. Other vaccinators were similar. Their vaccine batches were literally death batches. These numbers are simply off the scale and impossible to interpret any other way than a vaccine massacre.

    Then there is the huge bias of number of deaths in the South Island versus the North Island. Of the top 20 most deadly vaccination centres in the country, 10 out of those 20 were in Christchurch alone, and two of them (10% of the national total) were in tiny little Gore. Meanwhile only 2 out of 20 were in Auckland where one third of the total population is. This should be statistically impossible by population unless specific vaccine batches were a whole lot more deadly than other batches. This is exactly what the data shows. The data shows a very clear picture of certain vaccine batches being ‘death batches’, with other batches much less so. This should not happen unless something very strange and very abnormal is occurring with this vaccine. It requires extremely serious investigation.

    The whistleblower has unique access to the data in question.  He designed and built the database for the NZ government, specifically for the COVID-19 vaccine.  It is official government data and it includes extremely detailed COVID-19 vaccine data for 2.2 million Kiwis. The whistleblower watched in horror over a two-year period as the death data escalated in front of his eyes, until he felt he had to step forward to expose it. For that, NZ must wholeheartedly applaud and thank him for his courage and morality.  It is no small thing that he has done coming forward like this. Sadly, being a whistleblower is a very dangerous thing to do in today’s world of Deep State corruption and criminality. But what the whistleblower was looking at in front of him on a daily basis was not just faceless numbers and statistics.  He was looking at enormous lists of names in certain places and certain times. Names of people who are not here anymore.  Names of real people with real families. Human lives, not numbers. It was too much. He says there are just two words for why he had to come forward. Never Again.

    As horrendous as this is, the most devastating point that the people of NZ need to understand is that this enormous number of deaths were not due to a very unfortunate and unforeseen outcome of a well-intentioned government health strategy.  No, these deaths were the result of willful complicity in mass murder.  These are very difficult words for people to hear, but the evidence is unfortunately incontrovertible.  The NZ government had full foreknowledge of what the outcome would be of the COVID-19 vaccine. They had all the information and data well in advance of their massive nationwide roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. They had clear evidence showing them exactly what would happen if they went ahead.  They knew that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine would cause huge numbers of injury and death. They were also advised by both the NZ Justice Department and NZ Medsafe that their proposed vaccine mandates could not be legally justified. They went ahead anyway. They signed their contract with Pfizer, they trumpeted the COVID-19 vaccine to the whole country as ‘safe and effective’, and then they forced it onto the population through their illegitimate, brutal mandates that deliberately split NZ society in two through medical apartheid.

    Through an OIA (Official Information Act) request from a doctor in NZ, there is confirmation in writing from NZ Medsafe that they had possession of the initial Pfizer safety data for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine months before the government began their nationwide roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine in mid-2021. That initial Pfizer data showed absolutely devastating outcomes in terms of numbers of serious injury and fatalities. That data was so bad that the FDA (Food and Drug Agency), who had given the official authorization for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, attempted to have it legally concealed from the public for 75 years. Yet despite having this horrific safety data, the NZ government not only told the NZ public that the COVID-19 vaccine was absolutely safe and effective, but they went ahead with the mandates and vaccine passports to effectively force the vaccine onto as many of the NZ population as possible. All done with full knowledge of what the deadly impact would be.

    As part of this process, the NZ government signed a contract with Pfizer for the provision and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in NZ.  We know that in the same contract that Pfizer signed with the South African government (now been made public), Pfizer clearly stated that they could not confirm the long-term safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, and therefore they required to be legally indemnified against all liability for any injury or death from the vaccine. It is an almost certainty that exactly the same statement was in Pfizer’s contract with the NZ government, and yet the mantra of ‘safe and effective’ was pumped out day after day from the government’s ‘single source of truth’.  Quite incredibly, the government’s ‘safe and effective’ message is still being vigorously pushed out across the country even now. Even with all the deadly evidence to the contrary clear for people to see. It would seem they simply don’t care.

