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    It is no longer helpful to compare the Mainstream Media’s coverage of the “Russian Collusion” claims that launched the Mueller Investigation versus their lack of coverage of the vast evidence of rampant fraud in the 2020 Election and to complain about how unfair this is.

    This only serves to normalize the treason and sedition of members of our government and the media and to prolong the unbearable torture of not understanding the nature of our predicament.

    Jeffrey Prather is back on his own podcast to help give us the situational awareness we need that is being obscured by the very nature of Fourth Generational Warfare.

    Over these recent years, I’ve been calling our unprecedented situation a “psychological civil war” but he says it’s more apt to say that we are under siege by Unrestricted Warfare from without, combined with treason from within.

    Prather says, “This self-licking ice cream cone of Beltway folks and Coastal folks that only talk to each other, they think they’re really smart. They’re very arrogant and they are…Low-Information people.

    “Then, there’s Low-Intelligence. That is, if you have Low Information, whether or not you’re intelligent, you have very little information to analyze. So, your intelligence, which is analyzed information is going to be low.

    “And if your skill sets are low, then we’re getting into Low-Intensity Conflict. And that’s exactly what we are seeing here.

    The US Army defines Low Intensity Conflict (LIC), as:

    .. a political-military confrontation between contending states or groups below conventional war and above the routine, peaceful competition among states. It frequently involves protracted struggles of competing principles and ideologies. Low-intensity conflict ranges from subversion to the use of the armed forces. It is waged by a combination of means, employing political, economic, informational, and military instruments. Low-intensity conflicts are often localized, generally in the Third World, but contain regional and global security implications…

    When LIC threatens friends and allies, the aim of security assistance is to ensure that their military institutions can provide security for their citizens and government. … The United States will also employ combat operations in exceptional circumstances when it cannot protect its national interests by other means. When a US response is called for, it must be in accordance with the principles of international and domestic law. These principles affirm the inherent right of states to use force in individual or collective self-defense against armed attack.

    Prather goes on to say that while December 14th is the date that the Electoral College is set to vote on the US President, the evidence is overwhelming that there was not only national but international coordination in the defrauding of the 2020 Election and this is clearly a foreign threat.

    You don’t do a change of command in the middle of a war. He says Trump must continue his role of Commander-in-Chief until there is a full investigation and a defense against all of this has been mounted. That is the basic requirement of the oath he took, ‘to protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’

    “The big evidence is not going to come out until they get to the Supreme Court…when these cases are being dismissed across the country, that is good because that evidence has not then been excluded. That is crucial to understand and that is why the FBI has been so silent. But it does not mean we are losing.

    “Dominion offices have been shuttered, the Dominion executives have disappeared and the servers have been stolen out of some of the states. That does not denote that they are feeling confident about what is going on…

    “So, if the plan is to get to the Supreme Court as soon as possible, then would Powell and Giuliani be exposing all of their information, to be countered and to be in Public Domain? And the answer is, ‘No.’

    “Again, the dismissal of obvious evidence and proof and intelligence of election fraud, both national and international, then allows that evidence to go to the Supreme Court.

    “Remember, when it goes to…an appeals court or the Supreme Court, you’re not talking about new facts, you’re talking about the way the facts were decided. You’re talking about Precedent.

    “There’s Criminal Law and there’s Civil Law. Then there is Precedent. The way things were decided in the past and if that Precedent is valid.

    “So, what that means is that this sea of evidence – of cyber interference, of witness testimony, of statistical, algorithmic data – none of that was used in a Court of Law. So, none of it was ruled inadmissible, none of it was ruled admissible, it was simply dismissed.

    “So, this is a very sophisticated legal strategy and the Left is falling right into it. This is controlling the fight. You always want to control the fight and you want to fight on your battleground. And that’s what we’re doing as citizen journalists and alternative channels and alternative battleground.

    “And of course, the battleground of the Supreme Court is the final battleground and we now hold a Constitutional majority in the Supreme Court.

    “That’s what all the Kavanaugh absurdity was about, Amy Coney Barrett absurdity and humiliation was all about.”

    Avail yourself of the peace that comes with situational awareness and listen to this podcast!


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • This is all great information but when the hell are all these people going to JAIL. If it was any normal person they would have been locked up a long time ago.

      • Because the corruption is much bigger than you realise!

        I have had to write a letter this morning to ACIO in the UK advising them how Rothschild is running so many of their senior staff like puppets.

        Including nine of their staff in the US whispering directly to the SCUM in your CIA!

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I did not understand everything portrayed but one thing is very clear, The President, in association with the military, are a lot smarter and wiser than the panic-stricken Deep State.

      Ever since I found I was able to sense and dowse for the presence of ‘Evil’, I have been aware that, on the whole, it is not very bright!

      I find it ironic that the MSM here in the UK, including the quite dreadful BBC, has depicted Donald Trump as ‘a bit thick’ and a wretched womanising ‘thug!’.

      As a consequence, the average person on the street thinks that Donald Trump is a bad guy and Hilary Clinton a beautiful woman whom should rightly have been elected the President! Likewise, Biden is another ‘good guy’!

      The information in this podcast certainly portrays a clear picture that The President, his two legal teams in conjunction with the Kraken, have a plan that they are working through in a controlled fashion. Whereas the Deep State ‘Evil’ lot are running around like headless-chickens squawking ‘Biden won!’, ‘Biden won!’!

      The MSM media has to eventually self-destruct, surely? It is their complicity that has made this coup possible. To my mind, they are not a sideshow but an essential integral element?

      Although this podcast lacked the incessant unnecessary chest-beating interruptions of the earlier Alex Jones and a somewhat frustrated Steve Pieczenik podcast, it left me in a more upbeat state of mind, thank you, Alexandra.

    • Since it sounds like there is overwelming evidence of major election fraud by internal and outside forces, President Trump should declare martial and order the secret service to do a proper investigation and clean the house.

    • Just found this man and he resonates; following. Also, a man on Twitter named Paul Furbur seems to have a line on someone on the “inside”. His connection has called it right on a couple of things. We have a long way to go.

    • Hi Jeffrey I live in the the UK but yu are giving out very good information I lik to follow President Trumps news he is zhe best President America has ever had and he WILL WIN!! The creator has given him a mission which he will complete messy as it is

    • Loved the Numbers: 150 million sent out, 280 million returned! Move along, nothing to see here.
      No significant evidence.
      Keep up the great work!
      VietNam Veteran

    • Thank you for the info. I’m a great fan of situational awareness. I teach it to my grandchildren. I call it doing a 360. It’s important to know what’s incoming. I hope more people will start developing this skill.

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