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Journalist Liz Crokin reports here that she feels that Hillary Clinton will eventually be indicted in connection with a sex video of herself, her assistant, Huma Abedin and an underage girl.

The video was allegedly discovered on the computer of Human Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner. Crokin here tells of a folder on Weiner’s computer titled “Life Insurance,” containing several sex videos.

Weiner’s computer was seized by the NYPD as evidence in his own sexting case involving a 15-year old minor. Weiner’s computer was also found to contain 2,800 back-ups of Huma’s correspondence with Hillary Clinton, which became evidence in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s use of a private server to conduct Government business with classified materials.

I’d heard rumors of a horrific pedophile video featuring Hillary and Huma for weeks leading up to the 2016 US Presidential Election. All of us who heard about it wanted to see justice served but a year has passed with nary a peep on the subject till Liz Crokin made this video post on November 3rd.

For his part, Anthony Weiner was convicted in his case and he must report to prison by tomorrow, November 6 to begin serving his 21-month sentence.

In 2016, WikiLeaks published emails from Hillary Clinton’s server, from the DNC and from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. This latter cache of emails contained several instances of the use of code words that the FBI has identified as being used in child p-rnography and with child sex trafficking.

There are allegedly many videos on Anthony Weiner’s computer implicating many powerful politicians in pedophilia. The videos are so graphic and horrific that multiple sources have told Crokin that when NYPD reviewed these files, it made these grown men cry. NYPD in possession of these files, as is the FBI and WikiLeaks, according to Crokin’s sources.

Crokin says, “These files, I believe will be released. It’s only a matter of time. NYPD officers have threatened to release them on their own if FBI doesn’t do the right thing, if the good people in the Justice Department don’t do the right thing.

“Julian Assange has been taunting Hillary Clinton very actively on Twitter and he released a key that most likely is a key to another data dump which could possibly include this ‘Life Insurance’ file that was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

“That would include all the videos of this child sex trafficking, the Hillary Clinton sex tape, the child sex abuse, you name it and if and when this happens, let me tell you no one will be able to deny that Pizza Gate is real, nobody will be able to deny that the likes of the Clintons and John Podesta and many, many politicians and many members of Congress are involved in the child rape and torture of – I should say, this Satanic rape and torture of kids. Because the pedophilia actually revolves around their beliefs in the occult and their worship of Lucifer, Satan, Moloch – whatever the Hell you want to call their evil god that they worship…”

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  • The biggest problem with this story is that the NYPD never had Weineer’s laptop at any time. So we have to assume every person who repeats this drivel is just a clown.

  • Anybody who believes these tapes will ever see the light of day is living a fool’s game. Chances are, this laptop is ‘swimming with the fishes.’

  • CIA, FBI, CONGRESS all part of the gangster group running the USA .AIPAC, MI5 all club members ,Hollowood, MSM puppets of the same gangsters . Nothing can happen sorry USA (& the world) these banker, oil gangsters are now in control ,really started when Bush & his Texas oil friends took out JFK because he was going to squash the CIA .My thoughts ….

  • No, Podesta’s emails did not “allegedly contain pedo (sic) code words ..”, the ABSOLUTELY did. I downloaded the files from Wikileaks, then checked with the FBI. Although they are corrupt and untrustworthy, the FBI are right about that. Why Podesta was never arrested speaks to the truth of the corruption in D.C. The entire system (American Government) needs to be re-constructed with all new people, NO CIA/NSA/DHS, and a much smaller military budget. until we do this, we’re gonna be the next Jews under Nazis. The motherfuckers keep using Divide and Conquer (Black/White, Gay/Straight, Republican/Democrat, Christian/Muslim,..) strategy, which keeps us down.

    Replace Fear with Love; Unite in Compassion; End the Game.

    • So you are saying if I emailed a friend and said hey want to get a pizza and watch the game that makes me a pedophile? Sorry but there are no code words. The only code words were used on message boards by people looking to trade child p-rn. Cheese Pizza (Child P-rn) people conversing and mentioning pizza is just people conversing and mentioning pizza.

