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by Liz Crokin

Juliette Rose Bryant is a Jeffrey Epstein survivor the mainstream media largely ignores, perhaps, because she bravely exposes the darker underbelly of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Years ago Juliette — who was trafficked to multiple residences owned by Epstein including his Little St. James Island — found herself drugged, naked, paralyzed and terrified on an examination table in a secret medical lab surrounded by a female doctor and a team of people in hazmat suits after she arrived at Epstein’s New Mexico home dubbed the Zorro Ranch.

Juliette has been looking for answers about what really happened to her in that secret lab ever since. Juliette discusses Epstein’s interest in human experiments involving DNA, breeding, cloning, transhumanism and AI.

Even the mainstream media acknowledges that Epstein wanted to turn his Zorro Ranch into a baby breeding farm to seed the human race with his DNA. Juliette claims she met Michael Bay, he denies this, at the Zorro Ranch, who put out the movie, ironically called, ‘The Island’, about human cloning.

Juliette also met Bill Clinton when she was with Epstein and points out that Clinton banned human cloning when he was president.

Juliette claims on her first trip to Epstein’s island, before she knew he was a sexual predator, she flew on Epstein’s private plane with Sarah Kellen and former Clinton Foundation staffer, Andrea Mitrovich (Stowell) and they cruelly laughed at her.

Juliette discusses other kinds of strange activity surrounding Epstein such as a UFO sighting at his home, how he shape-shifted and/or manifested into the devil, the foul smell of potential dead bodies, his potential ties to Oprah, how he implied he knew about the COVID pandemic 20 years prior and much more.

Juliette provided receipts and photos from Epstein’s residences — that are edited into this interview — including disturbing art he had such as an image of a walrus raping a woman.

Juliette received compensation from the victim’s fund for survivors; however, she still deals with harassment, intimidation and censorship tactics to this day.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    The parasitic Reptilian race = Cause.
    Blood sacrifice, adrenochrome, “Satanic” cults and worship, ritual Satanic abuse and sexual use of children and women, and the criminal cabal that promotes our being harvested = Effect.

    NONE of this would be going on without the Reptilians and their hybrids. The Reptilian race is the basis of the mythic Satan and his minions. There isn’t a scintilla of difference in function between “Demons” and Reptilians. MANY of our “leaders” and “elites” are Reptilian. They’re not divine, they’re not fallen anything. They’re terrestrial and interdimensional reptiles.

  • HELLO LIZ! So very pleased you are back (was it a 5 years ban? that is unbelievable!) Please refer to answers about Jeffrey Epstein and cloning etc. by asking PSYCHIC MEDKUM on YOuTUBE – SLOAN BELLA. She has reported on Jeffrey Epstein before now. I am confident you will get many answers from her. 🙂

  • What I don’t get is she claims she was a naive 20 year old. Why didn’t her mom accompany her to the US? Her mom spoke to them on the phone. Ok, but not good enough. Am I the only one that knows there is no such thing as “free” ? Not victim shaming, just trying to wrap my head around how these girls can’t seem to get out of these situations. Everyone and their brother knew of the rapist Clinton and his reputation. If my daughter called me and said I just met Clinton and a guy promising to make me a VS model I would say RUN as fast as you can. What am I missing here?

  • if they drugged her and knocked her out, they likely implanted her with some kind of chip, and she may be being harrassed by micro waves with voice to skull technology, or subliminals, or other kind of manipulation ! She needs to have an MRI scan of her head and perhaps her whole body to see if she has any implants !

  • Liz, Great interview and important questions. Thank you. Just a gentle suggestion: Please, possibly, consider setting-up a better microphone system. You’re sounding pretty metallic. I think a decent sound system would add to the professionalism of your interviews. My suggestion might seem rather superficial or tangential; if so, I apologize. Regardless, thank you for conducting this incredibly revealing and critical interview with Juliette. She is a strong and tenacious woman.

  • All due respect for Liz, but I could not understand her guest. My hearing could be better, but it came out mumbly on my end. If I can’t hear it clearly, I don’t waste precious time on it. I’ve more to do than I have time anyway.

  • Alexandra,

    Re: Liz Crokin’s Story

    My study of Freudian,
    Jungian, and NLP
    psychologies has put
    me on GUARD—re the
    FEMALE brain and its
    nation to MISTAKEN
    a FANTASY episode
    for an ACTUAL event
    (( Freud had called that
    female propensity : his
    “G R E A T Secret” )).


  • It is off topic, but I already made my comment about this video…

    If I am commenting too much I apologize, I will cut back on it.

    Before the end of WWII. Paraquay the poorest country in South America, was basically taken over by the Boormann Financial Underground….set up shop with many of the original degenerates.

    Anyway I just wantedyou to see the connections, that exist Globally, this is one example ….ofcourse Brasil has a connection with You.

    • My grandmother owned a property where she built two small beach houses near a small fishing village called Bertioga. In 1979, when we first moved to Brazil, Bertioga was the most incredible wilderness experience, with this beautiful jungle and pristine the beach that was mostly empty. One day, there was a dead man at the beach, covered in a cloth with just his feet sticking out, waiting for an ambulance.

      Many years later, I read that Joseph Gobbels was visiting friends in Brazil in 1979 and that he had a stroke while swimming in the ocean and drowned at that very same beach in Bertioga! I wonder if those were his feet I saw as a little girl?

      • Your experience was both lovely and sad at the same time.

        So you are aware, as to circumstances of the enemy within…..OK

  • Will this be a part of Psy-op X.

    Besides being a marketing seller, the way the scumbags sold the internet at the beginning.

    Will the Fern People be attacking somewhere in the near future……

    These items are related to the video….do you think.

  • Juliette no doubt had some trauma and was a known participant, with the Epstein Ring.

    This appears to be a part, Of the Horus Matrix.

    The destruction of Man (Men), in Humanity.

    Under the Woke Banner, is X being set up as The Largest Psy-op Medium to come…..

    Liz being a part of the OP.

    A dead man and sealed records of the accounts, leaves an opened field for creating all sorts , of made up, items…….THIS also abuses Juliette, perhaps more then, she was previously.

    Emotional situations, can lead to the Mob Mentally, espsecially when enhanced with Technology.

    The direction this is taking, is something the scumbag factory would endorse, as it reduces threat to them.

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