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LA Choppers on Biohazard Mission

Some of you may have heard about the urban warfare training operations being conducted by the Army in Los Angeles and in Long Beach, California.

Dramatic cellphone footage was captured of 7 military choppers, including two Black Hawk helicopters landing in the middle of Downtown LA on Wilshire Boulevard, near the corner of Lucas. The video shows dozens of soldiers dressed in hazmat suits running out of the building carrying heavy objects and loading them onto the choppers.

RedPill78 reported that the non-descript building located at 1138 Wilshire Blvd. was leased to Eduardo Sanchez from the Guatemalan House of Culture but it appeared vacant. The building’s owner is listed as Thomas Girardi, the lawyer currently representing the infamous NXIVM sex cult, whose members included sisters, Sarah and Clare Bronfman of the Canadian billionaire family.

NXIVM was known to have operations in Guatemala and the Guatemalan House of Culture also had a branch in Albany, NY which is the headquarters of NXIVM. A few days prior to this raid, a DOJ plane had been sent to Guatemala. Coincidence?

Followers of Twitter user, MilSpec Ops Monkey, have been able to photograph evidence at the scene that the building was breached (shattered glass and window frames and fresh plywood covering the windows). There is also footage of the Black Hawk being decontaminated afterwards.

As a personal note, I have two retired military friends who don’t know each other but who each know more details about this secret operation but they cannot comment in detail. The LAPD has also been gagged about this series of events. We will keep an eye on it.

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