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  • Alex is a great guy, but, he try so hard to avoid talking about Israel/Zianism, which are the rulers behind the rulers.

    • No, they are Not! Nothing but a bunch of lazy Haredim male Jews, that spend their days studying the Torah because they are not the real Hebrews. So their jobless & make their wives work to support a bunch of kids they have no moral right to have.
      The other queers living in Israel are just that, queers just like in certain parts of Denmark, soon to be the United States.
      Focus on Saudi Arabia, don’t forget what happened in Las Vegas 2017, what Prince was there….

      • Really? Saudi’s founders are of Jewish origin, and Saudi was established by help of British.
        You also can’t ignore the fact that Palestine and Syria (majority of them are Muslims) are being bombarded by Israel and Saudis – Apparently both are the same Zion criminals with help of West’s dirty money, regardless of their religious claim.

        • Yes, Jews & Arab’s are of the same Semite origin.
          Yes, Saudi Arabia was established with help of British after WW1 with the Ottoman Empire boundary map. The British are forever changing the world map & telling everyone else where their “New” boundaries are.
          Palestine was a “Region” of the Ottoman Empire, there was Never a Nation or a People called Palestine. It’s All an illusion.

  • If we were all that “Mighty” from the Revolution War, why is it that we always had England’s back?? Hence WW2. Why is it our Justice institutions are really theirs?? Hence “Bar” attorneys & the entire Court system, all the way to the Judges.
    My guess is they created the “Federal” Constitution of 1789 to insert themselves. But one thing younger generation is not taught is the first Constitution of 1777, which still exist, the Articles of the Confederation, they Never erased or replaced the Articles. The 1789 Constitution was an additive to it to create a “Federal” government, Not a replacement of the (13) Articles of the Confederation.

  • Because the flocks of believers have been either abandoned or led astray by their own shepherds, G-d will raise up even rough stones like Jones in these latter days to testify against the flood of evils that the flocks know is evil and refuse to be domineered by its various and sundry practitioners.

    Because righteousness has been wondrously written upon our hearts while yet in the wombs of our mothers and we have listened to it, but not all. Not all!

    Some who have permitted seemingly small pleasurable evils to take root in the fertile soil of their desiring, have had the gardens of their hearts overwhelmed with weeds of evil choking out that precious heritage knowledge, with which they were endowed at birth.

    Every farm kid knows the strength of weed seeds is much stronger than the tender seeds they plant and only militant diligence against the invasive weeds will keep them at bay, for they are ever present in the community, gleefully wafting their seeds into the breezes and bellies of birds who will do their planting for them.

    One weed variety is known as propaganda, aka broadcast lies, weed seeds spread abroad to find fertile soil in the receptive hearts and minds of unsuspecting hearers and readers.

    Every generation must take note and guard against language creep, whereby cultures are corrupted and overthrown. In the instant case the American colonies War for Independence has been renamed the American Revolution, which implies American guilt when in fact it was King George of England who was the rebel against just treatment of his American neighbors! It was King George who rebelled against “Natural Law”! Finding they had no redress of grievance they had no other option than to say no thank you to King George. Then in retaliation King George attacked the Colonists leaving them no choice other than to continue resisting or submission to tyranny. Only if one recognizes and honors the tyrant’s claims is it a revolution.

    The underlying problem is that too few understand the precepts and principles for justice (just treatment), because those foundations have been destroyed first in seminaries, then in the halls of formerly great university and then in central government controlled public schools. The result is – “We can’t have justices on the SCOTUS who believe in natural law” – former Senate judicial gate keeper who now presides as king of the US who rules over the nation by decree (mandate, presidential orders) thus subverting the US Constitution and natural law.

    There are two sides of the same coin, the corporeal side and the incorporeal side with the latter always manifesting in the former.

    This is a spiritual matter first, then a temporal matter. If we reverse the order Katie bar the door!


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