    • Yup yup yup……I believe this good Doctor!! There is so much corruption in the Government (including Canada – OMG we have that idiot Trudeau), that a reset is what it will definitely take.

    • Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, a WWII Polish psychologist who lived under Nazi rule and is now deceased, agreed. He sought to understand, define and solve the psychopathy enigma. The book is written at about a PhD level for the first 40+ pages. It drops to around a graduate/undergraduate level afterward. Consequently, it’s not a fast or easy read because there is a learning curve. However, it’s well worth the time taken.

    • Please explain what you mean that abuse is stored in the genes, are you saying that it can be brought back?

  • So, you want to drain the swamp, that would really be a good thing, it’s festering, and goes very deep, however they have recently shown they have a lot of power, like in California, off the east coast, Los Vegas, Texas, etc. They would have no qualms about reducing the world population, hell, they have demonstrated that fact over and over. They will do what ever to retain their power, because their “god” demands it. As well as the fact that they are world wide. Best Wishes to this World, I can only hope that “something” will happen that will end this rain of terror.

  • Riddle me this:

    Is this fake news? Where is John Walsh when you need him? Maybe he will get to the bottom of this, like the “Boys Town Scandal”?

    Well, maybe not.

    Why would anyone expect that justice to be served in a nation that seems to really be death-loving and firmly rooted historically, in the practice of injustice?

    Where is/was John Walsh?

    When considering Walsh’s dedicated concern about issues regarding child abuse, which was inspired by the loss of his son, one would think that his televised show, “America’s Most Wanted” would have been the perfect platform to investigate those whom he loudly referred to so many times “scum”.

    Riddle me this:
    Why was he distracting the public with stories unrelated to the scandal, when it seems that he would have had not only a vested interest, but also a platform to address the injustice ?

    It seems that he lost his interest and his voice regarding the scandal.

    Why is he silent on this issue?

    Where was he, when the news aired about the Boys Town Scandal?

    Why was he silent on this issue?

    Did he follow up the story?

    See links below. You decide.

    • “Get to the bottom of the Franklin, NE Boystown scandal”? We know this was real, because under George HW Pervert Poppy Bush pedsidency, there was a NY Times story about young boy prostitutes in the GHWB Whitehouse, and nothing happened, because Bush IS the demon known as Scathead. He uses his ill-gotten gains to fund terrorism for the cabal. The Bushes are the GREATEST TRAITORS to this country, and humankind.

      • Was it real enough to keep it from not happening today? No.

        Criminals are brats. They do what they can successfully get away with because they follow patterns. One of the patterns they rely upon is the pattern of others not investigating, examining, and analyzing relevant patterns. This is especially true of previous patterns. By ignoring the previous patterns we co-conspire to condition ourselves as abused victims to repeat history to our disadvantage.

        It is time that we first look at our disjointed thinking, so that we can see clearly so that we can see clearly how to solve problems that oppress and disadvantage all of us.

        Was it real enough to keep it from not happening today? No.

        The same now as then the perpetrators will get away protected by those of us who have subjected ourselves to lazy thinking.

        Do we want lazy thinking to be normal? Are we willing to pay the price until we become our own victims?

  • There is no mutual sexual attraction between underaged children and adults! Feelings NOT mutual! It’s all about exploitation! Taking advantage, simply because you can! Sick!

  • GEEEEEE!….I wonder if the release of all those tapes will lead to the EXPOSURE of the FAKE JEWS that are CURRENTLY occupying the nation of Israel, along with their fraudulent BANKING system???

  • I, for one, want to see this undeniable proof come out. However, I have serious doubts about it happening when alphabet agencies are involved.

