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    • Vietnam “Stolen Valor” John Kerry’s facial expression epitomizes what a Fart would look like if it had a face. I didn’t know him over there, or I would have liked to have been the one to roll a couple of frags into his hooch some dark and snorey night. He is a Shame to America.

    • All the psycho elites will be dealt with in a harsh manner. It isn’t enough for them to have billions of dollars, control and plenty of kiddie sex….they have to fuck with the people of the world.

      Well guess what?! You should of stayed to yourself and enjoyed what you have. You have no dominion or jurisdiction over us. You are not an elected official, and if you are, you shall put to death for your crimes against humanity and treason.

      You blew it phuckwad elites. Your time is limited also.

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