    In addition to this, during the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine, the NZ government, and associated agencies, actively prevented NZ doctors and health practitioners across the country from raising their very valid concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine to their patients in order for them to be able to fulfil their Hippocratic Oath of informed consent and ‘do no harm’. Any doctors or health practitioners who attempted to raise concerns or ask questions about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine were threatened with loss of medical license and/or loss of job. In some cases, those threats were implemented. A climate of fear was deliberately created for doctors and health practitioners across NZ to prevent any push back against the mass roll out of the vaccine. This led to the formation of the organization NZDSOS.

    This new evidence from the whistleblower also shows a disturbing pattern of basic medical ethics and medical processes being abandoned, with vaccine clinics pushing through patients like a McDonald’s drive through in a ‘dash for cash’.  Informed consent is one of the most important aspects of the Hippocratic Oath and ‘first do no harm’.

    With this data showing patients being rushed through vaccine clinics at rates of sometimes 30 people per hour, where were the conversations with each patient outlining risk factors and personal medical history that could make a person more at risk from the vaccine? When these people were rolling up their sleeves were they being informed that the official Pfizer safety data had lists of adverse reaction covering 9 pages, and that there were 1,223 deaths from the initial trials? This is information that the NZ government had months before the vaccine roll out began.  This is not negligence, it is criminal.

    As well as the evidence of tens of thousands of deaths that this new whistleblower evidence is now showing us, there is also much additional evidence of the huge scale of injury and death caused in NZ. We have confirmation through Stats NZ of an enormous increase in excess deaths beginning from the time the vaccine campaign began. We also have a huge and historically unprecedented number of serious vaccine injuries registered on the NZ Medsafe database, and we have extremely alarming evidence brought forward from multiple Funeral Directors in NZ in relation to the numbers of deaths, the causes of death, and the horrific symptoms being seen in many of those deaths.  It is not only the huge number of deaths that we now know about. The massive number of serious and life changing injuries is also difficult to comprehend. As a minimum it is in the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

    Now we can see why our hospitals, emergency services, and Funeral Directors across the country have been beyond bursting point the last two years.

    In February 2022, the NZ public stood up against this crime against humanity with the largest public protest in NZ history. With 18,000 people camped in their tents and cars in front of NZ Parliament, all 120 sitting MPs signed a joint agreement that no MP would engage with or speak with those protestors.  Instead, the protestors were labelled by the government as a ‘river of filth’ and demonized by mainstream media.

    Both the NZ Bill of Rights and the 1947 Nuremberg Code make it a crime to force or coerce a medical procedure onto a person. Not only were the people of NZ forced or coerced into taking this experimental medical procedure, but the NZ government knew full well that this particular medical procedure had deadly and horrific outcomes on a very large scale. The NZ government went to great lengths to make sure the people of NZ were not able to be made aware of that known danger, and they went to even greater lengths to force as many of the NZ public as possible to take it. While at the same time they made themselves exempt from having to take it.

    It doesn’t seem possible that this could have happened in the country that I grew up in. This is NZ’s darkest hour. But we have to face up to it together with strength and unity, which has always been the bedrock of our country. NZ was brutally and intentionally split apart through medical apartheid and medical tyranny. NZ now must come together as Kiwis united around what we now know. We are all victims of this crime.

    This mass killing by the NZ government, and others, was willful. It wasn’t an unfortunate accident. ‘Two shots for summer’ was the shot that will be heard around the world. The enormity of the crime against the people of NZ cannot be overstated. It was a massacre. 

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Shocking graphically outlined murder by injection. Are all levels of government captured? Truth tellers get banned or punished and criminals are ignored.

    • Have you heard the latest update ? Also From Igor Chudov’s substack.

