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Matthew Perna was a Bernie Sanders fan until Trump came along. Then he was treated as a terrorist.

Find out how a man who’d never been in trouble in his life ended up on the FBI wanted list after January 6th in this first episode of Lara Logan’s new ‘Rest of the Story’ docuseries.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There is a lot that is not known about that day. At least to we the people. We have been polarized by mass media and events like this get us to increase that polarization. So can we ever know the truth or even have the truth about individuals like this be told? We react emotionally based not on a person’s humanity but based on that polarization.
    Watching this some things just do not make sense. The video showed looks like he was just swept up in the moment and wasn’t sure what was really going on.
    Then the so called evidence of his suicide bother me. Who would have a friend come over at a specific time and then make sure that friend is the one to find them hanging. Someone who is really depressed doesn’t want to hurt people more, especially not people they care about. It just feels wrong to me.
    If stories like this and others are not told how are we going to understand this event or any other. This man might have just been a scapegoat to blame and punish perhaps knowing full well he was just someone innocent sucked in to the chaos of that day.

  • Tyranny is a 900 pound gorilla turned loose on individual free born who refuse to obey the authorities who understand not and care not for the US Constitution, nor the consequences for their deliberate emotionally charged overreaction to January 6.

    Many of us were warning well ahead of the Jan 6 rally – DON’T GO THERE, IT’S A TRAP!

    It was so very predictable. But, when people gather in large numbers keeping it peaceful when people are emotionally highly charged they will get out of hand if not well organized and generaled, which they were not and that is Trump’s fault! He was in over his head, a novice political leader acting like a brave political leader when in fact a reckless, foolish political leader. In fact I said with a sigh of anxiety, I sure hope he has enough field commanders with them, when he turned them loose to go to the capital. They, thinking Trump would show up to lead them, were frustrated further when he didn’t show up.

    Such a very sad, sad day for America and this poor family when both sides threw caution to the wind!

    The time to stop this irresponsible nation destroying nonsense is long overdue.

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