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Transhumania is a YouTube channel I somehow managed to never stumble upon until today that makes high-quality videos about – you guessed it – transhumanism. While I’ve found that ideas of immortality and transhumanism are somewhat abhorrent to my readers, this creator handles the topic with dignity.

It’s a conversation that is certainly not going away, with business accelerators like Y Combinator financing longevity startups in Silicon Valley. Google and Apple have created anti-aging subdivisions and Jeff Bezos has partnered with the Mayo Clinic to do human studies on reversing aging, while PayPal Founder, Peter Thiel just donated $7 million to the SENS Foundation.

SENS is the acronym of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. “Negligible senescence” is the term coined by USC’s Dr. Caleb Finch to describe animals like the rockfish, lobster, and hydra, which do not appear to senesce (the Latinate verb for “aging”).

These creatures seem to maintain their physical capacities and their risk of death remains constant, rather than progressively increasing from age-related pathologies, which they do not acquire.

SENS’ mission is to develop rejuvenation biotechnologies, to stave off pathology indefinitely, such that, like the rockfish, lobster and hydra, humans will also be able to get old without becoming sick or frail.

It’s generally thought that the exponential progress of technology, aka “the singularity” will result in some form of transhumanism, where humans will merge with machines and gain practical immortality in the process. Therefore, it would follow that if you want to be immortal, all you’d have to do is survive long enough until the singularity occurs, at which point, the rate of emerging technologies in genetics, cybernetics and nanotechnology will have “cured” aging.

As Transhumania reports, “Currently, the average human life expectancy is increasing at a rate of about 5 hours per day and once medical technology becomes good enough to give us 24 hours per day, then we will have effectively reached immortality…

“So far, we’ve already found 60 genes involved in the aging process and now all we need to do is find the proper molecules to activate or deactivate those genes.

“To sum up the past 25 years of gerontology research, we now know of three main biochemical pathways responsible for aging. 1) is called the AMPK pathway, which can be targeted by the drug, metformin. 2) there’s the sirtuin pathway, which can be targeted by resveratrol, NMN, caloric restriction and nicotinamide riboside. 3) there’s the mTOR pathway, which can be treated by the drug, rapamycin.”

Transhumania drills down on these three crucial pathways, revealing the keys to maintaining optimal health that should be of interest to anyone, even those not interested in being immortal.

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  • I think the results of this will be much like in the Netflix series Altered Carbon, only the mega-rich will have this, the rest of us will continue to plug through the mud.

  • Biblical Scholars who claim Methuselah’s ancient age is a mistranslation, are no scholars at all, but mere Biblical scoffers.

    Mortal life extension is a worthy enterprise, but it addresses only one of many human problems. Suppose one could take a pill and transform their degenerating body into an immortal one with all of its sensual propensities. Imagine a world of humans like this who would never die.

    One problem solved, a thousand more created. Unless the nature of man is transformed, eternal material life’s conflicts would be compounded exponentially without a more powerful restraining force commonly known as god spelled with a little g because in such a scenario we don’t know who or what that might be!

    Even if our physical bodies would be replaced by some other sort of apparatus, we would still have the same problem of satisfying sensual stimulations inherent in our minds. Well, if that could be fixed also we’d have lost our identity completely, so what’s the point of it all if you are not you anymore? The known you has been exterminated in favor of another unknown you.

    It all seems quite unloving and grotesque to me.

    More importantly why do we indulge in the fantasies of billionaire robber barons who suck the life out of taxpayers and local economies so that they can play with their ill gotten gain and us?

  • Kinda surprised to see you drawn in by this scam so easily. Posted a comment on their youtube channel site:

    Blaming genetics instead of considering epigenetics? Consider metabolic theory much? No mention of cancer nor it’s mitochondrial source in all this talk? In the same moment you mention calorie restriction and intermittent fasting, you fail to go in to ketogenics? You also credit vaccines and antibiotics as the last most important discoveries? If vaccines ended smallpox then what ended scarlet fever. Read Stuart Levy or Suzanne Humphries or Dom D’Agostino much?

    These guys are carefully skirting pharma corruption issues that are at least decades old.

  • This is like a bubble within the actual reality of the world. What about the millions of humans who haven’t even got clean water… or the biological havoc 5G is all set to wreak on the world population? Where’s the official cure for cancer in all of this? That’s a dilemma… how do you promise physical immortality on one hand and optimise cancer profits on the other? Europeans aren’t living longer: epidemiologist, Veena Raleigh, The King’s Fund: ‘2011 marked a turning point in long-term mortality trends, with improvements tailing off after decades of steady decline – in both males and females, and at younger and older ages. In the 100 years to 2010–12, life expectancy increased by nearly three years every decade, but between 2011 and 2016 it increased by only 0.4 years for males and 0.2 years for females. 2015 was an exceptional year when life expectancy fell across virtually all of Europe. The age-standardised mortality rate in England and Wales in 2015 increased by 3 per cent for males and 5 per cent for females over 2014, leading to a fall in life expectancy.” Ugh.

  • It is my understanding that we are designed to live for circa 460 years in an environment that is not toxic! Although as I have stated in other comments, the Ancients lived on average between 700 and 900 years of age, through drinking Threefold water.

    For those who do not know, Threefold water is the same as the BioLife water that I have designed, but due to threats from Big Pharma etc cannot yet produce, even though it would enable all cancer sufferers to self-heal without any medication.

    • Christopher James, didn’t you do a documentary on your BioLife water a few years ago?
      If, what my fuzzy brain remembers is right, just about everything you created makes life want to do more! The only thing was that the water does not last long before it needs to be refreshed.
      Let me wish you greatest blessings!