      I have completely given up on NZ MSM so cannot tell you from my own hearing that this is so. but it is to be expected

      the whistle blower has been named, is raided and arrested and Liz Gunn has had to go into hiding.

      so much for the hope that a Centre Right govt, just newly installed after weeks of whoring and horse trading (aka negotiations ) required because of the nature of our system, would be any better

      I also hold that if there is no outcry at this in this country (I voted for Liz Gunn) then that confirms my view that trying to persuade the self deceived covid cultist with such things as data and reason is and was futile.

      they will need to suffer personal loss as is increasingly likely as time passes and the slower effects of this murderous jab start to manifest.

      three of my friends have what i am increasingly sure are jab injuries, two of them have chronic fatigue, two of them are slow in recovering from colds etc ( one of my friends has both these) and the third describes his state as “long covid”

      but will they listen?

      NO THEY WILL NOT . . .

      intelligent and educated midwits, smart enough to run the SYSTEMS but not willing to question them, they are too heavily invested in the narrative to even consider it

      and that i think we have no choice but to let them be woken up by suffering is the toughest love of all

      • Yes, Maria Zeee posted this video of Liz Gunn before she went into hiding.

        the worst part about all of this is that so many are brainwashed and are incapable of assessing information for themselves and they’ve abdicated all responsibility for trying to do so, preferring to believe the lies spoon-fed to them by their worst enemy.

        My family thinks I’m batshit crazy. They’re Democrats who think I deserve to be censored and have my business destroyed. After all, I voted for Donald Trump – not once but twice!

    • “Winston Smith’s” infantile blubbering and pointless digressions did not help his case.

      In fact it could be said by some that he was deliberately chosen to discredit himself by his behaviours

      when I was over on another site featuring this selfsame vid some had to play the rationalist and rebuke me for “shooting the messenger” for pointing this out. I could have replied that in this age where appearance is all to most people a curious but orthodox believer in the vaccines would have been put off by his antics and turned off very quickly.

      and it was on “Winston Smith” for given such this excuse. Indeed someone where i saw this video did just that

      HOWEVER i have heard something more substantive

      have you heard of Igor Chudov over on substack?

      He is on the proper side of this debate, of course, but he thinks that the data offered is skewed, and may even be doctored

      I am no statistician, but i think that such concerns MUST be addressed, even if only that the data and statistical case against the death jab be presented AS FLAWLESSLY as possible.

      WE CANNOT AFFORD to be discredited by sloppy presentation of our case

      Go to Igor’s Newsletter on substack.

      And for God’s sake let us NOT get into ego driven infighting

      • My chat is a bit long-winded, but I think the reasons are correct-many of the people of the world were so dumbed down that they would accept anything.

    • Not having viewed the entire video, which I will do now, the immediate question for me is: where are the NZ Military on this?
      If they are not onside with the good Guys, well…?
      I posted on another site about the excess deaths in NZ this:
      “Is this the beginning of the death of New Zealand?”
      Like some others I was on to the virus hoax from the start, saying to myself, when COVID was announced: “This is another ball game…” and it has been.
      My very good research, and the emails I sent to various Australian politicians, resulted in Craig Kelly MP phoning me one night, around 2.5 years ago.
      I told him all about the PCR Test being ruled, in Courts around the world, as being “not fit for purpose”, basically because the large number of false positive results rendered the Test unreliable and so not to be used.
      He wanted information, so I sent him three emails that weekend, ultimately suggesting that he hand his on-side colleagues bring Crimes Against Humanity charges against the applicable culprits.
      He did no such thing-ever, and also never told me when he was coming to my town for a meet and greet.

    • Hello.

      While any real data is much appreciated, I’m afraid the message gets lost by the dogma of the messenger. And it IS dogma. e.g. While he states that science is not about being “settled”, he follows up with, “we know that from those who have gone before.” i.e. dogma.

      The references to the “universe” and “flat Earth” are really not science but belief systems that are assumed to be scientifically validated, and the facts are never really examined, even by those who are “experts” in their fields. Flat earth is a perfect example of something that is believed to be true by almost everybody, but no one bothers to simply verify the curvature of the Earth, even when we have all of the info given by the round earth model: radius, geometry (right angle calculations), visible, checkable physical references, etc.

      I know this is not the topic, but I am sure that a lot of your audience is not quite as sure of the “facts” that this man feels are apparently more important than the data of concern.

      Personally, I think they should try again and stick to the facts this time.