    The alphabet agencies, generally, know that proof on Clinton puts them at risk. So why would they participate in exposing themselves to the world? A few good people? Maybe. More likely? They, like Clinton and her creepy cohorts, could be served up on a platter, and unable to stop the eventual fallout. They would try to control it, of course, but it won’t matter much once the box is opened. Like the Lolita Express worm, Epstein, who recorded all his criminal pedophile visitors, Podesta needed “insurance” videos in case he was threatened. Blackmail is a common practice among criminals. So, I’ve no doubt the NYPD authorities found that evidence. The thing to know is that criminals keep evidence waiting for that day when all hell breaks loose. It’s the get-out-of-jail card. I’m sure Clinton has a lot of her own.

    This pedophilia thing is BIG. As someone said previously (paraphrasing) ‘if you put all the UK pedophiles in jail there would be no one to run the country’. Like the UK, the US pedophile ranks run through the House, Senate, military (all the way to the top), alphabet agencies, banking and corporate entities–the entities involved in heavy government contract work are especially guilty of protecting them. If Clinton is exposed portions of the Deep State (DS) stand to be exposed. And the DS motto is: If you can’t buy them or blackmail them you have to murder them. You think banksters jumping off buildings committing suicide in droves a few years back was a sign of something big happening in the banking world? If this pedophile thing breaks open no one will get away if anyone begins to talk. Their fold is keenly unaware of this fact. Like mountain climbers they are tied to one another, hanging on a sheer cliff face with an deadly abyss below. Even if the MSM covers for them by touting their innocence, as they did with Alefantis–twice–the scope of their macabre group and its criminal activity is too large to hide.

    Although the top tier will have installed stop-gap measures to avoid detection the bottom line connections will remain. The possibility has been scaring the hell of out of them since the first of the information surfaced in the USA. Further, if Clinton is unveiled it won’t stop at this country. An investigation/fingering will lead to the UK and other Western countries like Australia (but not limited to them) who are deeply embedded in the trafficking of children for the purposes of ritual abuse, torture, wealth and murder worldwide.

    Their so-called religion? Agree with Crokin–WHATever. They are certainly religiously involved, everyday, in committing heinous criminal acts against innocents. Jimmy Savile and Harvey Weinstein are nothing more than distractions behind which the guilty vast majority are attempting to hide.

    • The fact that these criminals need to blackmail each other in order for there to be ‘trust’ between them shows how vulnerable they are. They’re bound together by shared interest only, when the chips are down they’ll give each other up. And they’re fighting a war amongst themselves as much as they’re fighting us. This is what a technocratic dark age looks like, we’re passing through its zenith.

      • I do not disagree. However, blackmail has worked quite well in keeping members of this sick faction quite. Syndicated crime (that would include the worldwide alphabet agencies as they are not much more than crime groups these days) has always used fear to control their soldiers. Blackmail works on people who are guilty. In this case, the fear of being revealed as the most hated criminals among criminals of all time is the big deterrent.

        I hope you are correct about the zenith.

        • zenith definitely…I mean this thing with Hillary Clinton I mentioned above, that had to be a sick in-joke. When I saw her on the news in ceremonial cap and gown I thought she looked ridiculous. I bet these criminals set each other up all the time, all in plain sight.

        • We need to stop thinking of them as one body of people, all on the same page. With the same goals and doing everything in sync, I seriously doubt that’s how it is.

          • Yes. They give each other awards, pump each other up to benefit the MSM’s distribution of their public image which hides their horrific, secret, private lives.
            Obummer, the Drone President, received the Peace Prize. The awarding of it to him made the Peace Prize and those who awarded it a huge joke.

            Agree and I get your point. The result of their individual and creepy group actions has one bottom line, unfortunately. They are psychopaths and criminals who have no conscious, no empathy and no accountability to the public.

          • Living in a deceitful world it would be easy to make enemies and mistakes. Isn’t that what the disgusting satanic behaviour is about, a way of transcending the ego and becoming in sync with the universe. In this state you don’t make mistakes…. Where did I read that? In one of our threads.

    • Sorry but the NYPD never had Weiner’s laptop so the story dies right there. You are free to hate the Clintons but not because of fake crap people put on the internet.

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