      And to jt, please let Mr. James help, from what I remember, the BioLife water will work wonders!

      • Dear James,

        I may well have done? So much water has passed under the bridge, and in helping those whom suffer from cancer, I often only get three hours sleep a night at most, and hence I cannot rightfully remember.

        My water supposedly has an indefinite life-span, although to be honest, I have never put it to the test. But in this past week, I have updated the design of the apparatus I use to make my BioLife, and it is now over a million times more effective.

        My Mentor, aka my Ancient father, whom, for those whom believe in such matters, was Moses in an earlier life, and now acts as a sort of Consultant for the OFOT, told me many years ago, that once ‘Evil’ aka Big Pharma etc have been overcome, the only medicine, that the world will ever need, is my BioLife.

        My previous go-between, Sir Christopher Geidt, whom was HM the Queen’s Private Secretary, prior to Edward Young. CVO, advised me years ago that OFOT had to protect me some many times from being murdered, that you could not count the events on two hands. I know of about 7 attempts in this past year alone! Hence I live the life of a near recluse and limit my help, only to those whom truly trust me.

        Sadly, very few men seem to have the mindset to do so, and hence I tend to help mainly woman these days.

        Notwithstanding, I am grateful to you for your kind blessings. Mostly my help is little appreciated, as cancer is an invidious disease that you cannot usually see, and hence most sufferers are unaware of the cellular changes that are happening in their body.

  • Extending one’s life given the reality that the USA is on the verge of collapse, Silicon Valley invented the internet PURPOSELY with users’ PC’s crafted to be easily and regularly hacked, THEY created 90% of all computer viruses (along with their federal sponsor), and within a short decade after, created a surveillance society to identity you, corral you, brand you and butcher you…

    …when then, gee, it’s only natural to discuss EXTENDING one’s own life after a night of battling DEWS (directed energy weapons) that shoot scalar energy, ELF waves and more into my body, which have already diminished my ability to walk, my eyesight, my hearing and most recently, my lung capacity.

    .And many like me are looking for Trump to save them still after he gave the NSA permanent legality for its surveillance of all citizens. He doesn’t carry a clue.

    And the same perps blew up the towers.

    RU F’ing kidding me?


      • Christopher,

        Thank you kindly for your caring offer. I have a few questions.

        How would your product combat nano-particles electronically-charged and programmed to build and perform neural networking tasks within a body?

        How would it deal with scalar energy waves shot into the body at many hours of the day to recharge the neural network?

        The nano-particles use what feels like a web-like substance that gets ion-charged by the scalar and the neural dust particles use it to build out the network and communicate their function with one another. Same question.

        I see the Biolife reverse osmosis system. Is that you? Can you reply with a web site page?

        • Dear JT, No I do not have my website running at the moment, for I am endeavouring to keep a low profile. No, the reverse osmosis system is not me. Too high tech! My mentor repeatedly tells me, the universe runs on a simple set of rules, and thus we do not need high technology to enable our bodies to self-heal. There is a procedure I use to unlock the equivalent of the ley-lines on earth, together with their all-important node interconnections. Once you do this, your Biofield will be able to communicate with every single cell in your body; probably for the first time since you were a small child.

          I have upgraded systems I designed in earlier lives, as used by the Ancients. You may recall that a cave was discovered by US marines in Afghanistan, in which many died in the process. All the world’s major leaders were taken there to see what was inside. Its contents included, a space rocket, flying saucer, submarine helicopter etc all built a million or so years ago, despite our scientists saying they were only 5,000 years old.

          Anyway inside were many of the designs that I had built in earlier lives apparently, although so that my design-work is not compromised, I have not been allowed to see any of them. Although colleagues, tell me it is uncanny that they are accurate to my current designs to within millionths of a millimetre.

          Not knowing where you live, I would address your needs telepathically initially, for which I would request a photograph, please. I can do it without but it knocks the h*ll out of me! Coupled with some symbolism imagery that I would send you to reverse all the EMF, WiFi etc. including the positive energy from all of your home electrics, mobile ‘phone etc.

          If that doesn’t tackle all of your problems, I have a colleague joining me shortly, and she has direct access to OFOT, whom will know how to advise us, that is for certain. Depending just how far away you are, I may also be able to send you some of my BioLife water.

          May I ask how you managed to get in such a bad way?

          A note for dear Alexandra, will you please send JT my email address, please?

          I await your photo and a simple explanation as to how you became so infected JT.

          PS My Ancient brother spent some time in Antarctica with the Cambridge Research team, and they discovered a survival module he had built 2 million years ago, under 2 miles of ice. The interesting thing was that it was covered with a protective film, which acts better than lead, yet NASA had only perfected the current day design of the material less than six months earlier!

          I have also designed technological solutions, that once released will literally transform our world, although, for the time being, they are being kept tightly under wraps.

          • Thanks for the generous offer, Christopher!

            Let me know when and where to buy Biolife online or at retail if/when that is available. Thx again.

        • Dear Steve,

          If you simply need my help to overcome disease or illness, please ask Alexandrea, to kindly send you my email address.


          • As I explained the other day, I rarely help men as they seem not to have the mindset to believe. As a consequence, I have offered to help about six men in my local community, this past year, who have turned down my offer, two of them had wives whom were ex nurses, only to see all of them die, sadly!

            For them, all the apparatus, the medics offer in their resplendent starched white coats, must mean that it is more effective! Surely? In any event, if what Christopher was offering was effective, well, the hospitals would do it, wouldn’t they!

            Of course, they would!

            In your dreams!

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