      This comment may not make it to the show, but the time for enabling illusions is past, don’t you think? After all, isn’t that what the real problem is? False information leading humanity by the nose?


    • At some point everyone who knows what actually transpired and wishes to come forward needs to step out into the light and quit using pseudonyms and speaking in code and pig-Latin. The perpetrators will continue to operate with impunity until someone blocks their path with an unequivocal “No”. Does this mean risking everything to make it right? Yes, it does, but as long as the evidence is presented meekly and tentatively the criminals are going to do nothing but laugh. They are psychopaths, literally, and so only understand material consequences. You can’t shame them, or guilt them, as they only consider strategy. Don’t think for a second any of the suffering and death bothers them at all. They only understand what thwarts their plans.

      • “They are psychopaths”

        Yes. But…

        The fact that psychopaths rule is only ONE part of the equation. The pack of leading psychopaths do not operate in a vacuum, and never have. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — read the free essay “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” at

        The criminals in power are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the mostly willful activities, or inactivities, of the majority of self-entitled “decent” or “good” or “compassionate” or “awake” or “religious” people — the 90-95% of the herd — and because they do NOT really want the truth but comforting fantasies.

        “Our current ‘state’ is the dictatorship of evil. We know that already, I hear you object, and we don’t need you to reproach us for it yet again. But, I ask you, if you know that, then why don’t you act? Why do you tolerate these rulers gradually robbing you, in public and in private, of one right after another, until one day nothing, absolutely nothing, remains but the machinery of the state, under the command of criminals and drunkards?” — from a White Rose Pamphlet, the ‘White Rose’ was a German resistance group fighting Hitler’s Nazi regime

        If you have been injected with Covid jabs/bioweapons and are concerned, then verify what batch number you were injected with at

        “… doctors and scientists are now on the same lever of public confidence as the scum living in the swamp.” — Unknown in 2022

    • I was not impressed by this presentation, though I’m grateful for it. The visuals have much to be desired. Poor chart visibility for starters and too much information to process without a more systematic presentation, but God bless em for trying.

      Considering that the citizens of the commonwealth of Great Britain suffered the most excessive abuses of power during the period of time under consideration, there are even more evidences needing exposure. The braintrust has obviously been working on this global population (herd) management project for decades.

      In the US there have been multiple decades long propaganda operations to convince people that their natural immunity and good hygiene practice needed help from the pharmaceutical industry. RUBBISH! It is well known that annual flu viruses mutate all the time and should you be lucky with your shot it will somewhat protect you. If not, well you get sick anyway, because the strain you got had already mutated and the shot was a waste of time and money. In the case of COVID shots, they are not true vaccines anyway, they are “experimental gene therapy operating systems”. I suppose if one wishes to put a happy face on it, it’s meant to do what vaccines were not doing, make spontaneous adjustments to our immune system…. and oops!

      Further, there has been only one man that I know of who has addressed the many problems with reporting deaths to the CDC and federal government monetary rewards to the medical providers insidiously contributing to the confusion. The damage done to statistical reliability is incalculable!

      Every time I mentioned his name in 2021, my server, a public utility, shut me down! Being the persistent cuss that I am they had to reinstate me each time until they got the idea to shift their entire internet service to a subsidiary who will only communicate with users using text messaging. “That’ll fix em!”

      We are ONE “national emergency” away from total loss of free speech – forever!

      • JD,

        “There is no such thing, at this date in the world’s
        history, in America, as an independent press . . . If
        I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one
        issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my
        occupation would be gone. The business of the
        journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright;
        to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon,
        and to sell his country and his race for his daily
        bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is
        this toasting an independent press? We are the
        tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes.
        We are the jumping jacks; they pull the strings and
        we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our
        lives are all the property of other men. We are
        intellectual prostitutes.” -John Swinton ( 1888 )

        [[ Swinton had been the former Chief-of-Staff
        of the New York Times, speaking before
        the New York Press Club—to toast an
        “independent” press. ]]


      • My neighbor is from NZ. He is not aware of any of this. Of course, he also believes the covid vax is 100% effective.

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